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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Delete the stuff not in bold, if you make a girl, your next character must be a boy and vise versa

First name:
Last name:
Are they the Cable boy's grandkids? Are they the rich folks? The common? The hicks?

Date of birth:
Place of birth:

a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank
Eye color:
color, length, style, ect.
Body type:
tall, skinny, fat, ect.
Distinct markings: freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Ect.
Style: This is optional I just enjoy doing it :) try http://polyvore.com/ to make it :)

Personality: at least two sentences
History: at least two sentences


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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Very nice :) approved!

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syd ♡ First name: Mariah
Last name: Harris
Relation: Her dad is the mayor, she is very rich.

Age: 17
Date of birth: January 20
Place of birth: Anderson, Louisiana

Appearance: http://edge.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFile...

Eye color: Mariah's eyes are a gorgeous crystal blue. They are soft and playful just like herself. Her emotions are easily portrayed through her eyes.
Hair: Mariah's hair is black, natural and shiny. She has never once dyed her hair and cares for it immensely. Her hair is about breast-length and stick straight.

Height: 5'7"
Body type: Very skinny, if you didn't know her you would believe her to be anorexic. Though despite being skinny she was blessed with a nice hourglass figure.

Distinct markings: She has a long scar down her left arm from a fight she got into.
Style: http://s1.wetseal.com/assets/ws/outfi...

Personality: Mariah is pretty much a bad a**, wild child. Her father wants her to be the perfect example as she is the Mayor's daughter, but she would prefer to party all night. She is full of energy and loves to be the center of everyone's attention, particularly the males. She is very enticing and persuasive, just by her smile or her words. Mariah is very intelligent, though she prefers not to show it. She loves to tease people and just have a good time. She has a terrible problem with her temper and has gotten in more fights than she can count.

History: Mariah grew up in Anderson and as soon as she could drive, she has been everywhere but there. She only stays because she has to. End of story. She has had quite an interesting history with boys but she doesn't delve into those stories. Mariah always preferred to hang out with the boys and her older brother. He died when she was 16 and she is still hurt about it as he was her best friend. She doesn't like to talk about Steven's death because she feels weak when she does.

Crush: Open :)
Other: Mariah wears Steven's bracelet and has a tattoo of stars on her neck. He had a moon on his neck, this connected them as siblings. She also has a few other tattoos.

Steven's Bracelet: http://rnbjewellery.net/wp-content/th...

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ All are approved :)

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) First name: Kia
Last name: Bolling
Relation: Just moved to town

Age: 17
Date of birth: June 20
Place of birth: Ellsworth, Maine

Appearance: description
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Shoulder length, wavy auburn hair
Height: Five feet, six inches
Body type: Skinny
Distinct markings: None
Style: (Will add later)

Personality: Outgoing, loves to be the center of attention, dislikes drama, but is always in the middle of it. She loves making friends and meeting new people. She can usually tell when others are great for each other, but avoids romance for herself like the plague. She’s a great friend because of this, if you can get past her weird quirks, and the fact that she is a little controlling at times. She can be a little spastic, breaking out in song or dance if needed, caring, makes everyone feel welcome, and hates to see sad faces. She can go on rants that can last for hours if she’s not stopped. She’s very opinionated, and doesn’t take orders from anybody. She plays violin, and sings, and sometimes dances, likes reading, writing, anything creative. Likes simple and sensible. Politics aren’t her strength, but she can argue and get what she wants.
History: Kia grew up on the oceanside in Maine. She spent as much time as she could outside, and always had space to be free. When she was about ten, her brother was twelve, they had to move because of jobs. Their parents are small business owners, and they couldn’t find any one place to settle down and start their business again. So for the past seven years, they have been constantly on the move, trying to find a new place to start. After a while, Kia just didn’t try as hard anymore, and she doesn’t expect Louisiana to be any different. She misses Maine, and wants to go home.

Other: Scared of suffocating, drowning, choking, and falling in love.
First name: Josh
Last name:Bolling
Relation:Just moved to town

Age: 19
Date of birth: October 7
Place of birth: Ellsworth, Maine

Appearance: description
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Short brown, usually slicked up like in the picture
Height: Six feet, two inches
Body type: Athletic
Distinct markings: None
Style: Jeans and t-shirts, shorts if its warm. Anything fancier than that, Kia helps him out.

Personality: Shy, and doesn’t like to talk to strangers much. His first impressions on people are usually that he’s an introvert, and doesn’t socialize much. Pretty much the opposite of his sister. But once you get to know him, he;s fun, always happy, cracking jokes, a permanent smile plastered to his face. Athletic, but not a jerk about it. He is a huge sweetheart, but can show it in odd ways. He can pretend to be an idiot, and fall over his own feet, just to make someone laugh.
History: Same as Kia’s.

Crush: None
Other:Can see who people really are. Don’t try to lie to him, he will see right through you. Its not a power or anything, its just who he is. He doesn’t do well under intense pressure, and doesn’t like talking like others do. Kia tends to do most of it for him.

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Copper  Black First name: Lucy
Last name: Black
Relation: she is a full blown hick!and lets not forget her redneck side...

Age: 16
Date of birth: May 16
Place of birth: Jennings Louisiana

Appearance: description
Eye color: the right eye is manic blue and the left is a vivid green
Hair: fairly long,wavy dirty blonde hair which she never puts up
Height: 5'7
Body type: she is antithetical and slim with long legs and a small torso
Distinct markings: she has a tiny birthmark on the back of her neck that kinda resembles a stag
Style: as shown in the picture,she likes black/white tank tops the best,but also thin cotton shirts,as well as short ripped up shorts or long raggedy jeans with a black belt and large buckle

Personality: Charismatic. Weird. Charming. Intelligent. Witty. A total blast to be around but can be moody at times. Hot bod. Will always come through. Has profound love for all around her. Doesn't take other peoples crap. P*** her off once and she will get You 1000 times worse just by batting her eye lashes.
History: she lived in a tiny shack in Jennings,with 8 other kids and a mother who was a brooding and disgusting memory of her fathers good-bye,when her mother died of sickness when she was 7,no one cried,and they all left in their oldest brother,Will(To be added) care,he got a job quickly and the rest of them got a small shack,where most of the children worked to pay their bills

Crush: Jack Evens
Other: she has a huge mutt named sirius- description

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ I like it!! Approved!

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Everyone's approved!! :)

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Smash | 14 comments First name: Emilee
Last name: Thompson
Relation: Emilee is a rich kid, though she is an adopted child. Secretly, she is a granddaughter of the cable boys and she knows this.

Age: 17
Date of birth: April 19th
Place of birth: It isn't recorded but she was born far out in the woods, at a tiny shack hidden in the midst of swooley swamp.

Appearance: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
Eye color: Ice blue, darkened to a navy around the edges of her iris.
Hair: Dark midnight black, silky and wavy at the ends
Height: 5'5
Body type: She is tall and willowy, very thin and slender.
Distinct markings: She has a tatoo on her shoulder of two wings with a small phrase in another language.
Style: This is optional I just enjoy doing it :) try http://polyvore.com/ to make it :) http://ak1.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-se...

Personality: Emilee is a fierce, passionate girl. She speaks with her actions and is one who will act up and stand for what she believes in. She is social and full of life, having a fiery spirit and and outgoing personality. Sometimes Emilee can be found on the sidelines, but it doesn't happen often. She is sweet yet sly, for she loves to play pranks and is a true trickster. She prefers to take everything in a joking manner, though she is calm and collected in strict threatening situations. Emilee is a rock, someone to lean on, for her beliefs are very stable.
History: When Emilee was around 4, she was put up for adoption after her parents mysteriously went missing. She was kept at the agency for a while before the thompsons found her. Elliot and Maria Thompson are high class, rich people, very social and full of manners. They are well known hosts and are popular among the town. They do not know that she is a descendant of the caleb brothers. Emilee only knows because about a year before she was handed a diary the agency had found in her mothers belonging and gave it to her. She read her mothers long detailed entries and found this out, for her mother had cripted the writing so only she would understand.

Crush: None yet

do you accept it or......?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ It's so cute!! Anyways... Skii (view spoiler) your picture doesn't work, other than that you're good! The other two are approved!!

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█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) First name: Bailee
Last name: Rose
Relation: [[Are they the Cable boy's grandkids? Are they the rich folks? The common? The hicks?]]They were her mothers cousins.

Date of birth:June 7th
Place of birth:Out of town, far far from town.

Appearance: description
Eye color: description
Hair: color, length, style, ect.]] Purple, and blue straight long hair. A little past her shoulders.
Body type: tall, skinny, fat, ect.
Very VERY skinny.
Distinct markings: freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Ect.
Style: This is optional I just enjoy doing it :) try http://polyvore.com/ to make it :)

Personality: at least two sentences ]] Bailee is nice, but people take her as an emo trashy annoying girl. She doesn't fit in, and doesn't plan to anytime.
History: at least two sentences ]] Bailee's mom passed not long ago. She moved her with her father, dragging her along. She's new, and she hates being the new kid.

Other: ..

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) First name:Ryan
Last name:Cowens
Relation: His father is one of the Cable kids’ grandchildren

Date of birth: June 6
Place of birth: Here in town

Appearance: description
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Messy blond, never stays in place
Height: 6’1”
Body type: Tall and athletic
Distinct markings: He’s got a birthmark on the inside of his left wrist, in the shape of a leaf.
Style:Jeans and t-shirts, unless his parents make him dress up.

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, one of the biggest sweethearts in town. Lots of the girls have crushes on him, because he’s always talking to everyone, and loves to help out. His father is the priest, so his family is very religious, which is partly why he’s always looking out for the people the rest of the town rejects. When he’s with his friends, he cracks jokes and likes to have a good time. He’d never hurt someone if he could help it, and always keeps promises.
History: Not much to say. He grew up in town, his mother runs a vintage clothes store in town, and they always go to church to see his dad give the sermon. He just finished college, and was looking to help his father with the outreach program with the church.

Crush: Open

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ approved :)

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the sound of Autumn First name: August
Last name: Drew
Relation: Common, Alexander's twin brother

Age: 18
Date of birth: May 16
Place of birth: Here in his hometown

Eye color: light blue
Hair: dark brown of medium length
Height: 6 ft
Body type: Tall with a lean frame, but muscular
Distinct markings: none
Style: He's got style; dark jeans, rock t's, and is almost always wearing a beanie of some sort.

Personality: August is loud, feisty, flirty, and a total punk. He has high confidence, would almost never turn down a fight, and is constantly moving.
History: Their parents babied them a whole lot, so as soon as they turned 18, August and Alex moved out and got a nice home together. August has been protecting Alex all their lives, and Alex has been keeping August sane- it's a little thing they do.

Crush: open
Other: August is what one may consider a musical genius. While he can play very good classical music, he prefers rock. He's always wanted to be in a band and play on stage, but he's never really had the opportunity to.


First name: Alexander
Last name: Drew
Relation: Common, August's twin sister
Age: 18
Date of birth: May 18
Place of birth: Here in her hometown

Eye color: light blue
Hair: Long and pink, though it was once naturally dark brown.
Height: 5'4
Body type: Her figure is stick straight, and she's very thin. Pretty much no muscle.
Distinct markings: Alex has freckles on the back of her shoulders, which she usually tries to hide
Style: Anything comfy and quiet

Personality: Alex is very quiet and shy. She doesn't like the spotlight, even the she sure deserves to be in it; she's an artistic prodigy, but hardly anybody get;s to see her works because of her timid personality. She's sensitive, and it would crush her if anybody harshly criticized her works.
History: Same as August's.

Crush: open

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Approved :)

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) First name: Galina
Last name: Paelot
Relation: Her parents are the town lawyers, so rich, but you'd never know it by the way she looks and acts.

Age: 16
Date of birth: May 17
Place of birth: Anderson

Appearance: description
She has red hair, blue eyes, and a bright smile. Her hair reaches about seven inches below her shoulders, and she usually leaves it down, and it falls in her face, so she keeps it clipped back with a bobby pin. She is five foot seven, and looks like a runner. Thin, athletic, and her arms show small but toned muscles.
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Red, wavy hair that falls past her shoulders.
Height: Five feet six inches
Body type: Skinny, has a runner's build, but doesn't show it.
Distinct markings: Freckles
Style: Her parents have money, but she hates the way they use it, and so she only wears vintage and used clothing. She usually wears flowery and soft colored clothes, like she's trying to blend in to the walls. If she's not wearing a dress, she can be found wearing jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. Appearance isn't her priority.

Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself a lot. She's smart and has a sharp mind, but hardly anyone knows because she is so shy. She doesn't like anyone who is pushy, and hates talking about herself, but once you get to know her, she's a great friend, loyal, and never breaks promises. Galina is a real sweetheart. She can be a great listener, and can give the best advice of anyone. If you asked, she'd help you with anything, even if she had ten other things to do. You'll never meet anyone more caring or sweet in your life. The only problem is that no one knows this except a few select friends. She's extremely shy, and doesn't like to talk to people, or be around big groups. She has claustrophobia, and it prevents her from going to most places with a lot of people.

History: Her parents raised her in town, and were always pushing her to be good at everything. Her parents pushed her so hard, and still do, that it made her turn inside on herself, and she became closed off, and more machine like than anything. They do love her, they just want what's best for her. Which, unfortunately, causes her to not talk to anyone, ever. They did realize what was happening, but their attempts to reverse her extreme introvertness failed. As the lawyers of the town, they tried multiple things to get her to talk, including public speaking. She hates public speaking, and after many fruitless attempts, her parents just gave up and left her alone. They still push her hard, and control just about everything in her life, because they feel she can't do anything by herself

Crush: She's too scared to talk to anyone, and her parents watch her like a hawk.
Other: Violin is her only escape, and she is a brilliant violin player, but the only person who knows it is her teacher.

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Phoenix (Phoenix98) First name: Crystal
Last name:Wilson
Relation: she's a Hick

Date of birth:7-14
Place of birth: Alabama

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=teenag...
Eye color: bright green
Hair: long wavy light brown hair with some natural blonde highlights
Body type:she's average height and is really thin
Distinct markings: freckles
Personality: she's kind of outgoing and is really stubborn when she wants to be, she can be mean sometimes but is nice once you get to know her:
History: She grew up with her Family in Alabama and had an okay life. Her parents and brother died in a car crash and she was sent to live here with her aunt.


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syd ♡ First name: Spencer
Last name: Kipps
Relation: Just a person

Age: 18, but his birthday is soon.
Date of birth: September 2
Place of birth: Miami, Florida

Appearance: http://cdn02.cdn.justjared.com/wp-con...
• He has black glasses, they are almost like classic nerd/scene glasses.

Eye color: The most intelligent green eyes you have ever seen, they are rimmed around the pupil with a light golden tone.
Hair: Dark chocolate brown hair, curly.
Height: 6'0"
Body type: Lean muscle, not most people can tell, but he is slightly built.
Distinct Markings: A small scar on his chin, not really noticeable.
Style: (Got an image in mind, must find it)

Personality: Spencer is shy. There really isn't much else to say about that, he enjoys the quiet and being by himself. There are few he truly will open up to. He does have a slight wild child side, he likes to go to clubs and go dancing. Spencer is a huge sweetheart, he is completely compassionate and would give anything for those he loves. Spencer is also known for being very sauve with the ladies, but he doesn't try to be. Girls are attracted to his sweet and mysterious side, but he's never really found a girl that interests him.
He is definitely polite, and doesn't lose his temper often. There are few things that will really set him off. When people are bad with books, or people is especially bad. One of the thing he will not stand for is the mistreatment of women.
History: Spencer grew up in an average home of average wealth, they were never poor, but not excessively rich. His father and mother loved each other and their children, Spencer and Amanda. Just recently though his father was caught cheating with a stripper on his mother. Spencer was absolutely devestated, he looked up to his father. Then Spencer had to become the man of the house, he practically had to raise Amanda because his mother has been so depressed.

Crush: Open, well not really ;)
Other: Spencer used to be an avid drinker, but he is 2 years sober.
He plays the piano, it is his one form of escaping from stress and fears, and just life in general.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) First name: Jason
Last name: Duff
Relation: Common

Age: 19
Date of birth: December 5
Place of birth: Anderson

Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown, short hair that sticks up in the front
Height: 6’
Body type: Tall and Relatively thin, built like a quarterback
Distinct markings: None
Style:Comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, sometimes plaid shirts(see picture) when not in uniform.

Personality: Jason is a guy who likes to have a good time. He loves cracking jokes, making people laugh for no reason, and being the life of the party. But he can be a serious guy who gets the job done. He is sweet and caring, and would give you the shirt off his back if you asked. And then he would make a joke about it. He can always find the upside to any difficulty, and always has a smile on his face. He loves helping people , which is why he joined the army.
History: Jason grew up in Anderson with his parents, his dad was a solider in the army, and was on deployment for months at a time. When Jason was about ten, his dad was on deployment, and they got a letter saying that his father had been killed in action, saving another solider. He got a hero’s funeral, but it made life hard Jason’s mother. Jason helped her as much as he could, and they made it work. When he was eighteen, Jason enlisted in the army, following in his father’s footsteps. He is currently on leave before deployment.

Crush: Open...sorta ;)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ All are approved!
I love Army charries

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Smash | 14 comments First name: Jace
Last name: Terce
Relation: Grandkid. Though he doesnt know it yet.

Age: 17
Date of birth: August 11
Place of birth: Small town in Kansas

Eye color: crystal blue
Hair: Short dark chocolate brown hair that is spiked in the front
Height: 5'10
Body type: tall, lean and covered in muscles
Distinct markings:
Style: Fitted t's and jeans

Personality: Jace is caring and compassionate, ready to devote himself and circle his life around someone he loves. He is a little roundy, the typical boy, loud and funny, almost never taking anything seriously. He is a hard worker and will put 100% into everything he does.
History: Grew up with his little sister brook and their parents in a tiny home in kansas. They were simply middle class, but were happy with their simple lives. They didnt know that their parents had moved from Anderson and were related to the Cable boys. But when a forest fire killed their mother and many other members of their tight knit town they moved away with their father, though the haunting memories of those who died still follow them. they just arrived last week.
Other: His twin is Brook


First name: Brook
Last name: Terce
Relation: Grandkid. though she doesnt know it.

Age: 17
Date of birth: August 11
Place of birth: Small town in Kansas

Eye color: Crystal Blue
Hair: Long fiery orange hair that falls straight to the end of her shoulder blades.
Height: 5'6
Body type: Tall and slender, though she has muscles underneath her fair skin.
Distinct markings: She has several freckles across the bridge of her nose

the tattoo on the top she got a year before she left home, when she and her boyfriend of two years both got a tattoo on their index fingers, his on the bottom. They were deeply in love and he was one of the poor souls who died in the fire.
Style: http://www.polyvore.com/great_outdoor...

Personality: Brook is a fierce girl with a fiery attitude to match her bright flaming hair. She is a wild girl who is constantly searching for adventure, a lover of danger and the butterflies-in-you-stomach kind of feelings. She is a die hard dare devil, willing to take foolish risks for kicks. She is fast paced and blunt, having little of a filter of what she says and what she does. She wasn't always this way. She was once a sweet girl, compassionate and caring, so full of love that you practically drowning in it. But after the love of her life, her boyfriend, along with her mother died, she completely changed herself, creating a shield that separated herself from the rest of the world. If you look closely you just might see how broken and lost she truly is.
History: Grew up with his little sister brook and their parents in a tiny home in kansas. They were simply middle class, but were happy with their simple lives. They didnt know that their parents had moved from Anderson and were related to the Cable boys. But when a forest fire killed their mother and many other members of their tight knit town they moved away with their father, though the haunting memories of those who died still follow them. they just arrived last week.
Other: Her twin is Jace

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Resident Evil | 34 comments First name: Charlotte (Only goes by Charlie)
Last name: Lambert
Relation: Just moved to Anderson Louisiana

Age: 17
Date of birth: October 31
Place of birth: Florida

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=long+l...
Eye color: Grayish blue
Hair: Blonde, medium, choppy layered.
Height: Short
Body type: Skinny, but curvy
Distinct markings: nose piercing, has the number 23 tatooed on her right shoulder blade, and a crescent moon on the left of her stomache.
Style: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=51...

Personality: She has a "it's not fun if it's not dangerous attitude." She is generally frindly to most people but does have a problem with you she will can be a bit of a b****. She is very loyal. She tends to flirt too much, and has a sarcastic attitude, even though she is usually just joking. She is very passionate about what she feels and thinks. Is not afraid to stand up for what she beleives.
History: Her mother and father had a one night stand resulting in her. Her father never attempted to meet her growing up and only sent money every few months. But when her mother recently died in a car accident during a bad storm, she is sent to Anderson, Louisiana to live with her father. They are pretty much strangers, and are unsure of how to react around each other.

Crush: ummm shes new so none at the current moment
Other: She loves music of any type. She loves to sing and plays a few instruments.
On top of music, she enjoys reading/writing, some sports, anime/manga, action and horror movies and loves the night, especially the moon.

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Perro | 38 comments First name: Elisha
Last name: Fuqua
Relation: The great-great-great granddaughter of Henry Fuqua, 36th governor of Louisiana.

Age: 15
Date of birth: November 2nd
Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana

Eye color: Gray
Hair: Dark brown, naturally curly (and full of knots and naps), about half a foot past shoulder length .
Height: 5 foot 1 inch (she's a shawty~)
Body type: Curvy, stout build. She wasn't built really thin but still doesn't have rolls of bulge..
Distinct markings: Has freckles across face and shoulders and a brand-mark of a star on the left side of her back .
Style: Elisha is the type of girl who can get away with wearing nearly anything- or nothing at all. Since the day she turned 13, her mother has dressed her in the skimpiest numbers she could buy. Her father (Elisha's grandfather) has been sick since before anyone could remember and maybe, with Eli dressed this way it might catch the eye of a few rich young gentleman...Elisha on the other hand likes vintage and modest clothes. We're gonna see how that goes then.
(Ok . #STRESS . I've been sitting here for like 3O mins trying to get this dumb picture up . Just ugh, CLICK RIGHT HUR for Eli's "style."

Personality: Eli is a soft-spoken girl with a rarely seen smile and an almost non-existent laugh. Though her family is fairly wealthy she's never had the intentions to try and partake of that money. She'd rather live a modest, humble life. She spends most of her time in her room, drawing on her walls or down by the water where the river water merges into the swamp. She is a mysterious character...One thing that anyone is sure of is that her drawl is deep and her love for food is deeper (:

History: Elisha Fuqua is the quiet girl that everyone has admired from afar at least once. She lived a normal life for the upper middle class, growing up with kids who's parents were just as rich as them. Her mother, who's biggest concern in life is Elisha's grandfather, has a good deal of money- just not enough to keep on paying for Grandfather George's medical bills. Elisha doesn't have any hidden talents besides writing. So to bring in the extra funds that they need, the prospect of Elisha getting married young to a very wealthy family is large at hand and it's Elisha's job to get what her mother wants. Eli's father fell off a boat in the swamp and drowned and once that happened Elisha's twin brother ran away, going who knows where. Maybe he'll be back to get his sister one day?

Crush: Eli is not emotionally attached to anyone or anything but y'all can try (;
Other: Elisha has a pendant from her father that says 'Always'. And on the days when you can hear the old man scream Eli disappears. Each time she's been found in the freezer room of the Winn Dixie, the Easy Groceries, etc. Elijah (Elisha's brother) has a pendant that says 'Remember'.
First name: Elijah
Last name: Fuqua
Relation: Elisha's brother, descendants of a past Mayor .

Age: 15
Date of birth: November 2nd
Place of birth: Na'leans


Eye color: Gray
Hair: It grows like a normal mulatto half-black boy's hair will grow: long, curled up, and kinda nappy but still smooth. His hair is several shades darker than his sister's. He wears it kinda short.
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Body type: Elijah is tall, skinny, and slightly muscular from working on a farm when he ran away from home. He'd be bordering on gangly if not for his time working and each what anyone could hardly call healthy for you. It put some meat on his bones.
Distinct markings: Light freckles on his shoulders and back, and a tattoo on his hip. Not gonna say what it is, maybe you'll have to find out ^_^
Style: (Not Polyvore, sowwy) He's a hoodies and jeans kinda guy but also wears a lot of athletic shorts and tank tops .

Personality: Elijah is the kind of boy that people like to hang out with at a party. His words charm everyone from parents to babies making him virtually able to get out of everything. He's precocious for his age though and some of the jokes he knows can cause offense which gets him into trouble easily. He likes to talk and tell stories and he hates being alone. It makes him feel useless and displaced. He's also a big flirt and has a new girl almost every week. But honestly, the only person he really loves is his sister.
He likes to play video games and take walks. He'll play sports but it's not really his thing.

History: (His version of how it happened, otherwise read Elisha's history.)
Elijah was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and later his family moved to Anderson. He lived with his mother, father, and twin sister Elisha. Being the boy of the house, his mother always pushed him hard to try to be 'the proper man'. This ultimately stressed him out, I mean, who wants to be forced to be a gentleman all the time?
For his 14th birthday, his father bought him a huge book of riddles and jokes. "Build on your gift," he would say. Elijah, who'd never thought of the teasing he did with his weird, detached sister as anything but fun, was enamored with the book immediately. He grew closer to his father and they started to bond more.
On an unfortunately stormy night out alligator-hunting in the swamp. his father got tied up (literally, in some ropes) and fell overboard. No amount of talking or joking around could fill the empty feeling Elijah had.
After the accident his mother started dressing his sister like a hooker (she'd been doing it before but had stayed pretty decent about it) and his sister herself stopped talking to anybody all together. Elijah left. After a couple of years of nothingness and uninhibition living in Savanna, Georgia, Elijah finds that he's back to remove his sister from the control of their slightly crazed mother.

Crush: See what you can do :P It'll be hard though because he has a weird obsession with his sister >.<
Other: Besides being obsessed with his sister he likes to read and he can sing (which no, he won't do)

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Resident Evil | 34 comments i edited my character

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Charlotte and Elisha Approved!

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Resident Evil | 34 comments thanks

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Perro | 38 comments Dankies ^_^

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 15 comments First name:Chloe
Last name:Vaden
Relation: Common-aunt owns a small tailor business in town

Date of birth: October 16
Place of birth: Invermere, BC


Eye color: Blue that moulds into green around the edges
Hair: deep brown with lighter colour, just past shoulder length and always in her face
Height: average height, 5'2
Body type: average hight, athletic body type
Distinct markings: a large scar on her arm from when she was a child
Style: dark jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of converse she has never really cared about what she wore. she just felt like there were more important things in life

Personality:Chloe is careless (she always had other things to do) and protective cause everyone was always on her case in her old town. she doesn't like opening up to people and she will take any challenge thrown at her, even if its almost impossible. she doesn't take criticism well and if you do something she doesn't like you could be on the wrong end of one of her nasty tricks, such as rumours and, on few occasions, putting itching powder in ones soap, or glue in shampoo, but that is rare. Although she seems mean at first, she makes a caring and trustworthy friend, because, being and only child, a friend quickly becomes like a sibling to her, and she always wanted a sibling
History: she moved here after getting in a fight with her parents in her hometown. the fight was about Chloe's future. her parents wanted her to b an artist, but she wanted nothing of the sort. She wanted to be a nurse. Her parents were big time artists and were never home, always traveling. Once she got sick of always being home alone and the fights about her career she moved in with her aunt who lives here in Anderson, she is nice, but she too is usually caught up in her business as well, but Chloe is to proud to return to her parents, she doesn't like being wrong and returning to them will prove exactly that

Crush: open

other: Chloe is gifted in music, playing piano, clarinet, and trumpet, but she doesn't like to show anyone, because she fears what they will say and think about it

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) The picture doesn't work, and could you add a few more sentences to her personality and history?

What are her nasty tricks like? How is she careless and protective? Why does she seem mean at first, how does she make a caring and trustworthy friend? What was the fight about with her parents? Why where they always traveling? Who is her aunt, what does she do?

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 15 comments can't figure out the picture problem though...

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Are you trying to do this: <.img src= width="000" height="000" alt="description"/>? Your link doesn't work through.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 15 comments the link works for me...

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Perro | 38 comments I need Elijah approved....I put him on the post with Elisha . Thankss (:

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Oh, I didn't see that. Approved!

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Perro | 38 comments Oh no, oh no es no problem I JUST made him earlier LOL ^.^

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) First Name: Tiana [pronunciation: tee-AHN-ah]
Last Name: Alleyne-West [pronunciation: Al-LEEN]
Relation: Common - Her father is a fencing instructor at a university and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. Though she had many jobs. An EMT, a singer, etc. She never held a real job for long. She loved to broaden her horizons.

Age: Sixteen [16]
Date of Birth: 23 July 1995
Place of Birth: Belize City, Belize

Eye Color: Hazel - Her eyes are large almond shaped, and the color of a warm light brown, framed by naturally long dark lashes that apparently run in her family.
Hair Details: Tiana has very curly hair that cascades to the middle of her back to the point its classified as ringlets. Despite the curls, it rarely tangles, and it’s quite easy to manage, especially when it’s wet. Her hair is a light brown, too dark to be considered a blonde. ((view spoiler)). Tiana usually lets her hair out, straightens it, or puts it in various types of buns or braids. She styles her hair differently every two week, and finds it quite fun.
Body Type: Her skin is creamy and tan, with cheeks that seem to always be rosy. Her ears are a bit on the smaller side, and so is her nose. Her eyebrows are threaded to perfection, and they do not move much except to draw together when she is concerned or confused. They are a bit darker than her hair, which doesn’t bother her, but she would rather have darker than lighter. She has always taken great pride in her natural appearance, and dislikes heavy makeup or artificial hair colors. Tiana possesses small hands and feet, and a stature similar to that of a dancer, but lacks in the height to match; only standing at 5'3. Yet she still manages to retain her womanly curves and hourglass figure. Tiana has long legs for a short person and believes in staying physically active
Distinct Markings: Freckles - http://weheartit.com/entry/34798386/v...
Dimples of Venus - http://weheartit.com/entry/40326938/v...
Style: Street~45%/Bohemian~22%/Girly~33% - (view spoiler)

Personality: Her father says when the doctor slapped her as a baby chil’, she took the firs swing (don’t worry not for real). Tiana is a very opinionated young person. She's never afraid to speak her mind, and her personality as fiery as the spark in a flame. She's very sensitive, and quick to ignite, and slow to forgive. She's definitely daring, and can sometimes make the most stupidly reckless mistakes. She has a terrible temper. She can be vicious and ruthless when she needs to be, and she's not afraid of it. Theater, sports, and performing arts will draw her away from a conventional lifestyle to an independent type of life. Other than that, she loves playing video games with her brothers. To be honest, she has no idea what she wants to be when she gets older. A writer, a fencer, a stay-at-home mother, a psychologist—they are just some of the examples she has in mind. When it comes to creativity, she isn’t that great. The only spark of creativity she has come in close with was creating several imaginary friends during her childhood. Her motto is, "What you see is what you get,” and she tends to live her life straightforwardly. Academically, she’s an average student—mostly an 85-93 percent average. A social quirk a person might notice is her straw chewing and leg bouncing. Socially, Tiana's attitude differs depending on who she is talking to, and sometimes in some sort of angry politeness to someone she doesn’t favor. Tiana likes parties, especially Mardi Gras and carnivals. She also likes stuffed animals (which she doesn’t tell anyone, although she has a stuffed elephant named Ellie), fire, and the color red. She dislikes old-fashioned music, early mornings, sushi, and gardens (she prefers forests).

History: Tiana Alleyne-West was born to Evangeline West (Alleyne), a Spanish/South American Asian, (Puerto Rico, Belize, and Philippines), and Nephtali West, an American-born (New Orleans) West Indian (Trinidad and Guyana), on 23 July 1995. Other than her parents, she also lived with her older and younger brother--Daniel and Marcus. Tiana was born in Belize City, Belize and traveled with her siblings to Anderson, Louisiana to stay at their grandmother's home after the unfortunate condition of her parents.

Evangeline was what people might consider a good woman. She went to church every Sunday, and she donated to various charities. She was a beautiful, kind woman whose smile would appear in the toughest of situations. She loved her children with all of her heart, and she would tuck them in every night and sing them the lullaby "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Later on Evangeline would write in her journal, which have totaled up to five journals. they are ucrrently stuffed in the attic.

Nephtali was the top man of the house. He worked hard, late shifts everyday, and returned home in exhaustion. Even though, he tried to buy some time for each of his children. Nephtali was close with his Louisianan roots, and talked with the Cajun accent. Nephtali worked as a fencing instructor in a university, and then quit his job after the death of his wife. A month later, he went overseas to become a soldier in the army. He is possibly dead, and Tiana hasn't received any word about it yet.

One day, Evangeline soon had to leave for a business trip when Tiana was about three, and developed a cold. She never went to a doctor, and died during the night after calling. Nephtali then went into a trance-like state, where he didn't notice anything or anyone. At one point, he ran out of his home to the sea to meet Evangeline, when he heard a little girl, no older than Tiana, and her mother fussing about finding a train ticket. This caused him to snap out of his trance and remember that he had a child. He quickly ran home, wondering how long it had been since he'd talked to his daughter, remembering that Evangeline's father had come by a few times to make her meals, but not knowing how often. When he arrived, Tiana was sitting and waiting. She smiled and said, "Welcome home."

Over Tiana's school years (elementary school, and middle school), she was a victim of bullying. There were a number of reasons as to why she was bullied - because his daddy had left and his mother, and various other reasons. Tiana was classified as an outcast from the difference from her peers. She chooses to ignore it, and is convinced those bullies were hurt by something/one also, and chose to take it out on her.

Currently, Tiana and her siblings lived with their reserved and quiet grandmother which everyone calls Mama Jeanine. She goes to church every Sunday too, and sings with the gospel choir. She also takes frequent strolls in parks to feed the birds, and likes spurting Bible verses at her grandkids. Mama Jeanine has the Cajun accent, and also believes in the bad voodoo spirits, so some of the tactics she performs in her home might be a little odd. Mama Jeanine is judgmental, and it takes awhile to get on her good side. Tiana prefers to avoid her as much as she can.
(view spoiler)

Crush: None and Open.
Other: • Tiana is color blind, and is only two years away from having eye surgery. Which is bad for her since she is terrified on surgeries.
• She moved to America around the age of fourteen.
• Because of sitting in the trees in Belize, she has a scent of rasberries and mango that lingers around wherever her hair has been.
• Mama Jeanine owns a gray and white cat named Smoke. Even if he's a little fussy, Tiana enjoys his company nonetheless.
• Better skilled in cooking than baking. Don't ask her to make a cookie.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ((This is a bit picky, but could you put the pictures, except the appearance pic, in spoilers? I'd make the charrie a lot easier to read. Thanks!))

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) I was planning on doing that. I'm currently edited and poking in and out through characters lol

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) I suppose I'm done with her. I just need to make the guy and that's all for now.

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) *dies* thank you. that took me so long.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) I can tell. I LOVE detailed charries, but I hardly ever have the time to make them extremely detailed.

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) I love them too my friend. But I didn't start out making detailed charries when I joined GR. It took me awhile until I noticed I've been doing it all wrong. Lol

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Same. Hey, I can't RP right now, but I have a free girl and a guy, would you like to RP some time?

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Sorry my reply was late. The storm blew out my power

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) First Name: Christopher
Middle Name: Michael-Ray
Last Name: Ocean
Relation: Hick

Age: Eighteen [18]
Date of birth: 18 July 1994
Place of birth: Anderson, Louisiana

Appearance: Coming soon... [image error]
Eye Color: A pale blue-grey.
Hair Details:
Height: Five-feet-nine to six-foot - To tall to be considered 5‘9“ and too short to be considered 6‘0
Body Type: Athletic
Distinct Markings: A scar on the back of his shoulder. Only about 5 inches long.
Style: He wears mostly casual. Converse, jeans, a snap back and a shirt and he’s all good. Nothing fancy.

Crush: None and Open.

* * *

First Name: Lorraine
Last Name: Macintyre [pronunciation: Mas-sin-TYRE]
Relation: Common - The town’s dressmaker(her shop is called Milicent). Her husband has dreams of making a restaurant and calling it Macintyre Place. Though currently he is just a jazz musician (trumpet).

Age: Thirty-six [36]
Date of birth: 15 June 1976
Place of birth: Anderson, Louisiana

Eye Color: Dark brown - A really dark brown with short lashes. You rarely see her with makeup on.
Hair Details: Dark brown - Her hair is short, and she usually styles it like in the appearance above. Her hair only falls to her shoulder in large waves. Lorraine loves wearing hats on Sundays, or when she takes walks in the park. Hair during the Southern Belle era varied depending upon occasion. Day-to-day hair usually consisted of a simple bun or chignon, with the hair parted down the muddle. Formal hairstyles also included low buns and chignons, but added fanciful decorations. Ornaments for evening wear included floral wreaths, ostrich feathers, pomegranate flowers, wheatears and butterflies.
Height: Five-feet-eight
Body Type: Average mostly. She has a spoon shaped figure (bust is smaller than waist).
Distinct Markings: A small birthmark on her arm.
Style: Skirts during the 1960s were worn in a wide, circular shape resembling a bell. Skirts were given shape by wide hoop under-skirts, which were slightly weighted in the back to ease walking. The hoop skirt was in turn covered with layers of starched petticoats. The outermost skirt was then "hemmed" by sewing a wide band of fabric onto the bottom of the skirt Fine dresses were made with silk or linen. For casual wear, Lorraine would wear jeans/suit pants with ruffled/dressy tops.

Personality: Lorraine is an independent, and wise woman who takes pride in doing things in her own way. Lorraine doesn't like to be underestimated. She’s not stupid either. “Common sense is key”- she would think in some tight situations. Some would describe Lorraine as a social butterfly and a people person. She would take people under her wing, and help them through and through. If you need any advice, Lorraine is the one to ask. She is a master of communication and can help you get what you need by helping you with persuasion and enthusiasm, and she gives good advice too. She enjoys mornings, and taking long walks, because she believes it helps her enjoy the little things in life. As shown, when she doesn’t take expensive gifts when it’s her birthday. Lorraine tends to disperse her energy on different tasks and not just focus on one thing, thus leaving a trail of unfinished projects in their wake. If she were to focus her energy in one place, her cleverness and intelligence would allow her to complete her project with success and creativity. Lorraine hates routine and boredom. Though she enjoys designing and creating dresses, mystery books, quilting, and flowers.


Crush: Her husband James.


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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) I really don't feel like finishing these two. I'm such a procrasitnator XD

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Don't worry about it. Just finish them when you have time, or the energy.

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Perro | 38 comments @Karkat, do you mind if I hyperventilate rn bc I didn't think anybody else know what West Indian meant!

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