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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura 1. Twilight- Stephanie Meyer -ashamed to say it sucked me in.

2. Peter Pan - JM Barrie - good book to read if you have mother issues.

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura 3. The Woman Who Walked Into Doors - Roddy Doyle

Incredibly painful to read....but really beautiful. Had the Eddie Vedder song "Better Man" play in my head, while reading this book.

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura 4. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian-Marina Lewycka

It had its charming moments...but mostly it showcased a side of the ukrainian culture that i was already familiar with. The seedy side.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura 5. Deal Breaker - Harlan Coben

its ok - kind of like scooby doo-without the dog, and the kids of all grown up (and not stoners anymore)

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura 6. The Flying Troutmans - Miriam Toews

If you were ever a weird kid- you should read this book. It should make you feel good about being different.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura 7. The Facts of the Helsinki Roccamatios - Yann Martel

its somber - but has definite moments of sheer genius, that shine like points of light.

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura 8. The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura 9. Palm Sunday - Kurt Vonnegut

The most human of all the books of his that I have read. An interesting read-but still hard to believe.

Interesting to read after Gladwell's Outliers.

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura 10. The Witch of Portobello - Paul Coelho

Maybe a little too soon for me to read a book about spirituality - even a book of fiction.

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura 11. Death to all sacred cows - David Bernstein, Beau Fraser, Bill Schwab

If I didn't know better, someone I know could have written this book. It sounds exactly like him.

message 11: by Laura (new)

Laura 12. The Portable Dorothy Parker - Marion Meade ed.

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura 13. Transparent Things - Vladimir Nabokov

message 13: by Laura (new)

Laura 14. Fish! - Stephen C Lundin

Helps you come up with ideas for boosting morale in the workplace, and in your life.

message 14: by Laura (new)

Laura 15. Timequake - Kurt Vonnegut

The first audio book I have completed this year. I love hearing his words read out loud.

message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura 16. Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter - Simone de Beauvoir

I am not a dutiful daughter, so this book did not appeal to me at all.
I suspect her Sartre years were much more readable.

message 16: by Laura (new)

Laura 17. Water For Elephants - Sara Gruen

so visual, so violent, so lovely....and there is an elephant in the story.

message 17: by Laura (new)

Laura 18. The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill

I just absorbed one woman's life (not my own), it has changed my expectations for all other books that I will read.

message 18: by Laura (new)

Laura 19. An Encyclopedia of Assholes - Kristoffer Darlington and Diane Law

meh. pretty mediocre assholes...i had heard of all of them. it would have been better, if the book was about people that were a little less unknown.

message 19: by Laura (new)

Laura 20. Rabbit Run - John Updike

a re-read. less enjoyable this time around, but I think it will stick with me this time.

message 20: by Laura (new)

Laura 21. Brick Lane - Monica Ali

So many people have told me that i *must* read this book. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It was "meh" personified.

message 21: by Sue (new)

Sue Slayton | 27 comments Laura wrote: "21. Brick Lane - Monica Ali

So many people have told me that i *must* read this book. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It was "meh" personified."

I agree...didn't see the appeal in it so much.

message 22: by Laura (new)

Laura Sue wrote: "Laura wrote: "21. Brick Lane - Monica Ali

I agree...didn't see the ap..."

Finally, someone agrees with me ;) At least 10 people must have recommended this book to me. I suppose it says something that those who did the recommending either are not interested in reading what I suggest, or strongly dislike my faves.

Going to go back to listening to myself for a change :)

message 23: by Laura (new)

Laura 22. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - JK Rowling

Pretty decent for an audio book. I love it when the readers do all the voices. It makes for a very interesting listen.

message 24: by Laura (new)

Laura 23. The Stuff of Thought- Steven Pinker

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura 24. Run - Ann Patchett

message 26: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) | 71 comments Your doing good
The Flying Troutmans - looks good I am going to check it out.

message 27: by Laura (new)

Laura Melanie wrote: "Your doing good
The Flying Troutmans - looks good I am going to check it out."

Thanks! I loved The Flying Troutmans. I hope you enjoy it :)

message 28: by Laura (new)

Laura 25. The Year of Living Biblically - A.J Jacobs

AJ Jacobs writes for the publication Mental Floss - this book is basically an extended version of an article that you would find there (made personal).

I totally recommend this book. Its smart, witty, charming, and very very quirky. And the level of commitment is astounding.

message 29: by Mary Todd (last edited May 12, 2009 06:51AM) (new)

message 30: by Laura (new)

Laura 26. new moon - Stephenie Meyer

These books are not well written- yet I keep getting sucked in.

Off to find a geekier read.

message 31: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) | 71 comments They do suck you in don't they. It's like a bad car accident. You really don't want to look but you cant tear your eyes away. lol

message 32: by Laura (new)

Laura Melanie wrote: "They do suck you in don't they. It's like a bad car accident. You really don't want to look but you cant tear your eyes away. lol"

Exactly! I am done with the series now though. I will not let myself read another one.

Now I need to find something else to read....something different.

message 33: by Mary Todd (new)

Mary Todd (marytodd) | 924 comments I fixed your ticker...don't know how it was sorry.

message 34: by Laura (new)

Laura 27. William Shakespeare : The World As Stage - Bill Bryson

message 35: by Laura (new)

Laura 28. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - JK Rowling

message 36: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) | 71 comments Owww...I love Harry Potter! 28! your doing real well.

message 37: by Mary Todd (new)

Mary Todd (marytodd) | 924 comments the last two of the series are the best...she can write excitement! (Twilight)

message 38: by Laura (new)

Laura 29. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim - David Sedaris

:) Loved it. Am now a super big fan of audio books.

message 39: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Did Sedaris read the book? He has such a funny voice. I'm just starting "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" and I swear I'm reading it with his voice in my head!

message 40: by Laura (new)

Laura @Lisa - yes Sedaris read the book. He has the best voice. I had a completely different reaction listening to him, than reading him. And I am happy to say that I now love him. I am going to make him my pet :)

message 41: by Laura (new)

Laura 30. The Stranger- Albert Camus

I have no idea who narrated this story, but he sounds like Bert from Sesame Street.

audio book fail

Going to go back to regular books now (the ones made out of paper)

message 42: by Laura (new)

Laura 31. Jailbird - Kurt Vonnegut

message 43: by Laura (new)

Laura 32. Davita's Harp - Chaim Potok

If you are going to read Potok's work, try My Name is Asher Lev, or The Chosen. Davita's Harp is not as good as those.

message 44: by Laura (new)

Laura 33. Drop Shot - Harlan Coben

message 45: by Laura (new)

Laura 34. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers

message 46: by Laura (new)

Laura 35. Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie

Too bad that I couldn't focus enough to get the most out of this book.
During the times that I could focus, I loved what I read.

message 47: by Laura (new)

Laura 36. Charley's Web - Joy Fielding

message 48: by Laura (new)

Laura 37. The Cheese Monkeys - Chip Kidd

Graphc design students - oh boy!

message 49: by Laura (new)

Laura 38. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling

Stephen Fry is a genius!!!!

message 50: by Laura (new)

Laura 39. Fade Away - Harlan Coben

Its his least scooby-ish book,

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