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You can tell stories about your cats here.

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um, my cat is a inside/outside cat. Before he got bored w/doing it, he would get on top of the kitchen cabinets and watch you, like a vulture. he's nice, but he scares some of my friends. wimps.

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lolz. My kittens, Tokyo and Storm, are two cute little boys. I was scratching Tokyo's ear, and he fell off the porch step. They're outside cats, and they love running under the house.

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Ariel (mermaid91) I used to wake up at night and hear my cats running across the roof xD Before I figured out it was them, I freaked out O.O

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Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) | 7 comments lol my sister has a cat. He hates me sometimes and loves me sometimes. He's kinda like Jekyell and Hyde. With a good and bad side. lol.
One example of his bad side is when he hides around the corner of the stairs and when I am walking down them he will jump out and scratch my ankle to scare me and make me fall. >.> dumb cat... lol

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lolz Good side?

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Edith (edith03) When my cat use to be a kitten, he would run all around the house non stop! He would go to the living room, the bedroom, and bathroom in like 2 seconds!

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