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It's a good-sized mall; there are many stores and a food court if one wishes to eat.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian sat at a small round table at starbucks, running a finger around the rim of his cup. He was, also, in his own little word. Unmoving, muted...his head was tipped a bit. His eyes followed a girl as she passed but he didnt move even a bit.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian sighed inwardly and dropped his eyes to the sleek beige of the table in front of him. For a moment he considered getting to his feet, but not having anywhere else to be deicded against it and stayed put.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian didnt look at her though he longed to talk to people his age. He always had this problem when he was around people close to his age, if not the same age. Just becuase of what happened. Slowly he sunk deeper into the chair, like a small cihld trying not to be seen.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer smiled as she went shopping with her little brother, telling him she'd spend the day out with him. Her mum and dad had gone out to work and she was taking care of him. She smiled as she passed loads of shops. "What do you wanna do?" She asked him. "Cake!" He yelled running over to a coffee shop that had a huge chocolate cake in it. "No you'll ounce off the walls for days if you eat that cheeky monkey."

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Mal (Malxox) ((@Hannah: Two people who hardley speak, this'll be quite a rp xD))

Ian furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at her, almost managing to open his mouth and speak. But instead he clamped it shut and pulled himself up so he didnt look ridiculous sitting across from her. His eyes surveyed her up and down before landing on her face. His confused, wondering...

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Mal (Malxox) Ian leaned forward a bit, resting his elbows on the tables and curling his hands together. He was more curious than anything at this moment. He wondered why she'd decided to sit with him? Was she ever going to talk? Why wasnt she looking at him? He glanced at what she was a moment, but again said nothing.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer's little brother Nicolas was bouncing up and down practically drooling. "Please! Please! Please!" He begged. She couldn't resist his cute face and groaned. "Fine but no dessert tonight." She pointed out. "Aww! No fair! Thats the best bit!" He whined. "Its cake now or later?" She said. He gave a long hard 5 second thought to her question. "Now!" He bounced. "Ok fine." She said walking him in asking the lady at the counter for a slice and two forks and a latte for herself. She was going to need the caffeine. She walked her brother over to a table and let him sit and eat, sipping her coffee as she watched him dig in.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian watched as her lips raised a bit on her face and narrowed his eyes almost triumphly, as if he'd got her to smile instead of whatever the hell had. His ocean blues slithered over to look at the girl and the little boy, not exactly stubborn as the girl across from him, just inresponsive.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer sighed as she relaxed back in her chair, looking around at the group of people she didn't know at all but hopefully would know at some point. She wanted this place to be like a second home to her, hopefully. She laughed lightly as her brother got chocolate all over himself, reaching over and whipping her brothers face, gasping as latte spilt all over the floor. "Crap!" She hissed.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian got up from his seat, the chair legs scraping the tiles below them. His eyes peered down at hers as his fingertips rested easily on the table's surface. He wiped the smile off his face and just looked at her a minute, picking up his cup and walking away to toss it into the trash. A few moments of glancing between both Summer and Kyla he sat back down, but didnt pull his chair in. He caught her eyes looking at the his arm and knew then his tattoo must be showing. Slowly he reached over and curled his sleeve up so she could see it.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer got up and grabbed a lot of napkins and mopped up what was left of her latte. She sighed as her brother kept at the cake. "You are the messiest eater I know." She said, chuckling. She threw the napkins in the trash and sat back down, huffing. She looked around catching the eye of some people, feeling a little embarrassed.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian smothered a laugh, it'd been awhile since he'd managed to have a conversation without actually speaking to people. But he was used to the questions that eyes posed seeing the tattoo embrodered onto his arm. "...I was a troubled kid." Am a troubled kid. he corrected mentally, but decided not to say it aloud. Besides his voice was already soft as his eyes flickered away to look at Summer, whom seemed to be struggiling to contain her younger sibling.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer laughed as her brother put some chocolate on her nose, seeing an old lady tsk her. Nicolas laughed as well. He adored his big sister. She whipped the chocolate off her nose and licked her finger. "Not funny mister." She said ruffling his hair.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian narrowed his eyes for no reason and tugged his sleeve back down, far enough that she couldnt see any hint of the tattoo this time around and sighed. Ya caught that, huh? Her rested his arms around the table and linked his fingers together, "Yeah." he muttered.

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Mal (Malxox) "Who said I had to?" he asked under his breath, staring at the table. "..You don't have to talk to me." he said, seeing her in the corner of his eyes looking over at Summer and the small boy. Honestly he didnt really mind if she wanted to leave. She'd have a better shot talking to that girl than she ever would. Sure he spoke a bit, but he was cloaked when doing so.

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Mal (Malxox) "You have a tattoo?" he rose his eyes as well as his eyebrows up to look at her. What was she talking about? They had nothing in common. He highly doubted she got expelled becuase she stabbed a guy in her biology class.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer managed to get her brother to settle down and whipped him clean and let him finish his cake. She smiled and paid the lady, before getting up and grabbing her bag.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Zoe spun her straw through her strawberry milkshake listening to the conversation that was transpiring between the two near her. Obviously, they were both smart-no-intellectual people, but that was clouding the one from understanding the other and vice-versa. They seemed to be trying to figure each other out, but were trying to hard.

A girl she'd seen around before -Summer- and her younger brother -Nickolas- began to leave, so her almond-colored eyes flicked upwards. She took the momentary distraction to survey the two next to her, the snapped her head back down and continued to stare at her drawing of a Mutt. It was fairly good actually, but she decided to start on the background, so she picked up her pencil and began sketching the lines nessecary.

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Boo McGee (Phoebus) | 40 comments Jamie enters the cafe shop, briefly looking over the room as he walks towards the counter. A boy and girl sitting across from each other, each with the same determination to act as if they didn't exist. A young girl with her hyperactive little brother. Then finally another girl who was staring at a piece of paper, continuously adding "scribbles" onto it via her pencil.

Turning to the one of the workers at the counter,"I'd like some tea, any type doesn't matter much top me. Oh, and make it quick..." he looked back towards the people for a moment"please"

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) He was behind her, but Zoe perked her ears slightly to listen to another person who she only knew by name, Jamie. No, she didn't think thta it was creepy that she knew everyone, she just worked in the shadows and knew a lot of people, who didn't know her.

This was Jamie. Aloof, feminine (but not gay) rambunctious and free. She's drawn his left eye once, but scrapped it into her buldging portfolio because she knew what happened if she finished a drawing of someone.

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Boo McGee (Phoebus) | 40 comments Jamie took his order and sat down at an empty table, close to the door, but away from the others for the most part(more peaceful that way). Jamie looked out the window at the people passing by; families, couples, hoards of friends, and loners. Taking a sip from his tea Jamie ventured his thoughts toward inside of the cafe. I wander if any of these people go to Edison Davis High School? When I got to school tomorrow I'd have to meet them all...

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Zoe looked over at Jamie and studied his face. Maybe he'd be someone worth drawing in whole? Maybe Jamie was different?

Now stop that you useless twat. He doesn't know you idiot and it's CREEPY the way you operate! she told herself dragging her penicl lightly in circular motions. I really need to just kill myself sometime soon. I'm a freak, I can't take this anymore. I'll do it. I'll really- No...no I won't. It'd be awful what if Roman found you? Or your MOTHER? How would you even do it? You're to much of a coward anyways, just live your misrible life....

You should stop abusing yourself., the voice of her oldest brother echoed in her ears,

Zoe frowned and looked at her milkshake, and how the whipped cream was now in a cricle from her straw-spinning. She became momentarily distracted from her thoughts and flipped to a new page, her eyes locked with the cloudy object and began sketching furiously, not taking her eyes off the cream

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Boo McGee (Phoebus) | 40 comments Jamie saw Zoe frowning at her milkshake, as if it went bad before they gave it to her...or something. Guess it must have motivated her, for she seemed to attack her paper with new ferocity.

Jamie had a right to be nervous about high school. For one, who wasn't nervous about high school? According to the mainstream just about every teenager equally dreaded and adored their first days. Then there was the small fact that he has barely ever actually spent time with people, boys in particular, his own age outside his family. He wasn't sure his family classified as "people", no they(we) are to...er...eccentric to be that. Finally there was his biggest issue, he was worried on what they might think of his, lets just say "non-manly" sports? They would probably think he was a weirdo, or even girly...

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Zoe pushed some stray hair frown her face and sighed contently at the softly-shaded drawing. She let a smile twitch at the corner of her lips on the right side and closed the book, slipping it in her plain canvas shoulder bag, along with her penicls and markers. Next, she ripped the bobber from her hair and then tied off the slate-brown locks once again in a low pony tail with her bangs pulled away from her face for once.

She grabbed the starberry smoothness and sucked it up through the straw, letting it pass right over her tounge. She wasn't excited about tomarrow, she personally thought she wasn't going to be pretty enough, she though she was too fat though she knew she was fine. They would make fun of her short nails with cat stickers on them, they would beat her up, do awful things to her. She knew because they always had.

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Boo McGee (Phoebus) | 40 comments Jamie finished his cup of tea, placing it back down on the table. Quietly, he got up and left as if he was never there in the first place, and not much had changed since he got there. Jamie had classes to take at the studio.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Zoe watched him leave and half wondered where he was going, then mentally slapped herself for being snoopy. She closed her eyes as she finished her milkshake, the mental image of her face turned and her cheek turning bright red with a furious and agitated handprint. Zoe shook herself from the illusion and rose, grabbing the empty cup abd slamming it into the trash can as she left.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) Summer leaves the coffee shope with her little brother, saying thank you to the girl at the counter seeing some cute guys around. She weeny on to do some shopping and stopping to watch some performers play some up beat music, dancing around with her brother having a ball.

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Mal (Malxox) "Thank you for pretending to be interested." he muttered, crossing his arms as he reached over to run his hand over the tattoo under his sleeve, sighing under his breath. Parents. Man he wished he had parents still. He sucked in his bottom lip and bit down on it softly.

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Mal (Malxox) Ian found her eyes and dropped his with a sigh to himself, crossed his arms on the table and laying his cheek down on them, just staring off at the wall to his right across the room. He wasnt used to people really talking to him, nor was he used to them making him feel like he had somekind of normal life. Or some little part of his life was normal. Yeah they asked about the tattoo, but he usually just shrugged it off.

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Mal (Malxox) ((Maybe they can meet some other time xD))

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Mal (Malxox) ((Nope. She said she wasn't going to because it wasn't a costal city :/))

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Mal (Malxox) ((Ik :( But sure, anywhere in mind? :) ))

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) (http://weheartit.com/entry/28338715 This is her outfit)

Annabelle always hated being the new girl in town, but this was a much better option than the town she had just left. This mall was smaller than the ones she was used to, but it definitely rocked. Slowly, she made her way around to the stores, looking for school clothes and supplies. Her feet carry her, as if by thier own will, to the bookstore. Her favorite escape.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James was fed up of walking around, going shopping with his mother. He drifted away, quickly darting into a bookstore leaving her to her babbling. He hid behind a book shelf and watched as she looked for him. He'd at least get an hour to himself and she'd never think of looking for him here. He decided to explore a few books, maybe some magazines.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) Annabelle giggled a bit as she say a guy duck into the bookstore to avoid shopping with his mother. Quickly covering her mouth, she darted to the opposite end of the store, trying to avoid talking to anyone. The smell of books filled her nostrils, comforting her. Grabbing a book that seemed interesting, she went and sat in a plush green chair and started to read.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James heard a musical giggle and looked around but some no one. He frowned wondering if he'd been imagining it. He shook the thought away and went off, walking down different isles of books, seeing romances, si fi's, actions...he sighed and kept going. He wanted a good book. He found one he thought he might like and decided to try out the first few pages to see if it caught his attention.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) After the first few pages, Annabelle sighed heavily and slammed it shut. This book was a total piece of crap. If something didn't grab her attention right off the bat, she usually didn't read it. She got up and returned the book to where she found it and went in search of another. She made her way to the Young Adult section, running her fingertips across the spines.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James groaned as it started off with a rainy scene and girl and guy having to part. Yuck! Sickening. He stuffed the book back into its place before going down the young adult section hoping there would be something better down this isle. He looked the spines over and reached for a book at the same time as someone else, seeing a very captivating girl in his sight, wondering if he was hallucinating.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) Annabelle's hand grabbed for a book at the same time as someone else. She looked over and saw the guy escaping his mom. Blushing to a deep shade of red, she pulled her hand back and pushed a stray hair behind her hair. "Um...I'm sorry, go ahead you have it."

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James couldn't help but smile as he noticed her blush, the blush making her that much more adorable looking. He took his hand away and gestured to the book. "No its ok you have it." He said, smiling. "Are you new here?" He asked, curious.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) She reluctantly grabbed the book, scanning the back cover quickly. "Yeah, me and my brother just got here a few days ago. This is my first time out and about though." Her hands trembled and her heart raced, she wasn't used to talking to cute guys this casually.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James nodded, raising a brow. "Im surprised you haven't gone exploring, seeing as you seem to like adventures." He said, gesturing to the book. "So are you going to school here or are you just visiting?" He asked hoping she was staying.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) She blushed again, an odd feeling spread through her body. "Um...yeah, not so adventurous in real life I'm afraid, just in books." Her body swayed nervously, trying to figure out what to do with her body. "I start school next weeks."

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James chuckled. "Yeah most people just stick to adventures in the books, buts its more fun when you find one for real." He said, frowning slightly as she swayed. "Great, maybe we'll see each other..." He said trailing off. "Uh are you ok? You look a little pale..."

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) Annabelle didn't feel sick, just nervous. "Yeah, I know what you mean, books are a great escape." His eyes were sparkling down at her, filled with concern. "Um...yeah, I'm fine. I'm just...nervous." She bit her lip and looked away, back at the books on the shelf.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) ((Your there Caitlin?))

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James nodded and smiled slightly, still concerned. He was a little puzzled by her answer though wondering why she was nervous. "Why though...?" He asked looking around wondering if there was someone watching her or something.

The Reading Rainbow (Mrssmith88) She smiled to herself, still not wanting to look at his beautiful face. Her face turned red again, cringing at the idea of having to explain herself. "Um...because of you." She mumbled. This may seem silly to anyone else, but she didn't know how to act with guys.

Caitlin ❤Thing 5❤ (Moonflower3) James was genuinely surprised by her answer, one look at her and he thought she might be the type to have been around guys a lot of the time. "Me? If I'm bothering you I can go...." He offered. "I didn't mean to make you nervous honest, please don't be." He said reassuring her.

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