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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments I think the week I am going to experience life without the tv on will start the Monday after the Super Bowl. I'll start a thread to talk about the experience..hope to get more reading, family activities completed during that week. Anyone else want to try it for that week. It's not cheating to dvr/tape shows for later that run that week. I'm not against tv or anything like that...I just want to see what a week would be like without the tube. I've enjoyed all the responses from others about how enjoyable it can be and I know from past experiences when we've stayed in national parks without the tv that we actually enjoyed the quiet. We will see. Hope others join and share their thoughts. The day after the Super Bowl is Monday, February 2nd. What do others think? I'll send reminders if others are interested.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa McClintock (melissableuz) I just want to add that when i married my husband he already was a single dad and had a practive of no tv channels. This means we do watch movies. but I can tell you that this way it is more of an intentional activity then a habit. I can't believe how much more creative we have all become, and I didn't watch that much tv to begin with!
I will admit though, when we travel and stay in hotels, I always look forward to watching Tv. And it reinforces why it should be a treat, because all we all watch are professional gambling tournaments, forensic stuff on what used to be court tv, fashion and the kids watch cartoons. ha ha ha.

I do find though we do miss a lot of cultural references and sometimes what people are talking about. Like when that thing with Janet Jackson's top, people were discussing it at the work meeting and elsewhere.
First I was totally clueless. Then I was disgusted and couldn't believe it was such a topic of conversation?? oh well.

But, when I have been in the mood, I've watched heroes and lost online. Plus old episodes of frasier.

We use the computer like others use the tv, so we are on a bit. But it does seem like even the just for fun stuff is more purposeful.

The best thing is, niether we nor our kids know all the influences we are missing that is so invisibly invasive in television. We choose what comes into our home.

hope you will share as it goes along !! mel

message 3: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (a_bishop) | 72 comments I'm game. I was home all day yesterday by myself and I watched no TV. It was strange. Good, but strange.

message 4: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments Sounds great! and no rules...or you can make your own rules...if you want to drop personal internet or dvd, etc. that's's up to you. Also, I plan on dvr'ing (is that a verb) the couple of "can't miss" shows and watch them later--I just want to see what a week without tv would be like.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm in!

message 6: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments It should be interesting and write down our thoughts during the week here or at the group: Daily Diary.

message 7: by Kecia (new)

Kecia I've been without TV since August and honestly, I haven't missed it. Like Melissa, though, I enjoy watching TV when I'm's like part of my vacation. I spent most of Thanksgiving week at my sister's watching reality shows I'd never heard of before.

What I'd like to do is go without personal Internet for a week...meaning I'm not logged on at home. At work, I think I might try to block some of my personal sites using Leechblock or something similar.

Oooh...I'm getting the shakes...lemme think about this a bit...

message 8: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (nitesead) No-TV week is a fantastic idea. Best wishes with that!

I should do a no-internet week. I'd have to exempt checking school email but otherwise it would be more appropriate for me than no-TV, since I rarely ever watch TV, and I'm completely addicted to the Internet.

message 9: by Diniasih (new)

Diniasih | 6 comments that would be great!
actually i rarely watch TV.... :D

message 10: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments It will be here get your fix of american idol, etc. and we'll all be ready. :)

message 11: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (shielareddings) wow, i haven't had tv in yeeears. it would be weird to suddenly have it again.

message 12: by Esther (new)

Esther (eshchory) I love TV but as I work at home have a rule for myself of no TV during the day. I rarely break my rule.
But I do want to try a week without TV and computers.
There will have to be exceptions - anything work related for me and the evening news for my hubby.

Everyone except me is out of the house so much I'm wondering if it will make a difference.

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