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((post the summerys here))

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ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Summery of the Spy/Agent Roleplay:
I have read the roleplay that is currently going on and I think I know whats going on. So to spare you the reading I had to do, heres your lucky summery.
To start off, there is a girl named Lia who was sent by her agency to kill Danny. But then her plans take a turn for the worse when she is the one being hunted. Who you ask is the one hunting her? It is none other than the power hungry, gifted agent named Jade. He and Danny are gifted by haveing the ability to read minds.

Jade:Is a power hungry man that works for himself and tries to recroot people. Hes intentions so far leads to the theory that he wasnt to have some kind of a big clan of Super Kiler Michines. He offers Danny an opertunity to be his ally, but Danny turns his offer down(YAY). Then he also asks Lia to jion him, but like Danny, she rufuses the offer. So before she was killed, Danny saved her. Also, Jade has an eagle of some sort doing his every whim(The Eagle is basically the bad guy pet).

Danny:Wants to stop Jade from useing people for his own game. Befriends Lia and helps her get out of a few sticky situations.

Lia:An incredible girl who can save herself, but tneed help here and there.

Isabella:So far she is one of the good guys.


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((jade does much more than that, But AWESOME!!))

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You posted this right after I read the whole roleplay

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Karina hah. that's a bit funny.

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oh well nothing I can do about it now

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Thats all I got from reading the roleplay about Jade, but I will edit when the story continues!

P.S.Sorry Christina

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((Sorry what don't you get and as for helping you jump in..... You could have history with one of the charries and then they recognize you or many other things))

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Karina ((Yeah like my charrie is in impulse right now so she'll basically try to kill anyone who gets in her way. yours can get in her way.))

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((Or mine. Just to give you options))

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Karina ((options are good))

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Karina ((:D i'll brb dinner))

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((K Do you mind me taking parts of this role play for the story im writing about this role play))

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Karina ((psh no. go ahead. back btw))

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((Thanks im going to refine it((ALOT)) then post in my group that is unused))

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Karina ((ha. kays. let me know how that works out for you.))

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((I will))

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