Warlord: A Life of Winston Churchill at War, 1874-1945 Warlord discussion

Father figure

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Harry pp 475- 522

The author has uncovered emotions that I never would have believed!

Sept 15, 1940:
Battle of Britian, RAF vs Hitler, told by the author as if Winnie is as vulnerable as all of us.

Dec 29, 1940:
80% of the children of Great Britan are evaucated to the U.S. and Canada never to be part of the possible whims of Hitler and the Blitz that follows to May 11, 1940. London burns like it is 1666 a.d.. 200,000 are homeless and yet England is still not invaded by German soldiers. The author, Carlo D'Este asks the question: "What would have happened without Churchill's resolve?'"

I am not finish reading this beautifully written, researched book, but would urge all to be humbeled by reading this GIANT BOOK!

Looking forward to others contributing to this dissussion that I'm starting. This is my second text on Churchill.

Stephen Broeker This is one of the best books on Churchill that I have ever read. Very honest. He had his flaws (we all do), but he was the right man for the job at that time. What a leader.

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