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Catanova Hall. (Year One- 1864-1865)

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Lukas laughed at him. "Whatever you say." He sat down on his bed and grabbed his clock watch.

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Euan stormed out of the room back to his bench. He marched in circles then stopped, throwing his knife, that he forgot he had until know, into the tree, getting it lodged in.

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Katherine knew she had to pass Euan's bench to get to her room, but she didn't know he'd be sitting on it. She stopped her run, when she saw him. "Euan...."

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Lukas looked up at Francis. "We hate each other because of a girl. Can't you tell?"

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Euan turned whilst pulling out his knife. It came out when he saw it was Katherine. He shoved it down his trousers into their hidden pocket and sank down to his knees. "Why did you do it? I thought I meant something to you."

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Katherine sank down beside him. "Euan. Listen to me. I something for you... I do. But I think I might... Feel something...." She couldn't finish.

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*feel something

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Euan looked across at her looking upset. "You can't have us both Katherine." He stood up and looked down at her. "You have to choose. Me, the one who protected you, who knows your secret, who spent endless hours finding a way to cure you. Or him, someone you've only known a day." He walked off into the woods where she had hunted, not caring about any wildlife that might be there.

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Katherine began to sob. She knew she was being ridiculous. She had known Euan for a long while now and she loved him. She did. He made her feel complete and she knew she could count on him. But when Lukas had kissed her.... She felt alive. He made her laugh and she had fun with him. She had always wanted a love that consumed her. She never knew she would get it in such a complicated way. She didn't know what to do. So in the end, she decided to go get ready for the dinner party.

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((God, this is getting good!))

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Euan sat when he reached a clearing in the woods. He was thinking about whether he was being selfish. Sure he'd known Katherine longer, but if Katherine felt this way about Lukas after only a day, maybe they were meant to be together. He stood up and was about to leave when he felt something sink it's teeth into his leg. He screamed in agony and slashed with his knife, finding a wolf attached to his leg. He screamed fo Katherine, for anyone.

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All Lukas could think about was Katherine. He was trying to decide what to wear to the dinner party, something he never usually worries about. He felt so bad for being an complete a hole to her.

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Katherine knew what she had to do. She was wrong to lie to Lucas and say she didn't feel anything. She owed the truth to him. She took a deep breathe and made her way to his room. She knocked on his door and took a deep breathe.

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Lukas looked at Francis. "What is it?" He then heard the knock at the door. "Hold that thought Francis." he said and opened the door to Katherine. "Look who came back." he said smiling.

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Katherine peered past Lukas to Francis. "Hey Francis." She turned back to Lukas. "Can you step into the hall for a moment?" She begged him with her eyes.

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Lukas nodded. "Ofcourse." He stepped into the hall with her, wondering what she had to say.

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Katherine sighed. "I was lying to you earlier when I said I didn't feel anything for you. I do actually. But it's a problem for me Lukas. Of all people I'm the one who's in love with two guys at the same time..." she stopped, knowing she was rambling.

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Lukas gave her a sad smile. "I'm glad to know you feel the same way. Take some time to figure out what you want Katherine. But you will have to choose okay?" He put his hand on her cheek and kissed her forehead. "I'll see you at the dinner party." He walked in his room and closed the door.

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Euan was told by the nurse that he had to stay in overnight. "Thanks a lot Margaret. I really am in your debt." He said, before slowly dropping off to sleep.

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Katherine woke up in her bed, still in her gown from last night. She widened her eyes when she saw she had already missed her first class. She jumped out of bed running around frantically trying to change her clothes and hair.

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Lucy was pleased at her werewolf history class again. She was excited about the upcoming field- trip to hunt a werwolf and she was happy to know werewolfs could be killed by plunging a sliver dagger straight thru the heart.

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Lukas made his way to his second class with a smug smile on his face. Katherine was obviously into him. Euan had lost. He had won. He wondered what he would learn in Silver class today.

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Euan was still in the hospital ward, and wasn't allowed out until hopefully 5pm. It didn't matter to him that his missing his classes; nothing mattered anymore, now that he had lost Katherine. He sat in his bed reading from his vampire textbook for most of the day, hoping for a visitor.

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Katherine sighed. It was no use. She'd never make it to her second class in time. She decided to visit Euan in the hospital. He was most likely furious at her, and she knew she screwed up. She had gotten drunk, and had been all over Lukas. She had made her decision, and Lukas was not the one for her. She checked her hair in the mirror once more and made her way to the hospital ward.

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Euan began making notes on anything on vampire cures, even though it was too late for him and Katherine, he had still promised to help her find a cure, and a Glasby never goes back on a promise.

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Lucy decided to visit Euan in the hospital ward. Now that Katherine was out of the picture, she might have a chance. She knocked on his door. "Euan? May I come in?"

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Lukas saw Katherine walking and ran to catch up with her. "Katherine!" he yelled grabbing her arm. "Where are you going?"

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"Please do!" he replied. Being stuck in bed with only the occasional visit from the nurse had seriously made him bored.

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Lucy entered the room and smiled at Margaret. "Hey." She then turned her attention to Euan. "How are you, Euan?"

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Euan rested his book on the bedside table and sat up, wincing as he did so. "Feeling better. I should be back out today. Thanks for asking."

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Katherine yanked her arm from Lukas's grip. "Lukas. Now is not the time." She continued to walk, trying to get away from him.

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Lucy walked over to his bed and held his hand. "Good."

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Lukas frowned and let Katherine go. He didn't want her to be angry with him.

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Euan looked at his hand. "Erm... thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing?" he asked nervously.

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Lucy dropped his hand. "Sorry." She blushed.

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Euan smiled awkwardly. Lucy was obviously flirting, but he didn't feel the same. "Look, Lucy. I know what you're doing, but I'm not ready for a relationship right now, not after Katherine and Lukas..." his voice trailed off and he looked out the window, trying to avoid eye contact.

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Lucy smiled. "Its okay. I can wait."

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Katherine walked in Euan's room and saw Lucy sitting on his bed. "Hello."

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Euan smiled again, genuinely this time. "You can wait as long as you like, but to be honest, I can't see you in that way. If I ever get over Katherine, you might have a chance."

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Katherine frowned at them. "Am I invisible?" She walked over to his bed.

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Euan avoided eye contact with Katherine. "What brings you here? Bored of Lukas already?" he said coldly. "Thanks Margaret. I'll take them later." he said in a happier tone, putting out his hand.

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Lucy smiled at Katherine and Euan. "I'll see you later Euan." She left the room, trying to hold back tears.

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Katherine sat on his bed. "I came to apologize. Lukas took advantage of me. I was drunk and he didn't care. I treated you horribly. Please forgive me Euan."

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Euan looked up at her seriously. "I love you Katherine. But I can't forgive you. Not yet."

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Lucy sobbed. "Nothing. Just nothing." She pushed past him and ran to her room.

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Katherine grinned. "I love you too. And why ever not?"

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Euan remained expressionless. "Because you left me. For someone you didn't even know. You said you loved him, and I bet you don't even know his last name. You don't realize how much that hurt, Katherine."

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Katherine sighed and stood up. "I would be lying to you if I said I didn't care about him. And your right. It was silly of me to fall for someone so fast. But I know now who I love more."

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Euan looked away from her. "That's the problem. I know it's selfish, but I need you all to myself. And if you don't love just me, I don't think I can forgive you."

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Lucy narrowed her eyes at him. "Who.... Who are you? Are you new? Frankly, whats wrong with me is none of your concern!"

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