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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily (4everem) | 3 comments So...what did you guys think of Beedle the Bard? And...what if I told you there's an even bigger social network than this where we can express our HP fandom? Mugglespace! Check it out. It's fun.

message 2: by Olebabe07 (new)

Olebabe07 | 37 comments are you talking about the real book, cuz i havent read it but i didnt get the point of it.. i mean really why write the stories... its pointless. wasnt she either going to write about dumbledore or beedle and the bard and i dont know why she chose beedle!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I want to know more about Dumbledore... I just got the book... Haven't had a chance to read it yet. Then I'll have an opinion... :D

message 4: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 102 comments I haven't read it either! But I think it's a great idea for her to write about Beetle and Bard! It's gonna b really good and interesting I think! I always wanted to know about the tale of 3 brothers! :D

message 5: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 19 comments i read it a while ago. it's okay. it's not her greatest work, but it's cute. i enjoyed it for the most part. i just think she should write a biography about dumbledore too.

message 6: by Pandy (new)

Pandy I love Tales of Beedle the Bard, though it's not another Harry Potter book. The five stories are fun, but I liked Dumbledore's commentary at the end of each tale the best. The final story, The Tale of the Three brothers is exactly what is in the Deathly Hallows and Dumbledore does not tell us all he knows about the tale in his commentary, which J.K. includes a note about in her introduction. My favorite story after the Tale of the Three Brothers is the Warlock's Hairy Heart.

message 7: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 102 comments I READ IT! Lol I think it's great! It's like a nice little story book! My favorite on was the fountain of fair fortune...I agree the dumbledore commentary was the bestest! :D

message 8: by Priscilla (new)

Priscilla VdL (dunnopris) Read it and LIKED it! Fairy tales from the HP world :),And Dumbledore's comentary was great....My favorite stories:Tale of the three brothers and Babbitty Rabbitty and her cackling stump.

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 18 comments loool yeh i have it as well, and i think it's a pretty good idea. but it would srsly be aawwesome if she wrote up the rita skeeter dumbeldore book as well. then my hp collection would be complete!
and Ron: Babbity Rabbity and the cackling stump.
Hermione: Excuse me? what was that last one?
ron: Oh come ooon, who hasn't heard of Babbity Rabbity?

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (potterheadarianatorwatsonator1) | 24 comments LOLOLOLOL! yeah i have that.... I still didn't read the Dumbledore stuff because it was so long! I probably should, shouldn't I! well anyway yeah I like that little part of the movie Nushii!

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 18 comments hahah! how funny is it? and yes read it! I like devoured the book and i wish there was more hp stuff, like srsly it makes me so so sooooooo SUPER sad that all the Harry Potter stuff is ending THIS YEAR. Like ok the books stopped, but the movies were still gping strong, but now,after this july, it's like the biggest franchise in the whole world is finished. :'( its so sad.

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (potterheadarianatorwatsonator1) | 24 comments I KNOW!!!!! im so sad like I think I'm gonna be jumping off the wall after the movie, but when I wake up the next morning I am gonna cry I bet ):

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 18 comments TRUE!? like i will srsly cry, because this has been going on nearly my whole life, like three quearters of it anywyz, and I can't believe it finally going to be over. But imgaine how sad it is for the actors especially! :( me n my friends are gna email them to try and get the actors to come here for the premier! it wont work but worth a try lol

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (potterheadarianatorwatsonator1) | 24 comments Lol..... they should go to every continent

message 15: by Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (last edited Jan 13, 2011 05:36PM) (new)

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 18 comments I KNOWW! :( EVEN ANTARCTICA! :) its so annoyng coz after this there's no other chance.

message 16: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (potterheadarianatorwatsonator1) | 24 comments IKR!! does anyone live in antarctica?

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 18 comments hmm the POlar bears! we cant forget them! :) im sure they are avid HP fans :D

message 18: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (potterheadarianatorwatsonator1) | 24 comments hehheheh

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