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Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) Every year I get to pick a couple of movies for my birthday. It doesn't really matter about the rating so long as they don't have a TON of innapropriateness, you know...I mean I couldn't watch something that's really disgusting just for the sake of being disgusting, not that I'd want to. So anyway, I wasn't really thinking about it until I came across this movie:
It's called 'The Fall' and it looks incredibly good. Has anybody seen it? What other movies would you reccomend? 'The Fall' is rated R...but it's mostly for tense/scariness and frightening images, I believe. What do you think?

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sry, never saw it. but sounds good!

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Mallory (malloryrose17) I haven't seen it, I don't watch Rs, sorry!

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Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) I know, I never have before! But thats what I mean, I'm trying to find out WHY it's rated R because if its just for the type of thing they show in the trailers...and in the parental whatever thing on imdb then I think it would be fine. This movie I saw, 'Bella', it's like one of the best movies ever and it's rated PG-13, and there is literally NOTHING in it except a scene were a little girl gets hit by a car.

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Alice Cullen | 41 comments Mod
I never heard about it, But rated R movies that make it Rated R, is Gorey, Language, and etc.???

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I saw Bella! Love love love!!!! And the thing with the car wasn't that bad.

Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) Exactly Sarah! That's what I'm saying! I mean it was kind of freaky and emotional the first time I saw it, with the mom screaming and everything but COME ON!!! And CandyCane, yeah, that's exactly what I thought. I mean, R rated movies are just over the top in violence, profanity and lewd sexual content- at least thats what I always thought...

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Alice Cullen | 41 comments Mod
Its kind of silly, Movies are Pg13, and Like, Nothing violence..??

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jeeves... | 103 comments haha, the fall >.< didn't you just finally watch this like not even a month ago kelly?

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Katie | 1 comments Haven't seen it, but anything with Torri Higginson or Joe Flanigan is good and have you seen The Uninvited? That's a good one.

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