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message 1: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments Yay! I haz lotsa charries to make. I'll draw their family tree first though. :P get ready to meet my 22 OCs! XD

message 2: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments Nearly done with the family tree. Just color-coding it :)

message 3: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments Ok here it is. There's a key:
Pink line-Female
Blue line-Male
Gray star-Deceased
Circled-One's I'll be roleplaying with at some point.


message 4: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments XD thanks! I'll make my first ones now: Aura and Auro.

Name: Aura Linkin
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mid-back length long pure white hair, not blonde, white. Bright blue eyes. She wears dresses and skirts and nice clothes, but is not a girly girl. She will also wear jeans and shorts sometimes. Her hair is almost always tied up in two pony tails and her cheeks are always flushed a sweet rosy pink.
Crush: Auro
Boyfriend: Auro
Family: Auro, Ryuki, Don (brothers), Coal (cousin), Kurse, Kaya, Kara (other cousins) and some others.
Other: Yes, she is in love with her twin brother.

Name: Auro Linkin
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pure white hair that goes over his right eye in a punk-rocker style. The tips of the hair are dyed blood red. They are secretly dyed with blood. Only Aura knows though.
Crush: Aura
Girlfriend: Aura
Family: Same as Aura.
Other: Yes, he is in love with his twin sister.

I'm not gonna do their personalities. You'll just have to find them out for yourself! XD

message 5: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments XD Here's Ryuki:

Name: Ryuki Linkin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Longish black hair with thick bangs that cover his eyes. Blood red eyes that never show.
Crush: Shay
Girlfriend: Open
Family:....Yeah, you know it.

message 6: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 68 comments I forgot to add Shay and Kisa. to the family tree. Basically, they're sisters and not connected to any of the other family trees.

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