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Wolffang | 29 comments Mod


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Wolffang | 29 comments Mod
Name: Alana
Country: Araleun
Age: 14
Gender: female
Apprentice/job: Knight
Skills: Sword fighting, has good speed, amazing at riding, not so good with a bow, great close combat
Personallity: tom-boyish, is shy, very curious and sneaky, tough, great endurance, good at making friends
Looks:Blond, small compared to other knights in training, wears armer like other knights in training.
Other: in order to become a knight she traded places with her twin brother. She went to knight school and pretended to be a boy. Her twin brother went to become a scholar. Binds her breasts so no one would know, no one knows that she is a girl

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Missy (alyss05) | 20 comments Name:Elyon
Apprentice/job:Wants to become a ranger
Skills:Strong Small Very good with bow most ranger traits.
Personallity:Quiet consistant
Looks:small black brown hair grey eyes wears boys clothes.
Other:she doesn't know her father all her mother said is that he was a noble ranger till he disapeared.

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Missy (alyss05) | 20 comments Wolffang wrote:Other: in order to become a knight she traded places with her twin brother. She went to knight school and pretended to be a boy. Her twin brother went to become a scholar. Binds her breasts so no one would know, no one knows that she is a girl.

if the knights found out your a girl they will chop off your head.

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Wolffang | 29 comments Mod
Yeah I know. Which is why she doesn't tell like anyone. I stole parts of the idea from a book I read once... it's tough for her to keep the secret but she finds ways. It's only for fun anyways.
And if it's going to be like 100 years in the future then lets say Araleun is like against killing people like that or something.
Sorry you don't like it. I can change it...

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Missy (alyss05) | 20 comments its ok i love the idea i was just letting u know its a great idea

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Wolffang | 29 comments Mod
...it's an unlikly idea but I wanted to do something different.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Name: Seep
Country: Araleun
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Apprentice/job: none
Skills: is good with a sword and archery
Personality: happy-go-lucky
Looks: long blue hair, purple eyes
Other: is a wanderer

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Name: Kiria
Country: Araleun
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Apprentice/job: Rangers Apprentice
Skills: archery
Personallity: sarcastic
Looks: brown hair, brown eyes

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Name: Katerina
Country: Hibernia, but is currently stuck in Araluen
Age: 15
Gender: F
Apprentice/job: none ad of yet. Keeps alive by stealing
Skills: very sneaky, as is required of a theif. Can move quitely and for the most part unseen, although this is due to agility.
Looks: caramel brown hair, with eyes changing from blue to green. Middle complexion.
Personality: timid most of the time, but very stubborn and unyielding when she's sure about something.
Other: she carries with her small pellets that she was taught to make by a man who took pity on her. They explode into billowing smoke on impact.

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Archaon | 11 comments Name: Archaon Harkon
Country: Skandia
Age: 24
Gender: male
Apprentice/job: Warrior/raider
Skills: lock picking, great axemanship, excellent sea legs, tolerable skills with a throwing axe.
Personallity: gruff to strangers, but friendly to friends. Friendly to everyone when drunk. Aggressive even when happy. Also loves a good wrestle or fight any day.
Looks: red hair, 6'4" tall, pale white skin, and muscles that would look more at home on a gorilla.
Other: His favorite phrase is "HERE COMES THE ANGRY!!" due to his short temper in fights. He channels his berserker state far too much. It burns him out quickly. During said state, however, he is nigh unstoppable, like his king.

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Copper  Black | 36 comments Name: Castiel 'Cas' Black
Country: Aruleun
Age: 23
Gender: F
Apprentice/job: none yet/newest Ranger to the corpse
Skills: Master archer,and is very good with animals,her father was a locksmith,so she is a fairly good at that,her ability to conjure an idea out of thin air made her fairly popular in the corpse,and like all other rangers she is a master of seeing without being seen
Personality: she is an eccentric, with no regard for contemporary standards of tidiness or good order.she is very clever and have a knack for deducing things. she is are logical and doesn't let herself take a break because she are too passionate about her work. she seems to not have any longing to get involved with anyone but are chivalrous. If she likes someone it's either because she enjoys their company or she thinks they are quite intelligent. But when it comes to the heat of battle,she can become sly and uses her abilities to her advantage,if it doesn't include shooting someone,it includes sneaking into the heart of the enemy
Looks: description
Other: she had this necklace for as long as she could remember,she was told it could unlock anything,from the most complex locks,to the darkest secrets,on the back it says:

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king."

she has a bloodhound puppy named Copper

and a horse named Stone

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 6 comments Copper wrote: "Name: Lucy Black
Country: Aruleun
Age: 23
Gender: F
Apprentice/job: none yet/newest Ranger to the corpse
Skills: Master archer,and is very good with animals,her father was a locksmith,so she is ..."

Wow, I like your character and your imagination and creativity.:)

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Copper  Black | 36 comments Thanks! ^.^

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 6 comments Name: Colin Rex

Country: Aruleun

Age: 14

Gender: M

Apprentice/job: Apprentice Ranger

Skills: Good at archery, Light on his feet, fast, likes to think out of the box and on his feet, good with animals...

Looks: Raven hair, blue eyes.

Other: He was adopted by David Rex. He's parents died, and he was saved by him. He's black horse's name is ThunderStorm.

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Archaon | 11 comments Another Araluen... FEH!!! Barely have any meat on their bones...

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Finmide | 2 comments hey Im new here and I love this book series.

Name:Ryan Durham
Skills:Stealth,Archary,Axes, partial sword skills.
Personallity: Calm, collected, sure of his capabilities.
Looks:Black hair, Sapphire eyes, small build
Other: Always wears black clothes.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Warning: No one comes on here anymore, but I'll be happy to RP with you when I've got the time.

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Arianna | 1 comments Ok, I'm a Dutch girl, and I LOVE the ranger's apprentice books. It would be awesome to join in, but while writer I can make English spelling or grammar mistakes. Sorry!

Name: Flynn Carrick
Country: First Clonmel, Hibernia. Later Araluen.
Age: 16
Gender: Men
Apprentice/job: Apprentice
Skills: Flynn is strong, a good fighter and he is pretty smart. He is good with a sword and a bow, but moving silently is not one of his talents.
Personallity: Flynn is strong, he never gives up and he is friendly.
Looks: Well, Flynn looks really like Halt, but than the younger and more handsome one. He is small, but taller than Halt. He has short, black hair ,deep brown eyes and big and dark eyebrows.
Other: Flynn is the son of Sean Carrick, and Sean is the son of Caitlyn, Halt's sister. That makes Flynn far family from Halt. Flynn is the youngest of three boys and two girls, wich means he is the last in row to become king. But he wants to do something special, so he goes to Araluen to visit his uncle Halt.

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Merdi2 | 1 comments Name:Odette Miller
Apprentice/job: Theif, she then later becomes a

Skills:She is talented at sneaking up on people without being heard or caught(which is useful when she's a thief). Her favourite weapons are knives and daggers. She can throw knives from far distances and is excellent with close range fights using daggers. When she becomes an apprentice ranger, she also masters the art of not being seen and camouflage.

Personallity: She appears to be hostile and doesn't speak that much. No one is really aware of her, she's like a lingering shadow that people never look twice at. Odette is also smart and her quick-thinking got her out of many tricky situations. Only one person truly knows her through and through and that's her sister. To her sister, she's kind and caring as well as funny and witty but not many people know that side of her.

Looks: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7d...



Other: she's an orphan from birth but she wasn't lucky enough for the Baron to adopt her. She has a nine year old little sis whom she loves deeply.

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Archaon | 11 comments I revived the IC.

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Rangergal | 1 comments Hiiiii I want to make a person!
Name: Kindas Downshire
Country: Araluen originally from Picta
Apprentice/job: Apprentice Ranger
Skills:She excels in archery, climbing, and sneaking. She also loves animals <3
Personality: Most people say she has two personalities. She has a good one, and a bad one. Her good side, or "White" side is her usual, day to day side, with her happy smile, good humor, and her urge for adventure. Her bad side, or "Black" side, is what happens when someone pisses her off, or if she is in battle. If she is in her "Black" side in battle, usually only one of her friends can calm her down.
Looks: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i...
Other:She was the daughter of a wealthy woman and a thief. When she was born, her mother was killed by the thieves acquaintances because they were never supposed to have children, and her father sent her to Araluen to be protected in an orphanage.
Her horse looks like this and is named Snowfall

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Anonymous | 10 comments Anyone still in?

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Haley | 222 comments Name: Kira Lake
Country: Araluen
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Apprentice/job: Courier
Skills: Extremely fast and good with a knife
Personality: She is very cold and will normally keep to herself, but is very nice and caring if she considers you a friend. The only problem, it's hard to gain her trust, and once it's gone, it's gone.
Looks:Appearance ((Minus the nom nom nom planets...))

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Anonymous | 10 comments If so...
Name: Rowan Forestel
Country: Currently lives in Skandia but is descended from a wide variety of Araluen, Skandian, Gallican, and many others as her ancestors (and parents) were/are traveling performers.
Apprentice/Job: Although she is a pretty gifted violin player (what her parents act is), she has stage fright and so usually helps with backstage stuff and is the troupe healer and diplomatic representative. She knows a variety of skills from her travels as her introvert-like but inquisitive nature has her watching and learning everywhere she goes.
Skills: She is fluent in every country they have traveled in (which is all the known world); is pretty good at making peace and being diplomatic; knows enough martial arts, sword fighting, and archery skills to keep her alive in a fight but is not incredible; likes and is good with animals; has survival skills (making camp, finding edible food, mountain-climbing, basic tracking, etc.); and is a proficient healer.
Personality: She is shy around those she cares about and people she knows nothing about, but is able to talk to people of authority. Because she is shy and moves around a lot, her friends are all animals. She takes in all wounded and abandoned animals she meets. Right now that is a donkey who has mostly healed except for a torn left ear named Oraf, a golden retriever that it's previous owner had tried to drown named Zahav, a mouse with a missing foot named Achbar, and a rattlesnake with no teeth named Fang.
Other: Her troupe is now in (whatever country the RP is in) and Rowan's parents have just gotten the flu and might die. (Have to prepare for any eventuality. Rowan would never leave her parents by choice so if she needs to leave, they die. If Rowan can be in the RP while still being around her parents, they will make a remarkable recovery.)

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Anonymous | 10 comments Oops. Forgot:

Age: 17
Gender: Female

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Anonymous | 10 comments And...
Looks: She has straight brown hair that she wears in a fish braid to her waist and matching gentle brown eyes. She wears a brown and green outfit that she made herself that consists of a shirt, pants hidden underneath a long, easily removable skirt, boots, a cape, a belt with a sword, and a knife sheathed onto her right thigh. She also carries with her her bow and quiver hidden in her ready-to-run travel bag which also holds emergency supplies.

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Lea | 6 comments Name:Anna
Country: Araluan
Gender: Female
Apprentice: Courier
Skills: Can talk to authorities like she is scolding a little brother expect MUCH, MUCH sterner. Temper, although training with Alyss as her mentor is helping her control it and be a awesome diplomat.
Looks: Sandy Blonde hair, Has cut it short like a boy's, tall and muscular.Hard Blue eyes, but if she trusts you, you can occasionally see a glint of her inner softness
Likes: Austin ,a Ranger apprentice, Green-eyed, tall, Black hair. Seemingly almost always laughing eyes. He became a ranger when he was dared to Approach the ranger's cabin and Martin(the Ranger) asked if he had gotten his Ranger clothes yet, and if so, why hadn't he put them on yet.
Other: She is Skandian, but was sperated from her parents as a newborn and was raised in the ward. Alyss recognized her as a future courior and said she would take her, possibly saving her life, as she was about to say Battle school. No one expect Alyss,Will(though Alyss), the baron, and Austin, who she is close friends with

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Lea | 6 comments knows that she is Skandian

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Shurikens Miner | 1 comments Name: John Clark
Country: Araluen
Age: 30 in Book 10, around 45-50 in Book 12
Gender: Male
Apprentice/job: Ranger
Skills: Expert in the Long Bow and sneaking, Unparalleled in the Double Knife Defense
Personallity: Rather vengeful, and not too trusting of others.
Looks: Rather short, several scars on his body, brownish grey hair with piercing green eyes.
Other: This boy was taken at a young age by a Skandian raiding party. In his life as a punching bag, he had learned that in order to not be beaten to the point of unconsciousness, he'd have to learn how to hide. He got really good at that. So good, in fact, that he was able to escape.

He stumbled into Araluen after stowing away on another ship, eventually finding himself in Norgate. Naturally, not even being an adult yet and just now discovering this place existed, he had nothing. So he stole. He got so good at it, in fact, that Norgate's Ranger, a different one from the 5th book's one, was called in to deal with the kid.
He was caught, of course, and spent a nice cold night in the dungeons while awaiting trial from the Baron. Not a fun place, I can tell you. When his trial came up, he basically told his whole life story there. Not much, of course, considering he hasn't had much of a life up to this point. The Baron, deciding to have mercy on the kid, let him off easy, only spending about a month more in said dungeon. Norgate's Ranger decided that he had too good of talents to go to waste, and trained him to be a Ranger as well.

In Will's 3rd year he took care of the assessment, and he was very pleased with the boy's progress. He was even able to empathize with his experience in Skandia, being in the same position for much of his life.

All of this changed when Will became a full-fledged Ranger.

It was fine... Up until he found out what Will had done with John Buttle.

That year, after the Gathering, while Will was on his way home to Redmont, an arrow just so happened to find itself right in front of Will. John gave him a warning, saying "If you ever do that again, you can be sure the tree isn't my target."

Will understood this warning very well, though he was curious as to how he found out. But John never ended up forgiving the guy, not until about 3 weeks after Will married Alyss. He simply felt the grudge was held long enough, and Will didn't seem to be doing that ever again. So he both forgave will for his actions with Buttle, and apologized for nearly shooting him. Will wasn't exactly happy to see the guy again, but it was water under the bridge at that point.

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