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message 1: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (a_bishop) | 152 comments SO I am looking at my "to read" books this year that I have already purchased and I've noticed that, on average, they're huge! 500 pages is pretty common, but I have a fair number of 800-900 pagers, and at least a couple 1000+ behemoths that I want to get through. They're just sitting on my shelves taunting me.

What's your approach? As a rule, do any of you avoid longer books? Do you try to tackle a few a year?

I think I am going to have to space them out, otherwise I will never feel like I am making any progress. With so many titles that I want to get to, it's hard to spend a month on any one book!

message 2: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 45 comments I haven't really read many huge isn't that I am avoiding them...I just don't have many.

I am attempting to tackle War & Peace starting this month though and I also have Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell which is also over 1000 pages.

It is a big commitment and quite intimadating when books are that big so I will probably have to space them out and see what happens.

message 3: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Duffy (kathleenduffy) I only tend to read a few massive books per year, if that. Or I'll read a few, but cancel out the largeness by reading a few small books.

message 4: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 756 comments I have/do read some massive books. I kind of have to balance it with some really short books so I can make my 50 books goal. I do find I picked shorter books as the finish line was approaching. I guess we could make a pact that any book 750 or more counts as two if that matters to anyone.

message 5: by Maria (new)

Maria (minks05) | 84 comments i agee witht he others. if i find myself reading a much lager book,i tend to read a good portion,then leave it for something quick, then go back to it. also, i tend to think i'm not achieving much by reading one really long one, so i follow it up with more "fluffy" reading.

the next book i'm attempting is actually a large one, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, so hopefully it goes smoothly.

message 6: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 756 comments Maria -- I just bought that to read and also War and Peace........

message 7: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (a_bishop) | 152 comments I liked Jonathan Strange and was impressed with how ambitious it is. It is a pretty long one!

message 8: by Danine (new)

Danine (dulcemea) I space the big books out and I actually plan for them. Before I read the behemoth book I will read a couple of lighter books before it. With larger books I feel really overwhelmed and sometimes weighed down. Then when I finish the book I really don't want to read anything for a long while. Pacing and spacing helps me read those bigger books. 'Pillars of the Earth' is one big book I would like to tackle this year.

message 9: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andiesmith) i love long books....then they take me longer to read. I tend to read 1 long one and 2 short ones

message 10: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 756 comments Danine, Pillars of the Earth is so worth it. It made my top ten this year. I couldn't put it down. I also followed it with World Without End, its sequel, which was long and great as well. If you plan for one try to plan for both.

message 11: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (lesliecs) I got Pillars of the Earth for Christmas from my stepmother, because she really loved it. I'm excited about reading it! I'm tempted to bring it to my next book club meeting just to see the looks on their faces when I suggest it (they're allergic to long books).

message 12: by Molly (new)

Molly | 330 comments I only read one biggie last year. But sometimes the long ones fly by and the short ones take forever to get through - not always the quantity but the quality (or lack thereof) that dictates the duration to completion. I've got a 500 pager now and an 800 pager lined up next. Usually I stick to around 300's on average so this is a nice change for me.

message 13: by Christine (new)

Christine | 13 comments I'm in the middle of a mammoth right now. I keep putting it down and picking up smaller books, then going back...It's not just the size, though. It's more than I'm just interested enough to keep reading but not quite interested enough to get motivated to swallow it whole. When I find a book I love it doesn't matter how long it is. I read and read to the end. In fact, I do enjoy some larger volumes especially in the fantasy genre. I think each one of Robert Jordan's books weighs 12 tons and I never put them down.

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