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The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce, #1)
Flavia de Luce TV series

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message 1: by Alan (new)

Alan Bradley | 37 comments Mod
Flavia's fans will be happy to know that the Flavia de Luce mystery series have been optioned by director Sam (American Beauty) Mendes.

Details may be viewed at:


and at:


message 2: by Dee (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dee | 1 comments Congratulations! Your fans are sure to be anticipating this series and wondering who will be chosen to play the irrepressible Flavia.

message 3: by Nadine (new)

Nadine | 2 comments I'll definitely want to catch these movies, and I'd love to know who they'll pick for actors.

Saundra Pitt (sdaunsra) | 1 comments This is FANTASTIC!! As someone who teaches 11 yr olds I consider her a breath of fresh air! (Sam Mendes is pretty awesome too!)

message 5: by Alan (new)

Alan Bradley | 37 comments Mod
Saundra wrote: "This is FANTASTIC!! As someone who teaches 11 yr olds I consider her a breath of fresh air! (Sam Mendes is pretty awesome too!)"

Thanks, Saundra. Your kind words are much appreciated!

Alan Bradley

Rebecca (rebecca5) | 1 comments I'm thrilled to hear of a possible tv mystery series! I teach fifth grade and LOVE Flavia's vast knowledge of chemistry and the way she uses her beloved lab to reek revenge on her sisters and solve murders. This is a perfect way to create intrigue in the field of science!

message 7: by Alan (new)

Alan Bradley | 37 comments Mod
Hi, Rebecca,

I think it must have been my fifth grade teacher who fanned the flames of curiosity.

Even sixty-five years later, I still remember verbatim, her instructions at the beginning of the school year:

"I have one piece of advice for you. Don't toss your cookies."

You're free to pass this bit of wisdom along if you wish.

Warmest regards,

Alan Bradley

J.S. Terry wrote: "And what a cliffhanger!!!"

No kidding! I got an advance copy and finished it back in early December and had no one to talk about it with! Can't wait for the next book.


Betty | 1 comments I just 'discovered' Flavia last fall and have loved reading all of the books, including the just released '... Fine and Private Place.' I think it would be a difficult task to produce a TV series that does justice to the books. I would sure love to see someone with imagination and respect for the integrity of the original source try it. My fear would be that Flavia would become a 17 year-old ingenue and the amazing Dogger would be transformed into her well-meaning but clumsy boyfriend/sidekick. Any news on this?

P.S. - kudos to Mr. Bradley for having the good taste to settle on the Isle of Man.

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