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Steven I picked this book up after seeing it on a list of 10 best books of 2008 in the NY Times.
This book is about the Civil War, but it is also about our relationship to our Country, the meaning that we attach to our lives and the terrible sacrifice that must have been an essential part of the formation of the Union.
The book draws on alot of personal correspondence and this has made the civil war experience feel much closer than anything I have previously read.

Gmaharriet I wish I'd read this, as well as some of Bruce Catton's books, before my (ex-) husband was stationed in 1963 at Ft. Lee, just outside Petersburg, VA. We visited the battlefield, but I knew so little about the war, I had little idea of what it all meant. So much more I didn't know at age 20.

If I'd had any idea of my later great interest in the Civil War, I'd have made it a point to see more while we were there. I haven't been east of Nevada since. But I do a whole lot of reading now. This is one of the best books and so very different from other histories.

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