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A few years ago I found myself without a job. I had worked in retail management for over a decade, it was all I had known. The economy wasn't forgiving and, unfortunately, I was unable to find another position.
After several months of looking for work, my 86 year old grandmother received news that she had stage 3 cancer. She was still independent and lived on her own, but she was afraid that her chemotherapy treatments (five times a week) would leave her weakened and in need of transportation assistance and household help. Since she had known of my predicament, I was the first one she called. In exchange for driving her to doctor's appointments, cleaning her house, and cooking her meals for her, she would help me with my bills so that I could pay the bills.
If I had thought the months of chemotherapy were hard on her, that was nothing compared to the surgery. The anesthesia had severely affected her memory and cognition. Being in a bed for a week due to slow recovery (and falling out of her hospital bed) left her unable to walk. She spent two months in the hospital before she was transferred to a nursing home, to continue with intensive physical therapy. Three months, that's how long she stayed.
When I brought her back home, she was a different person. Her slight memory problems seemed to turn into flat-out dementia. She would refuse to eat or take her medications at time. Even though she raised since I was three years old, she forgot my name.
One day I went to the grocery store to pick up some items while she was watching television. When I got back, I found that she had tried to shower and fell in the bathtub. She was hurt and embarrassed. A few days after that, she woke up one morning and couldn't sit up. I called the 911 and she went to the hospital. She had had a stroke which impaired her speech in addition to giving her more physical impairments.
After several months, another stroke, a heart attack and a couple of falls, I knew I had to make a decision. I realized that I was unable to take care of her alone. I reached out to more family for help taking care of her. Nothing but excuses were given as to why they couldn’t or wouldn’t help. About a week later, my mom stepped into the picture. She moved my grandmother to where she lived, a few towns over and she hired nursing assistants to help out.
With my grandmother being looked after by my mother, I had nothing to do, and now no job. That is when I decided to go back to college and pursue my degree in creative writing, something I never had considered as a career choice (even though I’ve written stories since I was a child). My parents taught me to get a job, one that is guaranteed a paycheck...I was never told to pursue my dreams, or to find a job that I love.
When I lost my retail management job, I was terrified I would end up homeless. Instead, I found myself in a position where I could take care of the woman who had raised me. Losing my job meant I was able to help my grandmother through one of the hardest times in her life. The job loss also led me to pursuing something I had only dreamed about.
If it wasn’t for losing something that I thought was precious, a job, I learned that I can take the chance and go after something more important, my dreams.

Ashley Merideth Awesome that you came out the other side!
May 20, 2012 06:28PM

I ended up at Goodreads!

During one year of unemployment I decided to pursue my long-lost passion for writing and, eighteen months later, my novel—ONE HIT WONDER—is coming out June 4th.

Lollyletsgo WOW, that is so fantastic! I sincerely wish you all the best in your writing career! Amazing!
May 19, 2012 09:45PM

Goodreads wrote: "Click here to return to the One For the Money DVD Challenge"

I went back to school to become a HS Librarian. My dream job.

i spent 15 years working for an insurance company, due to our jobs being sent overseas, i had to find another job. Now i work for a hospital system, billing insurance companies. my previous experience has helped me get bills paid quickly for our patients since i know the ins and outs of insurance red tape.

I didn't get a job that I thought I really wanted but then an even better job opened up where I am now and I love it! Sometimes life takes a path you don't expect and patience is rewarded.

Was jobless for too long but to keep from the pit of despair I used all that time to learn new things, try new things, read new things (I also discovered Goodreads during that time). Thing is, I didn't have a lot to lose so I really went for some things I'd always wanted. I entered competitions I'd have never tried before. And I ended up finding some real peace about myself. I much prefer now where I have stability, health insurance and a paycheck, but the time off was not wasted.

Taught preschool for 13 years... was in need of a change! Not so much because of the kids (which, let's face it... some of 'em are little hellions!) but more because of some of the people I worked with and then some of the parents too. Took me a while, but I finally landed a job that I'd really wanted, although I didn't realize how much at the time. My silver lining: I've worked in a public library now for 12 years, and absolutely LOVE it!! I am also a bona-fide book "addict", and have been since I was a kid.... So I am now surrounded, at work and at home, by one of the things I LOVE most: BOOKS!!

I was laid off from my day job back in 2011. Although it hasn't been easy making ends meet, I've been able to focus on my writing. I've not only completed my third novel, but also several short stories, and started work on a new series beside!

I was hired for a temporary, 6 month position, which actually turned into a 6 year job. However, when it was over it was over. I went searching for a new job and am happy to stay I found a home with my current job, and in November will have been with the company for 18 years! Oh - and the company I worked for before - bankrupt! The company they were working for - shut down! The company I'm with now? Top three in its field - internationally! Now THAT's a silver lining!

I lost my (horrible but well paying) job, thought my life was over, but was able to spend nearly a year at home with my kids. I cranked out a couple of books and then found a WONDERFUL job that I could actually enjoy.Life is much better when you don't hate the place you work!

In the spring of 2006 I got my master's degree in Social Work and fully planned on going into that field. I applied for a job in the area where I planned on moving (where my parents were planning to retire also where my grandparents lived) and got an interview. I didn't get the job and was looking for something and noticed a job opening with the local library system and I applied. I ended up getting that job and really rediscovered the love I had for books and reading that I had as a child before school required reading dulled the passion. Now it's five years later and I'm still with the library and have no plans to go back to the social work.

Abenet (last edited May 14, 2012 10:32AM ) May 11, 2012 06:56PM   5 votes
If it wasn't for being laid-off from my last job, I would not have found Goodreads!

I might have lost my job at a restaurant, but it only motivated me to go to a university & better my education.

Not including today, I have 32 hours of work left before I retire. Been working at this job for almost 24 years. Looking forward to new beginnings and just sleeping in!

I went from working at for a large company to a smaller family oriented one. It has been so much better.

After re-locating back to my hometown, the merchandising work I had been doing for several years wasn't enough to cover the gas I to pay to cover a larger more rural area. Shortly after deciding to stop merchandising, an part-time opening became available at a local library. I'm now employed at a job I love full-time with benefits... and less than 20 miles from home!

Lost a job that I thought was perfect for me. Found a better one closer to home, full time, better pay and experience that got me into the school I needed to graduate. it was so hard and frustrating, but looking back I see what a blessing it was!

Several jobs (and years) ago, I got laid-off after about two years at a radio station. There was so much stress on who was getting the axe next, and when. I didn't realize it until the afternoon I was canned.

The morning after the layoff, it felt like a humongous anchor was lifted off of me! I was so relieved to get away from a stressful job and environment.

I was working in the ER on a short contract, 6 months, I wasn't sure if another one would follow and a job in Case Management came up. I had not done that but with encouragement from my friends took it.
I have been doing it for 7 years and I love it! Sometimes the right job falls into your lap!!

Worked for a govt. contractor for many years and, as a Virgo (think, a little ADHD, a little OCD, a lot motivated), I tended to get my work done quickly and well leaving me with extra time. Had an ex-military manager who apparently only saw that I was making work, not what I'd done. This led me to an outdoor job with a bunch of good ol boys who took me under their wings, but also some serious health issues caused by allergies & migraines I didn't know I had, which led to the same manager setting me up for supposedly random drug testing (which always turned up negative b/c I don't do drugs), which led me to HR where, during a discussion with the head of HR, I mentioned the multiple drug testings which led to said manager getting into some trouble, by which time I had found an offer for a job as an editor. All the mess with the one manager pushed me to take that leap of faith which led to my applying for and getting the job, which boosted both my salary and my seriously mangled self-confidence. Before my last day at the old job? I had the satisfaction of having the manager who'd been such an ass, come to me and say he hadn't realized how much work I had been doing. You see, when he moved me into the other job? He hired in a pretty little thing who didn't have a lick of sense and not much of a work ethic. The old boss learned that you can't always judge a book by its cover and I learned that I need to stand up for myself and listen to my instincts. When a door closes, a window opens--even if just a crack--and you have to recognize those window-open-opportunities and be willing to take that leap of faith--or be fortunate enough to have a manager bad enough to give you a shove toward that window....

I went back to school

I started working at a hardware store right after high school while going to the community college at night. It was awful. I was one of the only two females that worked there. I was 18 and the other was 65. I had to help construction workers/ men working on their own houses all while ignoring the hit ons and come ons daily. I had to learn about building, plumbing, wiring and painting. Which was a great learning experience. I got a part time job at the community college in the admissions office which was great because it was all women, no come ons the only problem was I live in the south and that whole summer their Air Conditioner was broken :/ So now I start a new job Monday at a clothing store. I'm still going to school to be a therapist. Slowly but surely I'm going to get there! :)

I worked for a company where I was a temporary worker, but was in line for a permanent position. My boyfriend and I decided one night it would be an awesome idea to die my hair blue. I didn't get terminated for having blue hair, but for causing an uproar that I wasn't allowed to keep my hair blue. I learned that I'm a natural born leader, without a way to pay the rent. Live and learn.

I am voting for you! I am in the same predicament. I stayed home to raise the three children for fourteen years. Once my 'baby' was old enough, I decided to return to the work force. I quickly found a position as a home health care provider and went to classes to receive my CNA certification as well as all the required first aid/CPR certifications. For the position I was doing, I also needed to get my QMAP. I did all these things quickly after returning to work. The decision to return happened at a very good time, because my husband was layed off only a month after I began my new job.
After working in this position for a year or so, I realized that now the children were older, maybe I could make some dreams come true now. I enrolled in classes to get a science degree. (Which I am still working on at the age of 40 and almost finished). My new position is still in the making... :)

I lost my job due to an injury and ended up with a whole new career :)

A company I had worked at as a manager for 4 years closed their doors, they didn't give the staff any notice. I was 3 months pregnant at the time and thought nobody would hire me. I spent only two weeks looking for a job and finally I received a call back from one. I went to work at a retirement home and fell in love with the clients and my job. It was like having a house of grandparents all the time.

They phased out a job I loved that I was at for four years - but I went back to school and ended up getting a job with better pay and closer to home!

I lost a teaching job I'd had for 18 years, because I didnt speak spanish. I chose to stay home and help raise my grandson. I think I made out better in the long run.

I spent 25 years in newspapers and was "restructured" out of a position. Best thing that ever happened. Now I am in a stable industry (utilities) and love that this old dog is learning some new tricks.

I did not lose a job or change careers but did move to a different state where I met my husband

I worked as a nursing assistant for two years, I am currently enrolled in college as a nursing student; however, I believe I have found my calling as a music therapist. Still in the medical field, but I'll be helping people and working with music (which is my passion) :)

Oddly, my succeeding at writing resulted in me developing my second (and parallel) career as a composer, with the latter having occupied more time over the years.

Goodreads wrote: "Click here to return to the One For the Money DVD Challenge"

If I had never gotten into that disagreement with my boss, I would have never had my daughter. I would have still lived at home with my parents at 27, wasting my money on booze & at the clubs, I wouldn't have "grown up" & I wouldn't be with the person I am with today. I wouldn't have been lucky enough to rent the house we're renting, or find my calling. My mind would have been stuck on serving coffee for the rest of my life. If it wasn't for that day, (Oct 5, 2008) I would not be enrolled in school to become certified as a veterinary assist. A huge thank you to that man who insisted on having me fired. My life is better & he is still stuck at a job he hates.

My first job was seasonal and it sucked! But I learned what I didn't like from it, which was a blessing in disguise.

I met my husband!

I went back to school to get my Master of Arts in Teaching and moved across the country to an area I adore. :-)

After raising 3 sons my hubby came up with this grand idea that I should pursue my college degree. After researching what I finally wanted to be when I grew up I chose the profession of BSHI I have a love of being in hospitals just not having to interact with patients, so I have a love for computers and making sure they are maintained correctly and am also a great office manager, so I found a career niche just for me and I cannot wait to get started. Been geyting the degree online and its has its ups and downs but I an learning and re-learning things that will propel me into my dream job. I finally feel like I am doing something for myself and being able to help others it a great boost.

I was laid off 6 months ago and I'm still waiting for my silver lining!

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Since my husband is Active Duty and we move often, I am frequently searching for a job. When the economy was good, finding a job within my field of choice (libraries) was relatively easy. Now I am finding it more difficult without an MLS. Because of this, I have decided to jump in with both feet and pursue a Master’s degree so transitions between bases will be less stressful.

I left my last position 8 years ago to become a stay at home mother. Best decision I've ever made and I haven't looked back! Sometimes it's a bit stressful being a one-income household but I get to see my children's beautiful faces everyday and it's something I'll always cherish!!!

I have been able to finish my first novel and hope to have it published some time in June.

I started a 20 year career in the criminal justice field.

After 11 years in a factory job. I was about to lose my job because I couldn't keep up with production. I heard about a job at the local police dept, giving parking tickets.. whoo how fun would that be. I was very happy when I got the job. I am now doing payroll for the police dept and plan on being here for 30 more years!

I was recently laid off from a government job that I had hoped to be at forever, and needless to say, I was crushed. But with the time off, I was able to catch up on so much I had been putting off, try new things, and most important, spend time with my daughter and husband at home. Now, I have re-entered the work arena, and I love my new job working for a nonprofit!! God saw me through to the end! :D

My husband was laid off when I was 8 months pregnant which started my 6 year string of jobs from church custodian to fraud specialist to pharmacy technician, in order to get health insurance and pay the mortgage.

When I landed at the pharmacy I learned I had a growing interest in healthcare and ended up back in college at age 37. For the last 7 years I've been working in doctor offices and loving it.

I spent seven years in a big box hardware story, I was in the process of getting a gastric surgery approved by my employer when I was let go( I failed to scan a metal dowelrod on a massive blue chart that was stacked full of pipes,wooden boards and other repair related products), after six months out of work and my sister connecting me to someone on the inside I got a job in the Mortgage Banking Industry;eight years later I have a great job, and even got my gastric surgery before the company stopped approving them, now I'm slowly losing my excess weight, no more weekends or holidays, and overtime is my choice not mandatory. God bless those cheese buckets for letting me go!

I work at a library, a clean spotless air-conditioned, book-overloaded one with nice patrons and employees, and i make more than some of my friends working at McD'S..and im only 15 and have $6000 saved up from working for 10 months.that's a silver lining ;D

I got a better least pay wise

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