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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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message 1: by Raja (last edited Dec 22, 2008 02:05AM) (new)

Raja Simon (rajasimon) | 10 comments A novel ultimately liberating our mind from the system concepts in which we live in during our school and college days. Ken Kesey's narrating style altogether with his wit fogs our world while reading it. Sahas, Please don't die before reading this novel. May be, you will die from laughter while reading this novel. However, I like the film more than the novel. So try to see the film also.

message 2: by Raja (new)

Raja Simon (rajasimon) | 10 comments Sahasranaman wrote: "Sounds interesting. Do you have a copy? When are you coming back after the Holidays? Bring some of your books for me dude. We can exchange."

Dude, all my copies except few are either very very old books or pirated prints which does not look good which u know well. So if u still don't care, then we can exchange.

message 3: by Raja (new)

Raja Simon (rajasimon) | 10 comments Sahasranaman wrote: "I'd like to get the few good copies you have :)"

I have the following books which i already read in original print,
Aquaintaine Progression - Robert Ludlum
Roses are red - James Patterson
Beach House - James Patterson
Suzannes diary for nicholas - JAmes Patterson
Diary of a Young girl - Anne Frank

Of the above books, only Diary of a Young girl is a good one. Others are shit. I would bring it when I come chennai next month.

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