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Derek started climbing up the clock tower. Finding barely there spaces for his fingers and shoes to grip.

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Derek slipped but then regained his footing. He was halfway up and if he fell now he would die.

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When she yelled he lost his footing again but caught the window just in time, "My name's Derek!" he yelled down to her.

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He couldn't hear here from how high up he was. He reached the top and called down to her, "Want to join me?"

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"Well, climb up then!" he yelled.

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"Then take the stairs if you're chicken?" he grinned, not that she could see.

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He grinned as she came up. "What're you doing in town?" he asked her.

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"Funny, that's why I climb." he smiled looking out across the town. He could see into the next state over if he tried.

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He laughed too, "If I don't die climbing I'll just die some other way." He looked at her, "It's best to die doing something you love right?"

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"So are you even going to let me paint you?" he asked her smiling back.

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"Great." he smiled, "Where do you want me to paint you?"

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"Yes, but you are my muse. I mean you're the one who has to sit there so you might as well be comfortable." He said, gazing out into the sky.

 קєгקlєץเty | 574 comments Serrina walked and then stoped so Jev could catch up.
She put a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

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"What does it look like?" he asked.

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) Jev caught up and walked in step, next to her. King padded alongside quietly.

 קєгקlєץเty | 574 comments "This is a nice town." She told Jev looking around.
Thor jumped down and walked alongside King, stoping once in a while to sniff things.

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) He smiled slightly. "It is. It has its good and bad days once in a while. But I think you'll like it."

 קєгקlєץเty | 574 comments Serrina smiled and looked at up at him.
Thor saw King as a role model and he tried to do what King did.

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ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) Jev looked at her and smiled.

King barked, didn't want to be left out. King walked next to Thor.

 קєгקlєץเty | 574 comments Serrina took his hand and led him away from the town into the forrest. Not knowing where she was going she just went straight and stoped once she saw an abandoned house. She grined at Jev
"Lets check it out!" She said

((meet u at the abandoned house ))

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Riley J. wrote: ""What does it look like?" he asked."

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"Well, what does it look like?" he asked.

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"Pretty." he said after looking out and finding the house easily.

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"Bigger isn't always better." he smiled

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"So are you going to go down the stairs or do you wanna go down the fun way?" he stood up.

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"Just try it, you'll love it!" he laughed.

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He rolled his eyes, "I promise not to let you die."

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"Good, now just look down and try to find a path." he laughed.

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"Now all you have to do is follow it." he motioned her to the edge.

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He climbed down like a monkey, trying not to go to fast.

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"Okay, slowly so you can get the hang of it." he called up to her.

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"Who does?" he laughed, reaching a small window.

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"Just make it to the window. It's not that far below you." he called climbing into the window, preparing to catch her if she fell.

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"Valiant!" he yelled. Derek looked out of the for her and when he saw he hand he leaned over, "Grab my hand." he said, sticking it out.

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"Your welcome." he grunted as he pulled her up.

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"I understand." he hugged her back.

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"What do you mean? We're 5 stories up." he said, confused.

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"How did you do that?" he asked as soon as he was beside her. He had climbed down faster then he had before.

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He looked at her warily before nodding. "So your place?"

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"Okay." he laughed.

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