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Elaine (Caladhiel) New year, new challenge! I didn't make my last challenge (missed it by 2!), so I'm hoping this year goes better. My goal for 2009 (from January 1st - December 31st) will be to read 36 books. I know it's no 100 or more challenge, but, as time is scarce and I have many hobbies to fill it as well as the fact that I'm a rather slow reader, I feel this is an adequate challenge for me. 3 books a month. Oh, and I'm going to count any book as long as I'm no farther than halfway through. Alright, here I go! =D

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Elaine (Caladhiel) YAY! I'm ahead on my goal! =D

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Cindy (cindypliego) Wow, you did really well last month. Good job :)

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Elaine (Caladhiel) Thanks so much Cindy! =)

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Elaine (Caladhiel) Ooh! Slow last couple of months! Hope I can really start reading in the summer months! =)

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Elaine (Caladhiel) August

23). The Host

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