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Please no spoilers, but does the second book leave you hanging?

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Samantha The Escapist I just finished this first one and haven't been to a bookstore to buy the second yet, I'm going to still read it asap but I see some small complaints about the missing third book so I gotta know before I start the second, does it conclude or is it really sorely missing its third installment?

In short, are people whining because they just want to read more or they like trilogies? Or is the story unfinished?

Casey It mostly finishes but it does leave you hanging in some ways. A third book would have been nice.

Olivia i think it had a good ending not really hanging but more like the author wants you to figure out what u thinks gonna happen

Samantha The Escapist thanks you two! I feel better about reading it. None of my bookstores have it so I have to order it. But soon!

Samantha The Escapist Reporting back! I found it in a store I forgot to check before and I've since read it. I quite liked the ending and think a third book would overdo it. (though I'd still read it asap if she wrote one, I just aplaud her choice not to write one.)

Ilana i don't necessarily agree that a 3rd book would over do it - i think that there are things that could be expanded on...but all in all i think book 2 did a decent job wrapping up things

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