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Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) (strange_misseliza) | 144 comments So, I'd like to hear what people think about the new selection for The Doctor. We've chatted about him before in the Masterpiece thread, but I think the announcement of the actor, Matt Smith (pretty unknown and 26) deserves it's own thread, and as Tennant's Doctor would say :"Oh, yes!"

So what do you think about this guy who has only really been seen in the Sally Lockhart adaptations, which I did love, and thought he was great in? But in his picture he seems sooo young, and like he's trying to look a bit too Tennant-y when, and no one can replace Tennant in my heart.

Plus I think he was cast under the delusion the BBC has that this is a kids show, so they should go younger. I still don't get that delineation that they have, probably never will...

To read more about it (and see his pic) go:

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whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
Ooo, Elizabeth, I didn't see this! Well, you know my reactions since I personal-messaged them to you, but all in all, I agree. He's FAR too young and I just don't get that. How on earth, or any other planet in any other time, can a 26 year old be convincing as a nine hundred and something year old?? Sheesh. Also, what is this "bold and brand new take on the Time Lord" that Smith is supposed to provide?? Gah! So not sold.

In fact, after reading what you said, I'm even more nervous... about what the BBC thinks and all that. The only thing is, just announcing The Doctor drew an audience of 6.1 million in that tiny country, so they might have SOME idea it's for more than the youth. I hope!

Still grieving over the leaving of Tennant. *sniff*

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Edith (opheliaflowers) I'm still grieving over Eccleston, and though I enjoyed Tennant also, I feel ok with this change of doctor.

It's true he is really young, but if the actor can convey the attitude of the Doctor (and I believe he can since they pick him) the viewers will be convinced even though his age.

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Jessica | 100 comments They are changing the female actress too!?!?!? O.O That makes me sad... I really like her! I can't watch the show very often because normal cable does not show it often so I haven't seen the newer shows. Can anyone tell me if something happened on the show to make them have to pick a new female role or are they just wanting someone new?

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Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) (strange_misseliza) | 144 comments Companions always changing, that's a constant in the Who-verse, at least I feel that all the "current" companions got a good send off. Billie Piper left cause she wanted to move on, and got bigger roles (aka Mansfield Park and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl), Freema, they still have plans for her, so I'm not sure there, but I'm pretty sure they had always envisioned her going over to Torchwood. As for Catherine Tate, there was no way, with her fame, that she would be on for more then a season...and who was that loser companion, Adam was it on Station 5, glad he was gone after the episode, that was funny.

And to answer the age thing, I watched the Confidential where it was announced, and apparently, Steven Moffat wanted a middle age Doctor and in walked Matt Smith and he knew he was the Doctor, he said he was the 2nd person they auditioned, and he thought, this can't be this easy, so they kept auditioning but Matt was always it once they met him.

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whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
Catherine Taite is SO BRILLIANT as the companion. I laugh so much harder with her there, yet still there is plenty of poignancy and depth. LOVE her!

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