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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth This book is really interesting. It talks about the importance of not calling names and knowing a person for who they really are. It is about a group of kids who run for student council positions, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as "A No Name Calling Party". They are for all of the minorities in the school. Even though they are not african americans, hispanics, or asians, they are minorities in a way that nobody sees; one is gay, one is a geek, one is fat, and one just doesn't fit in. I reccomend this book to anybody between the ages of 11-and up. It can make a lot of discussion.

message 2: by Jorge (new)

Jorge Pagan I LOVE IT!

Darrah Jorge do u like lips to? cuz i dont get ur profile pic.

message 4: by Pierson (new) - added it

Pierson This book was very intriguing because it shows the life of middle schoolers who are looked down upon. The group of friends is made up of kids that are not the most popular in the school. Each character has a different personality and has a special background. The reason I liked this book was because it was easy for me to relate to.

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