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message 1: by Carmen (new)

Carmen (bohemiansky) I do photography as a hooby. I usually take my photo's on choir tours. I wanted to know all the photographer's view on using photoshop to enhance photo's.

message 2: by Catarina (new)

Catarina (rina_cata) | 1 comments ok

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylatownsend) I'm all for it. I've done some fun enhancements.. Hell, even traditional film images can be manipulated, so digital changes (albeit more extreme) should not be pooh-poohed, especially when stated as such.

Have fun. That's what the software is for. Create!

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) | 15 comments Yah. Even if you just want to basic brightness/contrast stuff, photoshop is a LOT easier.

message 5: by Bader (new)

Bader | 1 comments I believe it is a very good tool. Heavy changes could make photos as designs but for the color enhancement, I feel very OK to use it.

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt B. | 2 comments The way I see it, Photoshop and other editing programs (I use GIMP, PS Elements, and a number of other programs) are essential. Digital photos are inherently soft due to antialiasing filters and (in conversion) Bayer de-mosaicing. At the very least, you need a photo editor to sharpen them, add contrast, correct color.

By way of comparison, film photographers use filters when shooting (for color correction or to manipulate the colors/characteristics of a scene) and/or apply changes in the darkroom or add color washes. I agree with Cheryl that film images have long been subject to similar manipulations as digital.

On the other hand, I will say that I do believe there is a point at which a manipulated photo ceases to be a photo and becomes more of a digital painting or a work of the "graphic arts." It is hard to draw a distinct line between which is a photo and which is a design. But I do think that people who can use Photoshop to make a unique or highly stylized creation out of a base photo, deserve some credit as graphic artists. I am not one of those people (I do very little other than add sharpening and contrast to my photos, and resize them for the web).

message 7: by Carmen (new)

Carmen (bohemiansky) Thanks for all the feedback. After I have posted the first time here, I had seen many photos which was clearly enhanced but still looked wonderful. And some of the best photographers even do it. I have compared many photos and the ones which is enhanced has a wonderful, lively feel to it where is the others lack something of that brilliance. And Matt what you said is true, and I think that is the only downfall to enhancing your photographs, to over do it.

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