Bare-Naked Lola (Lola Cruz Mystery, #3) Bare-Naked Lola question

Team Jack or Team Manny?
Melissa Ramirez Melissa May 19, 2012 02:04PM
I'm writing the next book in the Lola Cruz Mystery Series and have been asking people if they favor Soul Mates or Love Triangles. The answers are mixed: Lola and Jack as soul mates, or a little Manny love thrown into the mix.

There's equal love for Jack and Manny. Which way do you fall? Team Jack, or Team Manny?

I like Manny, but I'm on team Jack all the way. I do like the idea of a love triangle, maybe this will make Jack take the next step with Lola. You know, after all he does need to get rid off that crazy ex. Lol. Then, I'd like to see someone else bring Manny down uh huh :) That would be soooo good ha!

Evie Oooh yeah! A Manny novella would be just the thing ;)
May 19, 2012 03:08PM
Tracy Ward A Manny novella with Ms. Roberts!
May 19, 2012 04:07PM

I'm usually anti-love triangles, but in Lola's case both Jack & Manny are muy caliente, so I'm not opposed to a triangle involving those three. If I have to choose? My gut says Jackson is Lola's soulmate, but I wouldn't mind if they spent some time apart as unrequiteds while she got to know Manny better... rrrrrrrrrrrr :)

I like soul mates... Too much love triangle makes me think maybe neither are right for her if she can't choose... :)


I think Jack needs to walk in Lola's shoes-- a little competition to make him recognize how special she is--and Manny's just the man for the job!

I don't believe in the three's a crowd addage. Throwing Manny in as a possible love interest will keep Jack on his toes!

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