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this is great

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message 1: by Aiden (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:04PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aiden this is a very amazing book, but sad.

Austin Blake I love it, and I'll always remember it

Anita read it in the 5th grade and thought it to be great.

Anna I am not sure which is better. Movie or book.

Natalie i love this book so much!! i would have to say i like the book better than the movie because the movie left a lot out that i thought were important parts of the story.

Astoria I used to wait every day for my 5th period class to read it. It was so amazing.

Natalie i know it is it was read to my whole class during English and i couldn't wait for the teacher to start reading more and more of it every day. I hated it when the teacher stopped reading for the day.

message 8: by Luis (new)

Luis Zapata This book is really amazing. Is shows what a true friendship should look like between two people who seem really different. Max who is very big and isnt that very smart and Kevin whos really small and very intelligent. This shows that friends are meant to be happy despite their race and/or gender.

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