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Roleplay charries

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No basic plot anything can happen.

Anything Special

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Name: Bree
Age: 17
Looks: Navy blue eyes, long curly brown hair
Anything Special: many people find her captivating and stuff. Controls ice

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мσση∂υѕт (Moondust) | 774 comments Mod
Name: Cody
Age: 16
Looks: Dark brown spiky hair, large green eyes, very good looking
A.S. Controls fire and can change into any animal he chooses
Other: Laid back, nice, short tempered

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Name: Chaya
Gender: Female
Age: 15
appearance: Deep golden eyes, blondish brown and red hair
Personality: Quiet, patient, laid back, funny, obedient, but is loud and creative when you break the ice with her
A.S.: Controls water and ommunicates with animals

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments Name: Shane
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: brownish-blonde hair that is always gelled, chocolate brown eyes, tall
Anything Special: Controls things with his mind and is very persuasive
Personality: very nice, friendly, but has a bad temper
Other: likes to write stories and poems.

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