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Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye

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Susan This fantasy book took me awhile to get into, although the action begins in the first chapter. Maybe it was because of the many intertwining plots, and characters introduced too quickly. But as I got acquainted with Erec and Bethany and their adventures to save the magical kingdom of Alypium, it became a fun read. Nothing new, unique, or mind-blowing, though. For example, the contests to determine the new rulers of this land are reminiscent of watered-down Goblet of Fire trials. The rich mean kids, in league with or part of the "bad guys," are rote. Of course, good conquers bad, heroes save everyone, and a sequel is in order! OK book that middle school or upper elementary would enjoy, but not in my top 10.

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Megan I thought this was an ok read. I actually work in the children's department of a library so I thought it would be good for that 4th/5th grader who is all done w/ Harry Potter.

Swrang An OK book for me. What I didn't like was how casual and calm Erec is when the rich kids try to behead him or when he goes off to rescue his mother.

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