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Puppy Mills.
Some people don't even know what puppy mills are.
Puppy mills are where pet stores get their puppies from. Puppy mills are cruel and abusive.
All the dogs are put into small cages (barely big enough to move around at all) and stacked on top of one another. Many dogs die from desease from fecies (animal poo and pee) falling down from another cage and landing in their eyes.
Once a dog isn't capable of reproduction (doggy sex), they are killed, whether that's being clubbed to-death, being starved to-death, being shot, or being beated. You may think that when you buy a puppy from a pet store you are saving a life. And though that is true, you couldn't be more wrong. You may save THAT dog's life, but think, the mother and father dogs are killed off when they're done. The dogs brother and sisters might have been kept to reproduce for the rest of its miserable life. And you'll be giving money to the ones who will kill. Every dollar they earn goes into another dog's death, and so on and so forth.
Next time you want a dog, adopt instead.

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Good post! My yahoo pet list is discussing this to some extent right now. A friend who gardens wants a puppy and another person on the list is trying to get her to get a rescue. I have never bought a dog from a pet store but I always go to the breeders home.
I am personally in favor of the death penalty for people who run puppy mills! Do join us at yahoo Furry best friends off topic if you are up to it. We yak about anything there. Its an offshoot of furry best friends where only pet discussion is allowed.

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Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
I used to not know about puppy mills, but when I was living in Singapore, I wanted a puppy. I had to go to a pet store because the SPCA wasn't a good place to go (there were a lot of wild or half-wild dogs that were picked up). So I got a cocker. Then, I got a second from a breeder (but she was caged all day and hyper-tense). She was hit by a taxi right in front of my then 3-year-old. It was awful. Of course, we had to replace her, so I went back to the pet store and asked for another cocker. So both the cockers were imported from Australia. I joined an online cocker group and quickly learned about puppy mills--and mine were probably from one.

The saddest part is that when my son was living with his father, he took the dogs with him. My ex wouldn't give them back when Taylor, my son, came back. Yesterday, my ex called me at work to tell me that Pippa (one of the cockers) died in the kennel. She apparently had a seizure. I feel so badly.

Now that I'm back in the States, I would only go to a no-kill or the SPCA.

Like you, Alice, I believe that there should be a serious penalty against puppy mill owners.

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Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
Yul, The ads on TV are sad enough. I'm ready to cry just after looking at those.

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Yui (ilovegrendel) yeah, maybe yo shouldn't look at those, but wait-they have ads on puppy mills?

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Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
No, for the SPCA and the no-kill shelters. I've never seen an ad for a pupy mills--has anyone?


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Yui (ilovegrendel) yeah, i saw one about the no-kill ads, but not puppy mills. i think showing the picture of what's happening at puppy mills is so bad they can't show it to the public.

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Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
I've seen some of the pictures. They are dreadful. I always end up crying when I see them.

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