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Let's tell a story.
It can be sad, happy, depressing, angry...just something you heard or made up. And please, no more than a thousand words.

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Aneesha (saianeesha) | 24 comments how about one of us starts out a story and everyone else can keep adding to it? Just a thought, that's what we did last year in writing club and it was really fun

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that's Roundabout, a different topic. here, it's just sharing.

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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
How about a guy who lives happy in a rainforest?

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that'd be on Roundabout, again.

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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
Oh well. I bet my money that it is going to be fun.

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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
Really? I never knew.

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introduced what? oh, the idea? that's pretty creative...what else do you do in writing club?

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my friend told me a story once(if you're wondering, she's sixteen and lives in Virginia, Jasmine)
when i was in first grade. i tweaked it alittle, so there.
Once upon a time there lived a girl and she was very poor. She was looking in the woods for food because she and her mother were hungry. Then she found three amazing trees. On one tree, golden coins grew on its branches. On the second tree, fruit of every kind grew in spectacular size and capacity. On the third tree, many different kinds of clothes grew and fit whoever tried them on.
The girl was astonished and took some food home to her mother. Her mother was astonished as well and they lived very happily for a long while, using the rare gold coins to fix up the house and wearing the clothes and eating the fruit.
But one day, a burglar noticed that the once poor people had grown rich and were buying with gold coins! He had to investigate.
So, one day, he caught the girl in the woods and told her to show him where she got the wealth.
"From the three trees," she said, trembling. So he made her take him to the trees, but he couldn't see anything.
"Where is the money?" he growled. "I don't see anything!"
But the girl only told him that money, food and clothes was growing on the trees. Angry, the burglar went away and the girl and her mother both lived long and happy lives, growing a strawberry farm.

ok, i know, u probably think its stupid but we were in first and second grade. i was six. so, yeah.

☆☆lauren is finally 14☆☆  (lauren_a) | 12 comments what are you guys talking about? and srry sarah but i didnt have the attention span to read it... lol... but dont blame yourself, a squarll (lol, cant spell) has a longer attention span than me

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oh, i don't care. these are pointless things to keep everyone sated and from jumping into insane boredome...
w/e. yeah, that's ok

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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
I'm bored. Let us talk about something.

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