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This is a place to write aand review short stories.You can also do excerpts of larger books you are working on. The stories should probably one post.

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This is from a book I'm writing called The Raven King
"Where be he?" kawed Munin anxiously. Wiftar gestured with her wing,"Under the tree!"
Without looking back, Munin went into a steep dive. Kyzvakna was being pressed against the tree by a group of foxes, his wing hanging limply by his side. The Messenger's eyes were filled with fear as he franticly tried to fend off the albinos.
Munin billowed his wings and crashed headlong into the foxes,catching them by surprise. Aiming for their eyes,the King fought and pecked untill his chest feathers and beak were stained crimson. But it was to no avail. The hungry light in the Poltanoirian's eyes blazed like embers as thew moved in for the kill . . .

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They escape,of course. There friends Wiftar,Bazrin and the other messenger,Zivta,came to their aid just in time. Though at the cost of one of the foxes lives.

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 115 comments Here mine! (Its set in first 'dragon' as its in a form of a dragons body)

Out of the mist a lone figure appeared, apparently searching for something, or maybe someone? It seemed to be carrying a large object, weighing it down each time it flapped its wings. It was large and round, the color of cream colored ivory. Finally, the creature stopped floated down and dropped the object. It then flew away. This was the beginning of my life.

Like it?

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 115 comments THANKS!!

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you should continue that . . .

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Three priceless objects lay upon a mohogany table. A man,in his early thirties stared at them silently.

"Do I have to?" His voice broke the uneasy silence. The figure,a regal looking woman, glanced at him,her eyes shadowed with pain. "I'm afraid you don't have a choice. They will come soon and we will die. That is the end of it. Our only hope of saving both Ralacor and Murkaa is to hide the Three in the Otherworld."

"But are you sure," implored the man,"What if the Chosen are to reluctant to leave their families?"

The woman studied him with her cool dark eyes and the hint of a smile played about her delicate lips. "I am never completley sure. But the three Chosen will have no families. The Prophecy has made sure of that. Remember?"

The man struggled to recall the verse. "Oh yes. That is good. But . . ." he teailed away,glancing at the Three. "I am surprised you trust me with these. Wouldn't Hahlan be a better choice?"

"Hahlan's dead," she snapped bitterly,"The Sorcerers came for him this morning."
"You mean . . .No." The man's features twisted with grief. "I am the only one left of the Inner Circle?"

"I am afraid so. You are the only one who can make the journey. And if you die,oh well. We are all going to die soon. Whether it is here or there makes no difference." Her cold certainty stung him sharply. He started to gather up the Three. A pendant, a glass sphere and-
His thought was interupted by a sharp banging on the door. The woman's face paled. "No," she whispered numbley,"No! It's too soon! I asked the Captain Uyat to hold them off as long as possible before-"

"Your precious Guardians are easier to kill then you believe." A sibilant whisper snaked through the door. The voice laughed. It sounded like a python tightening it's hold on a man's throat. The door exploded into piles of white-hot debris as several black-robed figures strode haughtily into the room. They grabbed the woman and the man cried out.

"Go!" she screamed,"Go!" The man vanished,along with the Three. The last sight of his beloved he had was the image of a cruel Sorcerer holding a knife to her neck.

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Once upon a time, the three races came to Ralacor, a land populated only by the Ancients, called dragons. The races were the Mythics, extraordinary creatures of legend, Animals and Hominids. They wandered and settled, but they could not prosper for they had nothing to work with. The dragons took pity upon the struggling races and appealed to the Gods to help them. Finally, the chief God, Koroke, assented and gave the races three gifts.
To the Animals, Koroke gifted them with the power to learn any language in the world so they could communicate and barter with others. The Hominids received tools with which to build great cities. And lastly, the Mythics got wisdom and magic so they could establish a house of power in Ralacor.
The races rejoiced and thanked Koroke for their new -found abilities. Soon, they started expanding, exploring, filling in the gaps on the map. Ralacor was beginning to prosper at last.
Yet three, their true names are now lost to us Squirrel, Dwarf, and Basilisk, were restless. They wanted more. Squirrel wanted magic, like the Mythics, Dwarf wanted the knowledge the Lost Tongues, and Basilisk wanted tools to built caverns for his kin.
They called council. Squirrel and Dwarf arrived first and were already deep in conversation by the time the the tall reeds parted and Basilisk strode in. A basilisk is a six-legged creature akin to a dragon. Basilisks have long curving barbed tails that move like lightning. His head was mostly dragon-esque, though his teeth was smaller and had no lustrous sheen that dragons are known for. His skin was a striking emerald color and his eyes were a piercing silver. Squirrel’s auburn fur cascaded in waves around her lean, wiry body and her bushy tail stood up like a banner. Dwarf was rather stout but not quite as short as the dwarves we know today. He had a large grey beard so that it always looked as if he was peering over a storm cloud. Dwarf wore a simple, earth splattered tunic and a axe hung at his side.
Soon, they were fast friends.
“We should break into the Kingdom of the Gods and just take it! I could do it with one paw tied behind my back!“ boasted Squirrel. “Yeah right!“ crowed Dwarf,” You’d need the help of a stout minded dwarf to help you along.“
“You?” bragged Basilisk,” You two would be fish out of water without the infinite knowledge of a basilisk!”
“Oh, do be quiet,” sniffed Squirrel ,”You’re not getting it! We shall be the most powerful creatures in Ralacor. We could become rulers!“ They were quiet for a moment, thinking of their own greedy dreams. “Think,” whispered Dwarf excitedly,” We could overthrow the Gods even!” Basilisk smiled a Cheshire grin,” We could be rather . . .prosperous also.” This idea was greeted with nods of agreement from the others. Dwarf relaxed on a log and gave a low whistle,” Eating from golden plates , servants to wait on our every whim, lush furs and silks to adorn us . . .”They went on, discussing their plans to overthrow Ralacor. Though one thing they did not know was that another was listening to their conversation . . .
Suddenly, a mighty horned head with fierce, unblinking eyes burst through the bushes with maw agape, displaying row upon row of deadly dagger-sharp teeth.
“Fools!” roared Koroke, chief of Gods,” I give you gifts and this is how you repay me?!” His massive viper body slithered into the clearing. The deadly toxic barb on the end of his tail thudded dangerously, making Basilisk‘s look like a mere toy in comparison. Koroke’s ebony scales gleamed in the evening light. His great feathered wings spread up over his head as he glared down at the cowering creatures. “You must be punished for your insolence!” he cried. He turned towards Squirrel and scrutinized her with his deep grey eyes.” As punishment, the Three Forgotten Tongues shall be lost to your kind,” he growled Squirrel gasped in horror, she had set off to help her kind and now she had taken away the knowledge of the most ancient languages. Koroke tilted his head towards Dwarf. “And you. Think you are mocked for being short? How about now?” With a gasp, Dwarf blinked and realized he was only knee high, then with an even deeper regret, he also realized he had brought this curse upon his entire species as well. Finally, he called Basilisk forward. Basilisk stared at his claws in shame, though his emerald scales still glittered vibrantly. “I am most disappointed in you,” rumbled Koroke. Of you three, I had thought you had had the most potential. I fear I was wrong.”
Koroke sat for a moment, contemplating while Basilisk morosely awaited the God’s judgment. He stared intensely at Basilisk. “From now on, you will become so hideous that a mere glance at you shall turn even the bravest to stone.” And it was done. Basilisk fled, yelping, repulsed by his own appearance and consumed by a horrible, burning shame.
Squirrel and the diminutive Dwarf were hot on his heels. From that day forward, the races never asked for more than what was given to them again.

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That night,his friends looked at him with an odd mix of fear and reverence. Aokk felt alone and scared. Why had he lost control of himself like that? And who was this "Know-No-More"?
They had camped by near a forest a little ways off from the river. After the loss of their raft,there was no point in staying near it.
Aokk crawled over to Dykan,"Do you know who this "Know-No-More is?"
Dykan shook his head,"No. I have no idea what those things were talking about. By the way,have you ever fought before?"
Aokk shook his head,"Never before. Today . . .I don't know what came over me. . .Makaians have always been peaceful. It was so strange. I just wanted to deystroy them!"
Dykan cocked his head."Peculiar,"he said at last,"Very peculiar. Maybe this has something to do with the Know-No-More?"
Aokk closed his eyes,overwhelmed,"All I know is that I never ever want that to happen again!" Then he lay down and closed his eyes,angry for some reason.
"Never again," murmered Dykan,drifting to sleep.
"Never again," said Aokk firmly.


Aokk awoke with a start. A drawn out, piercing cry echoed through the woods they were camped next to. Aokk jumped to his feet,rousing the others.
"First the Glyriax,now this?" grumbled Zachatahl,getting to his feet,"Are you sure we should go into the forest?"
"But somebeast could be in danger!" cried Aokk.
"Don't say I didn't warn you," muttered the hippogriff. The companions burst into the forest,following the sound of the cry. They walked for two kahalains(hours), traveling deeper and deeper into the wood.
"There's nothing here!" Taen finally exclaimed in exasperation. But Aokk was not listening. His eyes were glued to the sight ahead.
A circle of stones,some collapsed or broken, stoood in a clearing, bathed in silver moonlight. The stone was mottled gray and overgrown with vines and scarlett flowers that stratched out there petals to the eerie rays of the moon.
Aokk walked, as if in a trance, into their midst. A tall,raven haired women, dressed in flowing white robes stood there. Her face was unusually pale and her eyes were a bottomless gray,yet she was very beautiful. Then she smiled,revealing a mouthful of jagged teeth. She let out one more piercing cry and dissapeared.
"A banshee," Dykan muttered. The others did not approach, this was Aokk's destiny,not their's.
The stones,one by one, began to glow a mossy green. A creaky voice echoed in Aokk's head.

Hullo, Aokk Know-No-More.

Aokk answered, surprising himself,"Who are you?"

I am the Essence of all things. I am the Creator. I am the Giant Turtle. I am the earth benaeath your claws. I am Svantor.

"The god,Svantor?"


"Who is the Know-No-More?"


"What am I supposed to do?!" he cried.

Recover the Cinder Stone.

"That's what I'm doing!"


"I didn't ask to become the Know-No-More! I don't even know what it is!"

The Know-No-More is a legendary warrior decended from Koroke.

"I'm a Makaian!"

Maybe this will explain:

When Svantor created the world, Koroke knew she would need brave warriors to protect it. She selected one from each Race:Dragon,Mythic,Animal,and Hominid and gave them her essence. Since she is the Goddess of Death, those warriors became known as the Know-No-Mores. Everytime one Know-No-More dies,she chooses another creature from the Race it was,not neccasarily the same species. The Know-No-More of the Mythics has died. Now his succesor is you.

Aokk's mind reeled. Him? A legendary warrior? No,it couldn't be!

Svantor continued,If you are to retrieve the Cinder Stone and stop the war, you must gather the other Know-No-Mores to stand with you. One from the Hominid, one from the Animals, and one from the mighty dragons. Sacrafices must be made if you are to save the world.


Shortly after Aokk left the forest, seven petals dropped from a crimson flower. They looked like drops of blood upon the autumn grass. Exactly like blood.

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F.J. Hansen (fjhansen) | 5 comments I wrote this mainly as an experiment. The experiment being to write a story as if one of my dragons (from a series of novels I'm working on, which are not in first person) were telling it.

Also, at the time, inspired by the first two minutes or so of the Disney movie, Dinosaur, I was wondering what it would be like to hatch from an egg. And so, I wrote this:


"Wall Between Worlds"

I RECALL upon a time. A time long before we knew of you Humans, or the existence of life Beyond our world. A time in which I knew of no others. A time before I broke into this world…

In that old world, darkness reigned—a darkness that was darker than would be a starless sky. There was silence, as well, save for the quick thumping of my heart, echoed by four other thumpings, just as quick. And, above them all, a distant, stronger thumping. I seemed to float in that world, in an envelope of warmth and comfort.

That world, however, did not remain dark for long. Faint outlines of shadows soon appeared on the wall that enclosed me. There was no thought in my mind wondering about those shadows. Neither a thought nor a dream occurred to me at that time as to what was beyond that wall, or that there even existed something beyond that wall. This was my world—the world. And it ended at that wall. I was its sole occupant.

There were other things, though, that I began to notice in time. Things that were attached to me. They twitched—four legs, my tail—in a reflexive test movement. I began to hear voices. I understood not what they were saying, but the comfort that accompanied the voices rivaled that which enveloped me in this world. A gentle croon rumbled against my world, the soothing vibrations rippled around me. I tried to call back, resulting in a sharp peep.

One of the voices said something. Just as before, I understood not what it said. I did, however, understand the ever-so-soft cushion of love that swept over me. I basked in it as I went to sleep.


The world soon became too small for me. I became cramped against the wall, my head pressing against it, trying to make my world bigger. I struggled even as I heard within my mind those same voices as before, accompanied by those same feelings of comfort and affection. Encouraged by those voices, I continued to struggle against the wall until a sudden crack exploded around me and my head pushed through.

From that first break, what remained of the wall followed—the wall that had been the limit of my world—shattering around me. I was released onto something warm and soft. I squinted against the sudden brightness in an effort to take in my new surroundings. I hardly knew where to look first. The warm-glowing and sand-carpeted nest, the ragged stone walls with certain areas providing light. Having accepted that old wall to be the extent of the world, with neither a thought nor a dream of what laid beyond, I was overwhelmed at the sudden revelation that there existed a much larger world. I looked down, confirming with the sight of the fragments of my old world that I had indeed broken out.

I turned my head about from where I laid on my belly, wings too small to fly glistening in the light drooped to the sides. I found four others like me around the chamber. Two of the others lay together while the other two were busy munching on the old walls of their own worlds.

Then, I heard the voice again—the same as I had heard from within my old world. I still could not understand what the voice was saying. Except for the last word: “Varthikes.” I simply knew it was my name.

From my clutchmates I raised my eyes to see two much larger versions of the others. The voice spoke again as they looked down at me through glowing, golden eyes. And, from those eyes poured forth the same soft feelings of comfort and affection as had I felt from within my world.

I chirped in reply, and sent back my love and security. Just as I had recognized my name, I knew these two were my virsem—my “parents.”

As a second voice spoke, I became aware of an ache in my stomach. I was hungry, and I was now cut off from the continual nourishment I had received from within my world. I found on the nesting sand the fragments of the wall of my old world. I pounced on them and devoured them. I used my small teeth for the first time to break the larger fragments into manageable pieces, moving my flexible tongue to transfer the pieces to my throat, which stimulated the muscles there to greedily send the pieces down to my begging stomach.

Soon, all the sizable fragments were gone, and I was exhausted now from the efforts and excitement of breaking out of my old world. I gathered myself with my four clutchmates. Resting my head on my forearms, I closed my eyes and slept for the first time in this new world.

I would, in the cycles to follow my hatching, discover just how much bigger was this new world than my old world. So much bigger, and so many others like me. I would learn also of the abundance of life that shared this world. A wall of its own I would discover this world to have. And, like the one that had enveloped my old world, this wall would also one sunrise—one day—be breached.

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