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Megan Megan Apr 28, 2012 10:28AM
Losing a loved one is inevitable, but is very tough. In my book, In Cold Blood, a family from a small town is murdered. Do you think it is easier to face the death of a loved one when it is expected, like having a serious illness, or when it is sudden, like a murder or accident?In Cold Blood

Having lost friends and loved ones both ways, I can say that while neither one was easier than the other. However, lingering illness does give everyone the time (and impetus) to spend time together and prepare for the inevitable. Sudden death, regardless of the reason, is gutwrenching. Murder is even more horrifying.

I agree with the others, death by natural causes can be very heart breaking especially for those who die young.

Unexpected accidents are worse.

Suicide would, in my mind, be worse yet.

But murder is absolutely terrible. There is not only the element of their death, but the knowledge of your loved one's fear and suffering at the hands of someone evil.

In Cold Blood is a masterpiece. It was listed on the Top 100 books of the 20th century. Anyone that has done any research knows that the book took a toll on Capote's life,

I think it's never easy to lose a loved one, no matter what happens you are never prepared, but to lose someone due to violence seems worse because it's so senseless.

When a death is expected you have time to adapt and say goodbye. There is great sadness.

When it is sudden as in murder there is great sadness but also shock, regrets of not having 'finished' and possible mental illness.

Megan: What do you mean "In my book, 'In Cold Blood'..." Isn't that Truman Capote's famous book?

Self-Promotion for Authors by Larry Moniz Murder in the Pinelands (Inside Story) by Larry Moniz The Rebellion by Larry Moniz Dead Storage by Larry Moniz

Cynthia And perhaps she was being concrete. She bought the book: therefore, it is HER BOOK.
Nov 29, 2012 06:37AM
Larry Moniz Cynthia, as Bill Clinton said: That depends on your definition of "Is." It's her COPY. It was and remains Truman Capote's book.
Dec 05, 2012 01:58PM

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