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message 1: by Eric (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:56PM) (new)

Eric Scot (youroddfriend) | 20 comments For those who have read it, and for those who havent, if you didnt hear, Christopher Paolini has decided to divide the third book in two. So 'Inheritance' is no longer a trilogy, but a cycle. Cool huh? Im really excited.

The third book is suppose to be released in September 2008, theres still no title that I know of though.

message 2: by Rindis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:59PM) (new)

Rindis Hmm. "Growing plot syndrome", I know it all too well. (As did Robert Jordan. ~_^)

Need to check if the regular paperback version of Eldest has come out yet....

message 3: by Tracy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Tracy (mamallama) | 21 comments So does that mean there will be 4 books total? I'm confused by the term "cycle".

message 4: by Rindis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Rindis Four books would be the current plan. With the term 'cycle' he is technically free to split Book 4 into two....


Let us sincerely hope it holds at four....

message 5: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 41 comments Mod
I didn't like the movie and it turned me off from reading the book. But I keep looking at it when I'm in the bookstore. Sounds like you enjoy the storyline... I may have to pick up a copy and read it anyway.

message 6: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (mamallama) | 21 comments I saw the movie and it did not do the book justice. I was disappointed in the movie. The book was so much better. I hope that when they do the movie version of Eldest that they do a better job. Read the books. You won't be disappointed.

message 7: by Llama (new)

Llama Castillo | 8 comments Yea, the movie was so bad. It has very little of the actual story in it. They could have done a better job in the time they had but they blew it royally. How they portrayed Saphira is the best part of the movie in my estimation. I almost hope they don't make Eldest if their going to ruin it too.

message 8: by Rindis (new)

Rindis When I saw the reviews for the movie, the question I had was, "If the book is so good (hadn't read it yet), why is the movie so bad?" Of course none of the reviewers gave any hint they knew what a book was, much less having read this one, so it was very frustrating. So, not having seen the movie, what did they do to it?

message 9: by Eric (new)

Eric Scot (youroddfriend) | 20 comments Jamie,

The movie was terrible compared to the book. Eragon was one of the worste film adaptions of a book ever.

message 10: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra I thought the book was ok, but it didn't blow me away. After I read it I lost all desire to see the movie, thought the trailers looked good but from the comments here it sounds like I'm not missing anything.

I might read the next book, if the mood strikes, but I'm not eager to.

message 11: by Grace (new)

Grace | 16 comments to be honest I couldn't get through Eragon. I'm perfectly fine with reading long books, but Eragon just felt like he was trying to write a long book. It's a great thing for a writer to be able to write "Two weeks passed and nothing happened" I really don't want to read about that nothing happening. I got two hundred pages in and that was a struggle.

I also found it highly unoriginal. It was basically Tolkien's world with a few of the creatures renamed. I think he shouldn't have published so early. He should have waited until he had more experience with writing before publishing a book.

message 12: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Well, I imagine part of this is because there was so much useless filler in Eldest that he has to cram plot in somehow...why not a fourth book? I had hoped it would be a good series. After reading Eragon I figured the second one should be better than the first, since he had a few more years to develop skill.

Grace - Totally with you on the recycling of Tolkien's work. I also felt strongly reminded of Star Wars when reading them.

message 13: by Eric (new)

Eric Scot (youroddfriend) | 20 comments I get what you mean, about the starwars and tolkien thing Caroline, but its not what the story is about, its how its told. I thought he did a pretty good job.

message 14: by Pamela (new)

Pamela (teacupfangirl) Grace, I have to agree with you. I read the books a couple of years ago and spent most of that time picking out where Paolini took this character or that concept or this creature. Tolkien's the most obvious influence (if you can call them influences instead of sources) as well as Star Wars, but you can also pick out other major fantasy writers.

It's a good idea, but I think that Paolini should have sat on the stories for several years, let them develop into something uniquely his own. As they are now, they read like a teenager with a very good thesaurus wrote them.

message 15: by Grace (new)

Grace | 16 comments Yeah, exactly. I couldn't get over the tall elves the most though XD
Those are Tolkien's and Tolkien's only, lol.

Like J.K. Rowling said, "First you're going to write like those you admire, then you can start to develop your own style." Or something along those lines anyway...

I have to agree that Paolini should have waited, practiced and written a lot until he was able to write with his own style. It sucks that now, even when he's an adult I'll always associate him with Eragon and it will take a lot to get me to read another one of his books or series.

message 16: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessikareads) I'm re-reading this book right now, and I've heard some pretty harsh criticism about it (though not in this group!) And I definitely see where everyone has complaints about him taking from Tolkien and various other authors, but I have to say he's done a pretty good job for being so young! I mean, personally, I couldn't have written a series of books! I definitely have to agree, though, that he should have waited a few years or so to develop his personal style. I do enjoy this book though, and I think it's a nice easy read just to curl up with.

message 17: by Allison (new)

Allison | 11 comments I absolutely loved Eragon when I read it three years ago. It was such a great "boy and his dragon" type story, I just fell in love with it. So when Eldest came out, I was absolutely psyched to read it.... unfortunately, I found it very wordy and dull. Some parts were very surprising and I enjoyed bits of it, but I was able to get through it, hoping the last book would be better, and more compact.

Then, when I heard that he intended to write four books (and who knows, four could turn into five. In the interview it sounded like he wasn't sure.), I decided that I wouldn't pick up the newest one in the cycle for a long time. Maybe, when I'm old and grey, with hours of free time on my hands and nothing better to read, but right now, I don't believe that more books translates into higher fact, in Paolini's case, I'm inclined to think the opposite- that the more he rambles, the less enjoyable his books are. But that's just my opinion.

message 18: by Allison (new)

Allison | 11 comments Yeah, I detected the Tolkienisms early on (especially near the end!) but honestly, I think they're way more prevalent in Eldest. :/ which is too bad, because I'm no big Tolkien fan.

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