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message 1: by Karey (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 278 comments Mod
Some of you mentioned that you wrote down quotes out of Secret Speakers. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you took a moment to write them down here!

Maybe you could start with the line: One of my favorite passages in Secret Speakers was...

message 2: by Weldon (new)

Weldon (wilco64256) | 43 comments Ah ok I can list a few that I really enjoyed that I copied down:

"They must be responsible for themselves, with no one else to blame but themselves—if they fail."

“Ahh . . . but you can only see through a broken heart.”

The grave was empty. Her daughter was alive.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 5 comments To Fair from her mother:

"Your body lets you know what your heart is trying to tell you"

this one hit me like a rock because I have experienced that very thing, and seeing it put into words was amazing to me.

message 4: by Sheryl (last edited Jan 05, 2009 02:10PM) (new)

Sheryl | 15 comments One of my favorite passages in Secret Speakers was on page 165: "He felt terribly alone, and the thought of it made him tremble. There are many ways to be alone, and some of them are almost divine. There is a feeling that comes from being at peace in such a solitary moment, sensing in a very deep way that the space you occupy is important and fulfills the measure of its creation by simply being."
Being a very solitary person that really hit home.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 119 comments "Yes. And he's dead Axum. Or are you that heartless, not to have noticed?"~Hale

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Novin | 7 comments
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