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message 1: by Gouldma (new)

Gouldma | 2 comments I have come across a few sites on the internet that have short stories in audio. One site in particular, has stories all less than an hour. I found another site that has stories, novelettes actually, that are touted as one-hour audios,

The concept of a one-hour audio seems great for commuting. My commute isn't that long but I did order one of their CDs, Mumbly Peg by Jack Bates, and I thought it was good. Great entertainment for doing housework!

message 2: by John, Moderator (new)

John | 4377 comments I've ripped several volumes of the series Selected Shorts from CD to mp3 over the years, keeping each story as a separate file. Perfect for times when I want something an hour or less that's complete in itself.

message 3: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gael | 168 comments I also listen to books from podiobooks, which are serialised in short sections, ideal for shorter commutes, etc.

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