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message 1: by Carl (last edited Jan 02, 2009 11:19AM) (new)

Carl Brookins (carlw) | 23 comments I managed to get two new mysteries published last year, one out of Five Star, my second Sean Sean PI novel,"The Case of the Deceiving Don," which even Kirkus liked, (sort of) and from Echelon Press, "Bloody Halls." It's a delicious look at an odd academic institution for adult students. There's lots more on my website And then we also issued, from Nodin Press, a paperback of "The Case of the Greedy Lawyers,"

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Good for you Carl. That's terrific. Are your books available on Amazon? Bloody Halls sounds like something I'd like to read.

Patricia A. Guthrie
Waterlilies Over My Grave 2009
In the Arms of the Enemy 2008

message 3: by Chester (new)

Chester | 10 comments I had "The Marathon Murders" (fourth Greg McKenzie mystery) come out in 2008 and the first book of my new Sid Chance series, "The Surest Poison," will be out in April 2009. "Poison" is on but not on Amazon yet. There's more info on my website

message 4: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 19 comments Bloody Halls is quite good. Echelon is expanding their mystery/suspense line, too.

I had a story come out last year, part of an anthology called Triangulations: Taking Flight. I finally managed to complete my latest MS, and have been stuck in query hell for a long time with it.

message 5: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Marc,

Love the term query hell. I'll remember it. I'm sure I'll get to a point where I'll have to query again. (ouch)

message 6: by Chester (new)

Chester | 10 comments At my age, I don't have time to wait for query hell to freeze over, so I go the small press route.

message 7: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments that's the route I took.

message 8: by Kathy-Diane (new)

Kathy-Diane My first suspense novel is hitting the bookstores in May of 2009 "Let the Shadows Fall Behind You," published by Kunati Books. I had a short story collection published a few years ago, but absolutely love writing novels. The canvas is so much bigger!

author of "Let the Shadows Fall Behind You"

message 9: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Kathy-diane wrote: "My first suspense novel is hitting the bookstores in May of 2009 "Let the Shadows Fall Behind You," published by Kunati Books. I had a short story collection published a few years ago, but absolute..."

<<< Yes, the canvas is much bigger, isn't it? I wrote short stories and (a few) poems before I started tackling the novels. Once I started, I never looked back. Good luck with "Let the shadows Fall Behind you." I may need a few reminders before I can actually purchase the book, but I would love to read it. I'm currently doing research for my next book. So far, I have six research books lined up to read. (groan)

Looking forward to hearing more about what you're doing.


message 10: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kulman (andreakulman) | 5 comments My first children's book will be released soon. My hubby illustrated for me. YAY!!!

message 11: by J.R. (new)

J.R. | 28 comments My historical novel, Watch The Hour, will be published in April 2009 by Whiskey Creek Press.
The novel explores the conflict between mine owners and their immigrant laborers, particularly the Irish, in the 1870s in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal region.

message 12: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Oh congratulations both Andrea and JR.

Andread what is your children's book about/ Forgive me if you've already mentioned it. My head is too full of facts to remember any of them. LOL

Jr. that sounds like hostoriecal fiction or is it non-fiction?

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda McIntyre (amandamcintyre) | 3 comments My debut sensual historical,Diary of Cozette(Harlequin Spice) debuted October '08 and I have two more steamy historicals out in '09 with Spice.

Tortured(Aug. '09) Set in Britannia, 500 A.D., it is the story of a Celtic seer, whose crime against a ruthless Saxon warlord,sentences her to become his executioner's apprentice. Nine years later, a Roman prisoner is brought in whose past may be vital to her future.

Later in '09, the first in a miniseries Celtic Spice anthologies debuts. Based on the legend of a Druid Priestess's winter solstice prayer of love lost and love reborn- three women at different times in history, experience the power of its effect.

In "Winter Awakening" a Welsh daughter is set to marry a Norman Marcher to tie her fathers lands to England, but the scheming Norman has other plans to unsurp the throne. His mentor in battle, an older Knight--favored by the king and fiercely loyal-discovers his plan and sets out expose the Normans devious plot, while dealing with his attraction to the Norman's intended. Winter's Desire Anthology- Nov. '09/Harlequin Spice

Amanda McIntyre

message 14: by M.C. (new)

M.C. Congrats to everyone with new books!

My fantasy romance, THE KING’S DAUGHTER, released in trade paperback December 30th, Samhain Publishing.

"In a medieval Eire where the Druid legacy survives, the bartered daughter of a clan king struggles in a web of dark spells to save herself ~ and her beloved knight ~ while under the watchful eye of a lough wizard."

After a publisher closing last year, my dark DI mystery series continues to remain in query land. I was offered several contracts on my historical but turned them down due to one or two non negotiable clauses.

MC Halliday

message 15: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments oMG.

Good luck MC. That's a terrible experience.

Patricia A. Guthrie
Waterlilies Over My Grave 2008
In the Arms of the enemy 2007

message 16: by Jan (new)

Jan | 1 comments My first novel, Asta in the Wings, is being published by Tin House Books on February first. It has already received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist.

You can read about my novel here (including an excerpt, critical reviews, and an author q&a):

(Just click on "Books" and "Coming Soon," and you'll see Asta.)

message 17: by M.C. (new)

M.C. Patricia,

Thank you! I'll need some luck in finding another bold publisher to take on controversial subject matter.

Hope you are really happy with LSP Digital!


message 18: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Thank you Mc. Yes, I am happy with them.


message 19: by Robin (last edited Feb 16, 2009 04:31PM) (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 14 comments Mod
My husband's second book: Avempartha by Michael J. Sullivan comes out April 1, 2009.

When a destitute young woman hires Royce and Hadrian to help save her remote village from nocturnal attacks, they are once more drawn into the schemes of the wizard Esrahaddon. While Royce struggles to breech the secrets of an ancient elven tower, Hadrian attempts to rally the villagers to defend themselves against the unseen killer. Once more, what begins with the simple theft of a sword places the two thieves at the center of a firestorm — but this time the outcome could change the future of Elan.

Excellent follow up to The Crown Conspiracy. Though follow up may not be the right word, since The Crown Conspiracy was essentially a standalone with hints of the larger picture, while Avempartha goes straight into the deeper issues of Mr. Sullivan's richly imagined universe. Taking the series to the next level, Avempartha exceeded my (already high) expectations. -- Liviu (Fantasy Book Critc Reviewer)

Avempartha by Michael J. Sullivan

message 20: by Chester (new)

Chester | 10 comments When I last posted, The Surest Poison wasn't up yet on It is now. For a great review, check out

message 21: by Collin (new)

Collin Kelley | 1 comments My debut novel, "Conquering Venus," is coming this summer from Vanilla Heart Publishing. You can read the synopsis in my first Goodreads blog. I've been working on the novel for more than 10 years, so I'm beyond excited that it's finally found a home!

message 22: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kulman (andreakulman) | 5 comments My 2nd book ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE & DOO-DOO NOT A BABY ANYMORE was released 02/09/2009.

message 23: by Janet (new)

Janet Lynch (janetnicholslynch) | 1 comments My mainstream novel CHEST PAINS, about a failed musician's midlife crisis, has just been published by Bridge Works, and my young adult novel MESSED UP, about a Mexican-American youth fending for himself in California's San Joaquin Valley, will be released next month by Holiday House. These books went without homes for several years before they were accepted within weeks of each other.

message 24: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 7 comments Hi Everyone,
Congratulations on getting your books out.
I will have my first book published in August '09.
It is the first book in a children's series about a magic traveler's trunk. I'm very excited. My website just went up this weekend. So, you can find out more about this book at
Best Wishes to All,

message 25: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 19 comments Amanda wrote: "Hi Everyone,
Congratulations on getting your books out.
I will have my first book published in August '09.
It is the first book in a children's series about a magic traveler's trunk."

Have you ever heard of the Cynthia's Attic series, by Mary Cunningham?
The Missing Locket
The Magic Medallion
Curse of the Bayou Cynthia's Attic
It's a time-travel fantasy series, featuring Cynthia and her best friend Gus, who find a magic trunk in Cynthia's attic that transports them back in time.

message 26: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 7 comments Hi Marc,

Thank you for telling me about that series, it's one I hadn't heard of. It seems we have the same basic mechanism for getting our stories going, but there are quite a few difference. The biggest being the audience we are writing to.
I'm not sure it's possible to write a story these days that doesn't bare a strong resemblance to a story already written. The differences are in the details.
Thanks again for telling me about the series, I'll have to read more about it.


message 27: by Don (last edited May 09, 2009 03:06PM) (new)

Don Inman (doninmanauthor) | 4 comments Hello everyone, I'm Don Inman my first book "Disappearance" was published in January 2009. And it was published by AuthorHouse, it's a mystery/thriller about a family's strange and mysterious disappearance. And a father's fight and struggle of trying to find them before it's to late.

You can read an excerpt of "Disappearance" by going to,, look me up.


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