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message 1: by Master_chief (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:01PM) (new)

Master_chief chief | 1 comments in order to be in this group,you need to change your file into a famous can't make a bunch of files on this group because it just takes up names of famous people. the only files i have on this are the master chief,lil jake,and runescape which i made yesterday when i saw some nerd avidly playing it.boy was it funny.

message 2: by Fred (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Fred | 1 comments my snowman is famous

message 3: by katie (new)

katie | 2 comments I am famous, havent you seen my face?

message 4: by Dr. Evil (new)

Dr. Evil (jake) | 2 comments Mod
how can we see your face when there's a sunset blocking the view.

message 5: by katie (new)

katie | 2 comments the sunset is my face!!! bright and beautiful

message 6: by Ken (new)

Ken | 1 comments you guys know there is an austin power group that has 64 people in it u should join that one

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