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Chaplin | 3 comments Mod
Hi everyone, have you ever read the book "The BFG" ? I think that the story is fantastic, but the grammar is horrible. How about you? How do you think?

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Yeah the story's fantastic but I haven't really noticed the grammar! I pay more attention to the story and not really sentence flow or anything.

this isn't related but I think we should have a picture of Roald Dahl as our group picture, instead of nothing

There ARE some around on the internet, i've checked

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Chaplin | 3 comments Mod
How about shoose one for our group picture?

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Chaplin | 3 comments Mod
I've just found one. Please see if it's okay, and tell me if you guys have a better one. Thank you very much.

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Rick F. | 1 comments My favorite is The BFG and The Witches - some months ago- I went on a Roald Dahl buying spree- purchasing 11 of his books including his collection of short stories geared to adult readers- I really love his writing style and the Thurbereque illustrations!
I must say that they are a bit hard to read after doing some research on Dahl- true he played a key role in nursing his wife Patricia Neal back to health after her terrible stroke- but I was unaware of the truly hidious anti-semitism he not only believed in but was quite happy to say horrible things about Jews outload as well as in print-

In 1983 Dahl reviewed Tony Clifton's God Cried, a picture book about the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon depicting Israelis killing thousands of Beirut inhabitants by bombing civilian targets. Dahl's review stated that this invasion was when "we all started hating Israel", and that the book would make readers "violently anti-Israeli", writing, "I am not anti-Semitic. I am anti-Israel."[37:] Dahl told a reporter in 1983, "There’s a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity ... I mean there is always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere; even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason."

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