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message 1: by Alexis (new) - added it

Alexis Uchiha (Lovesitachiuchiha) | 12 comments Mod
Talk all about kaname kuran

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 10 comments He's cool:]

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments He kinda looks like a girl :D Sorry people who like him, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 10 comments Kind of already knew that.:]But still.He's cool. Zero looks like a girl too sort of.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Does he? I never noticed. Maybe you're right :D

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 10 comments yeppers:] He does and He sounds like one too.

Did you know the Person voicing Zero is the lead Guy voice in Ouran Highschool Host club? I laughed soo hard when i heard that. i looked it up on youtube. It's true! It's the Blonde guy thats in love with the girl who plays as a dude.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments If you say so :D

One of my friends told me that! She said exactly the same thing! I'm Australian though, so I watched it in english and then started watching the japanese version.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 10 comments thats cool!...I Miss Steve the Crocodile Hunter.:3R.I.P.Steve....Anyways.

I did the exact oppisite. lol I watched it in japeneesse and the read the english subtext on the screen.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Yeah. It was sad when he died. Poor ol' Steve Erwin.

Heh. I like reading with subtitles for some reason. It's weird.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 10 comments Haaa.Me too. I think it makes it more intesting.(:

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Yupyup!

Trickster Vantas (TricksterVantas) I hate it when the subtitles are completely different to what they actually say.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Mmmm....I like Ep2 of VKG. Kaname was creepy then.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Heh :P

message 18: by Kiera (new)

Kiera Moore (ZipNeko) I was so shocked when Yuki said that Kaname was her brother. I was even more shocked when I realized that he knew she was his brother and still wanted her to be his Lover. That's so weird family love.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments You're right. Weird family love. I'm Team Zero, but oficially I'm;


message 20: by Kiera (new)

Kiera Moore (ZipNeko) I love Rima shes so cool. But I think I'll have to be team Yuki.

Emiri Tachibana (SpiritFlight) | 16 comments Rima's awesome! Senri's even cooler <3 Heheheh.

message 22: by Alexis (new) - added it

Alexis Uchiha (Lovesitachiuchiha) | 12 comments Mod
Team Rima and Senri also Zero

message 23: by Kiera (last edited Oct 23, 2012 01:18PM) (new)

Kiera Moore (ZipNeko) Team Rima and Yuki!

message 24: by Abby (new)

Abby Min | 1 comments I don't really like Yuki

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