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Tell stories about your dogs

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one of my old dogs got run over on the 4th of July cause he ran away from bieng freaked out by the fireworks. v. sad.

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Aww. I have a dog Lady. She gets jealous easy.

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Victoria | 3 comments i have a friend who have a dog but i don't have any pet

Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) | 7 comments ~clears throat~ here is a funny story my dog did today...
So my dad has these chickens. 3 chickens and a rooster. and I hate the rooster. He is SOOO mean. So today as I looked out my window, I saw that stupid rooster trotting around the yard. I smiled evily at my dog (She is a Boston Terrier. And my little baby ^-^) and she seemed to catch my drift and ran towards the door. So I let her out.
She didn't go after the rooster like I had hoped, but turned off to the crowd of chickens. I was laughing so hard. She picked one out and chased it all over and it was flying all over trying to get away. I eventually had to run out there and grabed her because she wouldn't leave it alone.
And I have not seen those chickens out since XD

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OMG!!!! One time, my dog, Lady, my Pomeranian and the first animal I ever knew to love, was outside. She was barking at something, and my mom went to see what she was doing. Mom saw her barking at a long black snake. Mom and I are petrified of snakes. So mom freaked out. (I wasn't home) Mom called lady in, bu Lady kept barking at the snake and chased it. She finally came in...lolz!

Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) | 7 comments lol XD
yeah Doree, my Boston Terrier, is the first pet I have had that I just absolutly adore. She is my baby. lol

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Same with my lil' Ladybug...

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Victoria | 3 comments your dog sound fun, Fumphwoog

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Victoria | 3 comments she was just trying to keep the snake away from you beacuse she know that you don't like them Romeo

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Sandy (sandynathan) | 2 comments Hi, everyone. Saw this topic and had to jump in. I've got so many dog stories that I put them on a series on one of my websites. Let me find a link. You have to scroll down the page a bit to get to the stories. You'll come to a bunch of tabs. The top one is "my history with dogs," from there, I've got stories about our current dogs, three Cocker Spaniel mixes we rescued from the pound. Click on the picture tabs. The stories read in order, top to bottom. They're about my daughters growing up and leaving home and me getting the dogs out of grief and loneliness. The dogs are wonderful. They're sleeping in the room around me right now.

If you sign up for my mailing list, you can download a free e-book about a premature foal born on our ranch. It's true, illustrated with photos from the ranch. It's about how he survived and made it in the world: "Tecolote Finds a Friend."
Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan

Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) | 7 comments Victoria wrote: "your dog sound fun, Fumphwoog"

hehe why thank you ^.^ she is quite a goon I must admit. But she is my goon :D

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Victoria wrote: "she was just trying to keep the snake away from you beacuse she know that you don't like them Romeo"

Haha...(My name's Ally...)
yeah, tht might of been why...but she scared the living crap out of us.

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