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bought a transworld mag at airport.

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message 1: by Matt (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:59PM) (new)

Matt | 18 comments Mod
on friday i flew back to new york from visiting my parents. i really didn't feel like reading 'hard times,' my current book club choice. so i bought the current issue of transworld skateboarding, which is the product issue.
void of articles it did have little snipit interviews with pros and the directors of this season's most anticipated videos.
apparently the skateboard vid industry has been hit by youtube and is no longer profitible to make pro videos.
so i think i'm going to by the lakai video, because the riders seem super good, basically the girl team.
however one annoying thing about the mag is that it showed pictures of all the new decks, wheels, and trucks with very little info to go along with it. it would of been good to know the advantages and disadvantages of hi versus lo trucks, broken down to a science.
anyway, this was the first skate magazine i read in years, and damn winter. i'm also very mad at myself for going out saturday night. i wanted to skate sunday, a beautiful day, but was too hung over. unacceptable.
take care and happy holidays,

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Matt | 18 comments Mod
I bought the 2008 product issue, Holiday 2007 Transworld to be on shelves until February.
This is not a regular monthly Transworld skateboarding magazine, which may have more writing in them, and a lot of ads.
Their website is
Take care,

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