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May 2012: Gabriel's Ghost > Prejudices: Chapter 25-27 Discussion & Spoilers

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Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
Thread Note: Please try to keep this discussion limited to chapters 25-27. Later chapters can be discussed in their own thread, but if you have to mention something about a later chapter please be sure to mark it as a spoiler!


The Story Thus Far: Sully has probed his crew using Ren as a shield to protect his identity as a Ragkiril. We learn about higher level Ragkirils like Sully who are able to work through mental links and manipulate matter. The crew is not happy, Ren is virtually outcast and Sully drowns his sorrows for putting Ren in this position. Berri spouts off some fanatical nonsense about Ren. Chaz and Sully obtain a "deep link."


Lots to talk about here!

I feel terrible for Ren. I get that things would have been worse if Sully had admitted to what he can do, but I also think it was cowardly of him to use Ren as a scapegoat. Minus the obvious drama it ads to the story, I don't think it was really necessary. The crew wouldn't have given a second thought to Ilsa being on the ship and probably didn't even think to mention her in Sully's first questioning. Why not just ask them again normally now that he had information and leave mind probing as a later option.

In chapter 21 Sully mentions that the Stolorths want humans to believe that have cities full of Ragkiril as a fear tactic, and the Empire allows the exaggeration to persist because it helps to fuel their prejudices. I find it terrifying in it's own right that such a gross exaggeration can perpetuate such volatile feelings. It's interesting to see how these fears works themselves into the world and to see Chaz' reaction to a fear she knew well before she got to know Ren.

I loved that we got to see a little bit of Sully's inner turmoil in this chapter - his struggle with who he is and the bit about him not having mirrors. I wonder if he sees himself as something else (like a jukor?) or if it's his own pattern reflecting back on him that he doesn't like?

About this deep link. I'm curious what it entails. We know that Ren and Sully have a link that enables them to communicate mentally, and I'm wondering if this is the link Sully and Chaz now have or if there is something more that it entails.

Lisa Marsh | 22 comments I feel like I need to reread before I comment too much in these chapter forums (great idea by the way) so that I keep my timeline and spoilers straight. But I do remember thinking that if you were part of a crew and know that sabotage had happened on your ship, don't you think that it would be extremely important to mention anyone who randomly stopped by? Especially since, while Ilsa is known to the crew, its not as if they were all best friends.

I also felt that the crews emotional turmoil about Ren was expressed well and then cast aside. I kept waiting for a mutiny-like occurrence or at least for someone to make a stand and try to leave the ship. I expected Gregor to do something, anything.

Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
I don't think Ilsa was necessarily random though. At the end of Chapter 20 when they're discussing what happened, Gregor says that the regulars worked on the ship. Since the regulars are Pop's crew, and Ilsa is Pop's daughter she was probably just included in that group. I think if Sully had gone back and asked is Ilsa had come on board they would have told him she did.

I didn't think about it before - but I agree that the reaction to Ren is largely unresolved. I wonder if the second book picks up on that subplot at all.

Robert (Helga666) | 31 comments I didn't think about it before - but I agree that the reaction to Ren is largely unresolved. I wonder if the second book picks up on that subplot at all.

Yes defiantly in book #2

message 5: by Jes (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jes (Tiaama) | 110 comments I found it disturbing that the crew found it so easy to turn on Ren when they obviously knew him much better and for far longer than Chaz. How realistic was it, prejudices aside? It is almost like Sully used Ren as his cover to say to Chaz "see see this is what will happen to me... why should I be honest? see see... It will be terrible..." but aparently it is so much easier for Ren to handle.
And for them to take something like this to try and derail THEMSELVES from the mission at hand? Gregor knew there was no way he was getting off that ship and if he kept blustering around shooting off prejudices he was going to end up in the brig. Sad to say but the mission was more important than any one character.
Perhaps this is why Sully felt he could use Ren?

Izzy (lepetitegeneral) | 46 comments I was kind of upset by how quickly every one turned on Ren in these chapters. I've also been semi bored reading them.

It was nice seeing the turmoil in Sully and more of why he is the way he is.

I'm curious what will come to fruition with Isla and the worm on the ship still.

Lisa Marsh | 22 comments I think they turned on Ren out of fear--which is not rational. They not only learned (or thought they learned-since Sully was the one really reading them) that he was a creature who could possibly wipe their minds clean, read their every thought, etc. but that they have also been lied to. Ren is blind and supposedly unable to do anything of these things. We as the readers know that Ren is very kind and actually unable to do any of these things, but its akin to finding out a friend of yours has committed a serious crime. Even if you do trust them--which the crew does not seem to trust Ren that much from the start--doubt starts to seep in. Will they do it again? Am I next?

Allie | 13 comments Lisa hit the nail on the head. The one I was disappointed about was Dorsie. She was the only one of the crew that was friends with him and she turned on him so easily! Then Sister Berri goes and drives a wedge into the bridge that Sully and Chaz had almost fixed. It was infuriating. I just hated how she perpetuated the lies about the Stolorth. I wonder if she is aware of what she is doing.

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