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((sorry mod!))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Wait - is this for the highschool one?))

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Lizzy ((whats this for anyway?))

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Lizzy Hullo?Whats this for?

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((oh yeah, high school))

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((dangit, my computer is running slow and i can't change it!))

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Lizzy ... what do you mean?

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it's taking me too long to change it into the high school rp catagory

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Lizzy oh! I'll do it!

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Zunpip | 144 comments Mod
(( i dont get it))

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Lizzy ((i have noooo idea...))

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ I think its another roleplay for new comers since the other one is so far along alredy and if we rp in it we can interrupt what they are writing about.

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Sabrina walked to her locker briskly she didn't want to be late to class again.

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She opened her locker and got her books. She ran to her class and sat down just as the bell rang. She sighed in relief.

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