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Dark Hunters TV Series!

omg really???? where when?

I thought I read it's a movie?

Just as long as it's not on HBO then I'd have to wait and buy the series on dvd. Game of thrones did that to me. Now I have to wait a whole year. Sighs.

Jessica Thorman But HBO would be an AMAZING producer and do the most justice to the books! In my opinion, it would be worth the wait, just like GOT.
Feb 10, 2016 01:49PM

maybe jason momoa will be ash ?
he is huge and gorgeous

OHHH Im excited. I cant wait.

I think my only problem would be Bride, I love her, and I worry about who would be cast as her. Many of the little music videos and blogs I have seen choose actresses who do not even fit Bride in body type. Alas, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Juana "Darkness" Duran I'm so exited. Can't wait see it.
May 26, 2015 10:10PM

I also heard that they'll make a movie based Infinity!!!

Any news on if the tv series is happening??? Been waiting 2 years :(

OMG... this just made my day! I"m so excited!

ohhhh !!!! I hadn't heard of this !!!! Ash and Savitar on TV?



deleted member Mar 23, 2013 07:23PM   0 votes
Wohoo!!! A series/film is long overdue for these books, can't wait for that! Ash is my fav to:)

whatever happened with this? are they still making the movie?

I cant wait soooooooooo excited

I'm very excited about the tv show. I have the feeling it is going to be a favorite. I mean, I haven't yet come across a book of Sherrilyn Kenyons that I haven't liked. I highly doubt she's going to make a show that will disappoint.

lol 2 years later and its not on TV... I'm not holding my breath!!!!

that would make testosterone explosion on the TV screen hahaha...I love Val,Wren, Ash, Z, Nick....actually I want all the squires to bring some humor in it:)

I cannot think on anyone who could be cast as Ash...I can think of a couple of actors with the body, but the good looks - nope cannot think of ONE.

I hope they do a better job than they did with True Blood. The Sookie books were so good but the show was terrible! I try to keep an open mind when they turn books into movies and tv shows but so far haven't really enjoyed any of them. (Well maybe The Notebook and A Walk to Remember but I have to consider them to be separate from the books and not compare)

I love Styxx. :)

Who is mysterious actor for Ash? I'm dying to know!

I think ash should be played by Travis Fimmel, this would also play a good tribute to Simi's craze with him. Jason Momoa would be awesome as Savitar. just my thoughts on it. :)

Anime- Werehunter series Tv show-Dark Hunters cause of its high amount of books. and Movie- Chronicles of nick cause there are only 3 books.

I really do hope they come out with a tv series because all the books would have to be done in some form of order. I like all of the dark hunters and to cram it all into a movie is not justice. Especially Ash. He is my favorite and his book was amazing. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they come out with a tv series that has all the dark hunters in it and it runs forever....haha.....

When when when!! and what are they going to call it?

omg i cant wait to see it cause it one thing to read it it's another to watch it i just cant wait

Can't wait! Is there any mention as to WHEN the series might actually start?

No please no looked what happened to True Blood.

Brandi (last edited Apr 23, 2013 12:12PM ) Apr 23, 2013 12:12PM   0 votes
AWESOME!!!! I so cant wait!! Ash, Styxx, Zarek!!! And Simi!!

OMG! Yes Yes YES!!!!!!!!!
Finally my dream will come true. I always thought that this series would do a fantastic Tv series. I just hope that the cast do not disappoint.

Channing Tatum as Ash :)

Nom Nom Nom this is like food porn, only not!

it's almost 2014 I'm not sure this is really happening!

Since this is April 2014, my question is: Has this already happened or did I totally miss it. I so loved all the Dark hunter books. Great characters. Please let me know.

I had no clue! SOOOOO excited!


If you follow Sherrilyn on Facebook, all the projects have been discussed a few times. I cannot wait!!!

I am so psyched about this!! Cannot wait. I hope they do it justice.
Keep it serious like the books. I hate when they make things silly. This is an adult series, please keep it that way.


I prefer the TV serie than the movie , Ash i'm waiting for you!

I hope to Artemis they don't mess it up. This series could go so cheesy so fast. With the eating of the souls, the demons, and the underworld, if they aren't careful it will look so b movie.

Who will play Ash, because if he is not as good as what is in my mind I will cry!!!!

I haven't read anything. I'm actually shocked because usually the show or movie is nothing like you ever expect. OK...I'll bite....who is going to play Ash?

when will the series start so i can be ready and will it be featured o HBO.

So excited for this to happen Ash is favorite and Nick

any new updates on the series

deleted member Oct 20, 2012 06:49AM   0 votes already excited...chris hemsworth would be a great ash (in my opinion)

dreams do come true, I hope they get really great actors and actresses even some who havent been "found" I think those would be best; they'd take their roles seriously because they havent made a name for themselves. Someone please keep me informed on this I beg of you.

Just awesome. I love Ash, Vang, Wren. OMG.

Im so excited. I did not know this until this morning and the news has me ecstatic. Bring on the series. Can't wait to see what Ash looks like.

J.k. (last edited Jul 12, 2013 01:48PM ) Jul 12, 2013 01:42PM   0 votes
I think that Eric Balfour would make the PERFECT Zarek.

I am so excited. I just hope they don't mess them up like most books turned movies.

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