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Insulting and rude

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message 1: by Jane (new) - rated it 1 star

Jane Well I have to admit I've not read this book and now I never will. I was getting tired of having book recommendations sent to me by autors so I suggested that it was not in his best interest to do so. This is the response I got back.

ME: "I'm all for authors that wish to promote their stuff but I think sending a recommendation of your own book is a bit "tacky". I think you might be wise to "tone down" your promotions on this site or you will certainly start to piss people off and that is not what you are hoping to do I'm sure.

GLENN: And i think sending me a message saying that i'm being 'tacky' is more than a bit insulting and quite unneccesary.

I'll let the commmunity decide if his actions turn you off to his book as much as it does me.

Glenn Wow Jane!

I've learned my lesson. The next time someone sends me an insulting message for no reason, I will apologize and beg their forgiveness.

I will never again have the nerve to dare send them a one sentence reply asking them not to send me insulting messages. What was I thinking? Who I am to object to your righteous insults.

Thanks also for your follow up message wherein you essentially threatened to 'get me' for daring to be insulted by your unprovoked insults (you forgot to quote that one above). You've certainly followed up on that threat with your inciteful post above. That was really too kind of you.

Thanks also for your 1-star review of Harbinger of Doom. Some authors would object to some random person who hasn't read their work posting a bad 'review' and trying to do their best to get others to not read their work - but not me. Like I said, you've showed me the error of my ways. So all have to say is thank you for kindness, generosity, and support, especially in this holiday season. you're the best.

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