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Meredith Ellis Meredith Apr 12, 2012 12:11PM
Is anyone else extremely frustrated that Mikael picked Monica Figuerola to fall in love with instead of Lisbeth Salander?????

Maybe I'm the only one who don't give a shit at all. I never think that Michael deserves Salander. She deserves more, man! But that doesn't mean I'm happy with Mikael-Figuerola pairing. I'd rather see him end up with Erika Berger instead.

TOTALLY!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this!

The trilogy kind of centers around the relationship between Mikael and Lisbeth, which makes me think that there has to be SOMETHING more than just "friendship" going on there, right? (you know, feeling wise, not sex or lust)I mean, it appears to me that Mikael seems to care more for Lisbeth than all of his lovers combine. Although someone may counter this by pointing out that none of his other lovers were in any danger or anything that caused him to care, you can kind of deduce that there is some feeling of protectiveness he feels for Lisbeth (a feeling that he doesn't share with ANYONE throughout the whole trilogy) through the great lengths he goes through--lengths that he doesn't have to go through like asking his sister to represent Lisbeth or risking his life to solve Lisbeth's case--to help Lisbeth not land in jail.

I mean, he even tries to contact Lisbeth after Lisbeth clearly shows him that she doesn't want his friendship. This clearly shows that Mikael wants her in his life, right? They don't know each other very long, and Mikael already feels something so strong, something that's even stronger than the bond he created with Erika over two decades with each other, that leads him to do all these things that eventually straightens out Lisbeth terrible life. Yeah, Lisbeth saves his life and he returns it by saving hers, but I think that, if Mikael is a real person in life, he slowly develops a feeling that is a little more than the eagerness to return the debt. (In his eagerness to return the debt, he will have to think about Lisbeth a lot!)

As for Monica, she just seems to pop out of nowhere, and looks like she is probably designed to pop out of nowhere to give Mikael--and the trilogy--some closure. I really don't understand how Mikael finds her as the one he finally settles down with.

On a side note, even though Lisbeth doesn't end up with Mikael, I kind of hoped that, before I read the end of the trilogy, someone would notify Mikael about Lisbeth's feelings toward him. Also, I think that Lisbeth lost of interest in Mikael at the end is sort of not true; I think that it's just a closure for Lisbeth. To me, it's just sad that Mikael is so oblivious of Lisbeth's feelings for him, and his own feeling's for Lisbeth.

Maybe it's just me thinking about all this nonsense; I'm a girl who reads girl books and kind of looks into a person's actions a little more.

: ) I'm sorry if a lot of what I just said doesn't really make any sense. I just so mad that Lisbeth and Mikael didn't end up together.

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Skylar Nakayama I actually completely disagree. I'm of the persuasion that sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and platonic love are three completely separate for ...more
Jan 21, 2015 04:50AM

I believe there was at least another book planned, shame Larsson never had the chance to write it. Who knows what would have happened/where he might have taken the story. It clearly wasn't resolved for him.

Monica? i had a hard time figuring out who was she: here they named her Rosa Figueirola.
So, she didn´t striked me as that neeedy: she was the equivalent of Mickael in terms of commitment, seemed to me - they liked being together but had no greater desires of sharing a life, just moments and snipets of it.
If the whole series were developed i am absolutly certain that Larsson would have como to the point where Mickael would be madly in love woth Lizbeth up to the point of marrying / be partners for life.

Yes I also thought Monica was too needy for a man like Mikael, he seems to be what I call a "chemistry junkie" inlove while the chemistry is there. Straying again when the relationship starts taking "work".
I didn't think Lisbeth and him would make a good couple outside of "friends w/benefits". I can't think of who would be suitable for her to all inlove with to tell ya the truth. But Mikael and Monica? Eh..No.

I hate the ending. I so much wanted Mickael to be with Lisbeth! I too can't stand Monica.

Are all of you responding to Monica's response to Erika tending to the injured Mikael at the restaurant? For me Monica was a woman who was falling really hard for someone new and now for the first time was seeing him with the woman he had often returned to between love affairs. Her possessiveness seems logical to me.

For me the problem is Mikael's casual approach to love affairs. This is what his sister tries to explain to Salander at the end of the book. He did not fall for Salander as she fell for him and she is hurt, but she was just another woman as for as he was concerned. This is his character flaw--to say the least. Larsson would probably have moved him on to the next casual affair in the sequel. This was just Mikael.

I think his non-sexual feelings for Lisbeth are stronger than all of his sexual feelings for his other partners put together.

I heard there's a fourth document that is currently being wrangled over by members of Larsson's estate.

To be honest I loved the books but was a little disturbed by Michael/Lisbeth love/sex saga. It felt a little incestuous or almost paedophilic. I think he felt a great desire to look after her but sucumbed to his desire for sex with her and abused that fatherly trustuing position. You could tell in the books that Lisbeth had to convince herself time and time again to trust Michael.

He may have picked Monica for the time being but he is not a monogamous person. He'll get tired of her neediness and find someone else.

I wasn't too surprised. Mickael never knew of Lisbeth feeling so he really couldn't to take them into consideration. If anything, in Mickael mind, Lisbeth barely wanted to be friends and avoided him at all cost.

JulieLaLa (last edited Apr 12, 2012 12:59PM ) Apr 12, 2012 12:58PM   0 votes
It didn't bother me. Mikael (and most of the characters) seem to have different (i.e. European) views on romantic entanglements. They all seem rather blasé about "love" and emotions. So, that he got involved with Monica is no surprise (he probably would have been "involved" with Lisbeth, at the same time, plus anybody else!)

after lisbeth's first attempt to show affection to Mikael fails, she's never available long enough to mikael to kindle any sort of spark. for anyone even assume anything other than a cold vibe from salander seems like a long shot, given that that's the signal she wants to send out to people mostly. we could see Mikael's genuine care for salander but she had to be available longer than an e-mail for any sort of resonance. for someone like salander to come out of her shell for an instant and then have that happen to her, we cant really blame her for going back in and slamming the door. shes's salander, the immensely large and complexly beautiful personality and for as much as i like salander, mikael couldnt have just put his life on hold waiting for someone, especially not someone as closed off as salander.

I actually liked this part of the book. Admittedly I was rooting for Lisbeth to win him back, but I guess I'm not a romantic and felt that it was more realistic that Larsson didn't do the cliche thing and have the 'underdog' win in the end for no reason other than because it would gratify the audience. I mean in real life that sort of thing happens all the time.

Daniel Goldberg I agree! I like that their relationship is complicated and not at all perfect, but that Mikael keeps at it doggedly - very much a guy thing.
Nov 20, 2014 04:29AM

I`ve read that Stieg Larsson wanted to create a ten book series about Salander, so I believe Mikael would fallen in love with her.
What a shame... We will never unravel the mystery:/

I think Mikael's attitude about sex was the biggest problem in anyone having a relationship with him, not just sex. I also think Lisbeth's had so much abuse at the hands of men that she'll never "fall in love" with a man because she just doesn't trust them. I think it will also be hard for her to cultivate a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with a woman for that matter, too.
I think Lisbeth will always be lonely. That's sad, because if anyone deserves a little happiness, it's Lisbeth. I think the only man she trusted was George on Gilbralter, who she saved from the hurricane.

I was really disapointed. I was expecting Mikael and Lisbeth to get back together in the end and it was just kind of a bittersweet ending to me. I wanted Lisbeth to be happy in the end and end up with Mikael, but sadly, that didn't happen. -_-

I didn't like Monica AT ALL! She was way too needy! I definitely like Lisbeth better!


Jim (last edited Nov 26, 2014 10:09PM ) Nov 26, 2014 10:07PM   -1 votes
If you think about it logically, he had a choice between safe, and someone who could be... different. Sure that could be exciting, but let's face it, she has issues. How many guys would be prepared to buy into that?

Lili (last edited Apr 30, 2012 12:49PM ) Apr 30, 2012 12:39PM   -1 votes
Yes, but of course that is exactly how the author Stieg Larsson wanted the reader to feel. This would make us more inclined to read another sequel and find out what happened next. Unfortunately we will never know.

ugh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monica was too needy I think, i wanted her to leave him alone!

I didn't like Monica at all. I wasn't annoyed that he didn't pick Lisbeth, I was more annoyed how he was picking Monica over Erika! Monica just annoyed me. She was good at what she does, but yes, she struck me as needy and as someone who gets involved with a man and keeps said man away from all his friends.

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