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What did you learn?
Tuesdee Tuesdee May 21, 2012 01:24PM
What did you learn from the ladies experience?

I think my biggest takeaway, was to be truely thankful for what I do have. And to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to me.

Impressed with how much people valued education and took it very seriously. The women are heroes ahead of their time.

I thought this book showed different aspects of the pioneer spirit and the hardships that are hard for us to imagine in the modern age. The coming together of the community to improve the school and give the children the best possible education, the "plucky" teachers that were willing and eager to give up a life of luxury and privilege to take on a challenge very much out of their comfort zone, the impact of the expanding railroads and the role they played in developing the west and connecting the country, the value placed on education and the sometimes extreme efforts communities exerted to recruit teachers and the lasting impact they had on their students.

I admired their dedication. These were rich girls who could have stayed home and lived the good life. I think they got more than they bargained for but they stuck with it and had adventures. I am a teacher and I found it to be very inspirational.

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These two women were amazing - to "give it all up" to live lives of their own choosing was very inspirational. I would like to read the raw letters that they sent home from their time out West - that would be a great follow up! :)

Almost all my relatives, both sides, were born & lived up in Elkhead. Ol Ferry was just a promoter & liar, he ended up stealing all the homesteaders property & burned out those who would not leave voluntarily. This book is just her relatives' & Ferry's telling, she should have looked up folks who lived thru that & talked with them. It was terrible to try to live there, winter @ 9 mos & soil terrible & hard to get wells dug. Shame on Ferry & his cohorts & the relative to benefit from his dasterly life. The book makes it sound like going to camp.

I love that these two women had their own minds even when their parents and the social norms told them to do otherwise. I bet that their offspring had backbones and strong belief such has these two women. I wonder why school never taught us about these women. I could have done without the stupid stuff schools crammed in our heads.

I think this was another adventure for them (like the trip to Europe) and they learned so much about another way of life they had not been exposed to. The fact that they only stayed one year speaks for itself. My grandmother began teaching in a rural one-room school at this same time so was curious about what it was like. These women had each other for support, many taught by themselves. I agree with Carrie's (above) comments.

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