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Hey what the hell!

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message 1: by Monica (new)

Monica Who put the bop in the bop shoo wop? It wasn't the Ventures.I have rock books, too. Where do you add them?

message 2: by John (new)

John (jilsao) Actually, I just happened to hit the "Bookshelves" button instead of the 'group home" buton by mistake, so I went ahead and reviewed the ones I had read.

Monica, I stand by my contention that it was footwear flinging Iraqi press folk. But I've ben wrong before. Beware the Johnny when he's off his medication!

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Beveridge (xterminal) I doesn't read rock books yet. But I am bound and determined to get to the Replacements bio next year, honest...

message 4: by Monica (new)

Monica I read "Wouldn't It Be Nice" last fall and wanted to link it here, but couldn't figure out how to do what Vicki Jean suggested in message 4.

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