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did she do it?

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Jon Did she do it? My reviews a giveaway to my thoughts but what do you think?

Vena I have not read this book, L. Chamberlain's autobiography, but I have read articles and other books about the case, including the one by John Bryson (Evil Angels).

No, I don't think Lindy did it, and I think it's horrible how she was treated. Perhaps it is human nature to be skeptical when circumstances are so out of the ordinary, but I really think many people took an instant dislike of Lindy and prejudged her accordingly. It's sad when that happens...and then there's the other situation when a guilty person can get away with anything because of charisma.

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Jon I agree, I wasnt living in Australia at the time, but seems to me thats exactly what happened - she didnt react the way people expected, ran foul of the NT authorities who wanted to solve it ASAP and were not having a bar of dingoes being seen as dangerous and affecting tourism, and then she had the misfortune of belonging to a minority religeous group - an outsider. She'd still be in there if there wasnt a turn around in public opinion. 'Evil Angels' is the one they made the film from i think isnt it? with the famous 'Dingo stole my baby' line

Vena Yes, 'Evil Angels' was adapted into the film with Meryl Streep portraying Lindy. My Australian in-laws always guffawed at Streep's delivery of that line, as I think many Australians probably did and still do. Lindy's guilt or non-guilt was much debated in the family circle, pretty evenly split as I recall. It wasn't until doubt was cast on that female forensic specialist's work that opinion began to swing in Lindy's favour.

I have to say that I didn't know what to think really until the baby's bloody matinee suit was found. Which reminds me: several years ago (maybe 10) I read a book about the young man whose suicide at Ayres Rock/Uluru led to the finding of the garments. I can't remember the title of the book and have not been successful with searches. Do you happen to know about this book -- the title or anything?

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Jon No sorry - cant say im aware of that one but sounds interesting

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