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The Front Cover Pictures?

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Brittany So on the cover of Twilight, I figured out that in the movie, when Bella drops an apple, Edward catches it and that is that cover. but New Moon, Eclipes, and Breaking Dawn, I dont get the front cover. Are the pictures there just cause they are cool, or is there a reason?

Kandice Meyer did not choose the cover for New Moon, so it has no significance. Eclipse is the beginning of her break with humanity. The ribbon signifies her humanness and so is shown frayed, almost broken. The queen in the chess game on Breaking Dawn signifies Bella, finally "coming into her own".

BTW Edward doesn't catch the apple in Twilight, like he does in the movie. The apple signifies forbidden love/fruit.

Claire Yeah it was really cheesy in the movie too. Or at least that was my opinion.i don't know with movie could have been a little better, but it was good all the same.

Brittany OoOoOh. Thank you!!
I really liked the movie, I think hey should have made it longer and added every detail from the book, But i still think that the movie for Twilight rocked!

Jenn Brittany wrote: "So on the cover of Twilight, I figured out that in the movie, when Bella drops an apple, Edward catches it and that is that cover. but New Moon, Eclipes, and Breaking Dawn, I dont get the front cov..."

meyer explains her covers on her official website. and the twilight cover had nothing to do w/ the movie. the shoved that in the movie, but it had nothing to do w/ the book. like i said, all explained on her site

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Eline Twilight:
Stephenie Meyer has stated that the apple on the cover represents the forbidden fruit from the Book of Genesis. It symbolizes Bella and Edward's love, which is forbidden, similar to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as is implied by the quote from Genesis 2:17 that is quoted at the beginning of the book. It also represents Bella's knowledge of what good and evil are, and the choice that she has in partaking of the "forbidden fruit", Edward, or choosing not to see him.[26] Meyer also says, "It asks if you are going to bite in and discover the frightening possibilities around you or refuse and stay safe in the comfortable world you know."[27] An alternative cover features Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the actors who play Bella and Edward, respectively, in the film adaptation.

New Moon
The cover art of New Moon was designed by Gail Doobinin and photographed by John Grant. Meyer has expressed on numerous occasions that she had no hand in choosing the cover[17] and said that she does not like it. She described it as "a very lovely ruffled tulip that means nothing at all".[17] Originally, Meyer suggested a clock image for the cover as she saw "time" as one of the most important themes of the novel. However, the artwork team that designed the cover chose the image of a tulip losing one of its petals, aiming to represent Bella losing a drop of blood.When Meyer finished writing the book, she wanted a title that referred to a time of day to match Twilight. As it reflected the mood of the sequel, she titled the novel New Moon, "the darkest kind of night, a night with no moon", to refer to the darkest period of Bella's life

The book jacket features a torn red ribbon. Although it was supposed to be disclosed to the public in May 2007 at the Eclipse Prom, Barnes & Noble and Meyer's official website premiered the newly released cover in March 2007, along with a preview summary of the book's plot.[9] The broken ribbon represents choice, as in the book Bella must choose between her love for the vampire Edward Cullen and her friendship with the shape-shifter Jacob Black. Meyer also stated that the ribbon represents the idea that Bella is unable to completely break away from her human life.[10] Movie tie-in covers featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner as Bella, Edward, and Jacob, respectively, were released in May 2010.

Breaking Dawn
Meyer described the cover as "extremely meaningful" and said that she was "really happy with how it turned out".[12] The cover is a metaphor for Bella's progression throughout the entire series; she began as the physically weakest player on the board, the pawn, but at the end she becomes the strongest, the queen.[4] The chessboard also hints at the conclusion of the novel "where the battle with the Volturi is one of wits and strategy, not physical violence." The title, Breaking Dawn, is a reference to the beginning of Bella's life as a newborn vampire.[4] Originally, Meyer wanted to title the book Forever Dawn, but she thought the name was very "cheesy". Wanting to add a "sense of disaster" to the title to match the novel's mood, she called it Breaking Dawn. Another reason for giving the book this particular title is that it matches the book's plot, which centers around "a new awakening and a new day and there's also a lot of problems inherent in it"

I hope this helps you?

Maggie I think all of the book covers are unique and nice, but that's just one person's oppinion i guess

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Tikiri Maggie wrote: "I think all of the book covers are unique and nice, but that's just one person's oppinion i guess"

No, I agree with you and I think covers also helped to make these books so famous.

Alexanne .... I recently thought that the pawn in the cover of Breaking Dawn sorta symbolized the child Bella has (and Bella being the queen)--I thought of that JUST now, then I read that explanation from Eline so I guess not. It makes sense either way.

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Gerd Reneesmee (stupid name!) as pawn?
Fitting, I'd say, given how a lot of people interpret Jacob's "relationship" to her. :)

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