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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Very old novel, set in the 1800s, Sarah Carew (sp?) is the main character, set in Maryland, near Baltimore [s]

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M the copy of the book I read was very old --- turn of the century. Sarah Carew (sp?) is sent to live with a wealthy old aunt (great aunt). Her mother is deceased. Father is at sea. Novel of manners. Locations are all in Maryland -- along Chesapeake, in Baltimore, etc. Thanks for your help!

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Min (unktehi) | 22 comments Sounds a bit like A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Sara Crewe is the main character and she is left at a boarding school while her father is serving in India. It is set in England, though, not Maryland. And she is sent to boarding school after her mother dies. She is pampered until her father dies and she is left penniless. Then she is kept on as a scullery maid.

Could this perhaps be it?

message 3: by Deb (new)

Deb | 48 comments Maria wrote: "the copy of the book I read was very old --- turn of the century. Sarah Carew (sp?) is sent to live with a wealthy old aunt (great aunt). Her mother is deceased. Father is at sea. Novel of mann..."

My bet would be "A Little Maid of Maryland" by Alice Turner Curtis. Part of a very long series of "Little Maid " books.

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M Thanks for the replies.

Min ---I love Little Princess! That is not the book I am remembering/misremembering- though now I doubt that her first name was Sarah. As you are right, that is the Little Princess character. I still think Carew is the last name though.
Deb --- That looks like a sweet series but that is not the book. The character in the book I am trying to recall is an adult and this novel is quite old. .

The copy I read was falling apart and was published in the early 1900s. There were some lovely descriptions of the area --- at one point she describes gazing upon the Chesapeake "as blue as the Madonna's cloak". There were also some nice pen/ink drawings --- I'm sorry the copy is lost!

message 5: by April Ann (last edited Jan 04, 2009 01:45PM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments I found Miss Carew A collection of stories by Amelia B. Edwards published in 1865.

I'll look for a description. hmmm...British Author...and I can't seem to find a decent description.

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M April Ann -- thanks -- that time would certainly fit! I'm going to try and search for more about "Miss Carew" ---

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rivka | 302 comments It's available as an e-book.

Hmm. The word "aunt" does not appear once.

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments I had a feeling it wouldn't be set in Maryland. But it's a start anyway!

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Rebecca Harding Davis is an author of that time who falls in the category of "realism."


Edith Wharton might be another author to explore.

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M Wow --- you are all excellent sleuths. Thanks. The internet archive is amazing, Rivka! April Ann --- at the very least, I think I will be adding some books to my (already ridiculously large) 'to read' list! I bought the book at a yard sale -- at an age where I started re-reading a book I liked as soon as I finished it. I can still see some of the illustrations..... and the lovely old leather/gilt cover.

message 11: by April Ann (last edited Jan 04, 2009 05:49PM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments There's Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin, (she goes to live with her aunts) published in 1925. This one is set in New England but I'm going to look at her other novels and see if anything jumps out. She's a "realism" writer too.

I have to run but there is a list of her novels on this link:


message 12: by M (new) - rated it 3 stars

M another great link -- thanks April Ann! I loved Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -- and had no idea there were other 'installments' furthering the story ---

message 13: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 67 comments See if this website is helpful: http://readseries.com/index.html.

message 14: by Erica (new)

Erica | 47 comments "Understood Betsy" also goes to live with aunts in a beloved children's novel by Dorothy Canfield (Dorothy Canfield Fisher). But it's set in Putney, Vermont. I LOVED that book!

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M Thanks Nancy and Erica --- this protaganist is a young woman "courting age" --- so I am still stumped!

message 16: by Erica (new)

Erica | 47 comments So is it really an adult book, or a teen book? I can see I wandered down the children's book path, because of the name "Sarah Carew."

message 17: by M (new) - rated it 3 stars

M Hi Erica --- it was an adult book (a 19th century/early 20th maybe? version of chick lit).

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Abigail (handmaiden) | 389 comments Is there any chance it could be Peggy Stewart at School, by Gabrielle E. Jackson?

After a quick skim, here are some points of similarity with your description:

-Stewart shares a spelling/vowel sound with Carew ("ew").

-Set in Maryland.

-Early 20th century; I think published in the 1920s, but may have been set a few years earlier.

-Heroine's mother is dead, her father is a captain in the U. S. Navy.

Peggy does not go to live with an aunt; however, an aunt does come for an extended visit to help with Peggy's upbringing as she approaches womanhood (Peggy is 15 as the story starts, and probably turns 16 during the course of the book). Mention is made of her having left childhood behind, and having her "debut" in a year or two. Eventually, Peggy goes to a girls' boarding school.

You can read the story online here: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/22113/... and see if it rings any bells.

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M I feel the need to come onto this ancient thread I started (with so many "facts" I remembered incorrectly about the story line-- I was conflating it A Little Princess.) THIS is the book -- the protaganist is HIldegarde (not Sarah) and thankfully I remembered the cover and the illustration inside right away! Thanks so much for your help-- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2... How do I tag this as SOLVED?

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5088 comments Click "edit" at the top of the page, and move to "Children's/YA--SOLVED."
I'm so glad you found it!

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M Thanks Rosa!

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